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Sheffield Hypnotherapy

Personal development in, South Yorkshire, North Nottinghamshire and North East Derbyshire.

Tim Wells an experienced Hypnotherapist has worked with Sheffield Hypnotherapy clients as far back as 2001.  First started using Hypnotherapy personally back in the early 1990’s.   Can also cater for groups of people looking to achieve common goals.   Has carried out a number of Stress Management and personal development courses for businesses and the Rotherham learning network.

If you are a Sheffield or Rotherham business get into contact with him about a tailor made course for your employees.  Boost business productivity and profitability.

Individuals groups and businesses

He has over 15 years experience working with individuals, groups and companies.   Has a massive amount of experience to draw on to help you achieve your goal.    He would be surprised if he hadn’t worked with somebody with your issue.  At the same time new issues  he hasn’t dealt with add an interesting spice to life.

Neuro Lingusitic Programming (N.L.P.)

Tim Wells trained as a N.L.P. (Neuro Lingustic Programming) practitioner with Optimum performance Manchester in 1998.  Furthered his N.L.P. training to master practitioner at Hexagon Training in Sheffield in 2000.  Has a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis with the UKGuild of Hypnotist examiners.   Also carried out training in many more areas of personal development, including the Sedona Method, Branden Bays Journey workshop, Emile Coue.

He also has a great amount of experience with Mind machine technology, Lucid dreaming, subliminal mind technology and has left no stone unturned in his quest for the truth.

Life experiences

Training is only one part of being a good Sheffield Hypnotherapist.   Tim can also draw on a good variety of real life experiences.   Trained as a Process control engineer at British Steel Rotherham between 1980 and 1985.  Gained a HNC at Rotherham College of Technology and Arts.  Had a 15 year career as an IT manager at Midland Bank Sheffield (HSBC).  Worked around the country and in the City of London.

Mp3 downloads

Whether you are looking for one to one Sheffield Hypnotherapy, group work or you are an organisation looking to enhance your staff.  Tim has the academic and life experiences to help you.  You can also purchase a number of off the shelf Hypnotherapy MP3 downloads, whether in the UK or elsewhere in the world.    He can do consultations over the Telephone which removes distance barriers to international clients.  Provides tailor made recordings via Mp3 download links.  Has worked with clients as far away as the USA and Switzerland.

Stopping smoking, weight loss, stress management, phobia’s, confidence.

Hypnotherapy can help with many different area’s the list is endless.

Browse his web site to find out more about Hypnotherapy and how he can help you or your organisation to achieve your goal.

Give him a call on 01909 282435 for a free 15 minute Hypnotherapy consultation.

He is registered with the UKguild of Hypnotist examiners.



He is based 11 miles from Sheffield City centre,  10 miles from Rotherham and 6 miles from Worksop.

68 Victoria St, Dinnington, Sheffield, s25 2SF.

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