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I recorded the sound of rain out in the countryside where I live.  You can increase the intensity of the rain by increasing the volume or soften by reducing the volume.   Good for back ground music and some people find the sound of rain helps them to sleep.  It sounds very much like white noise.  Play on repeat in the back ground.


Free Youtube recording

You can listen to my 30-minute recording of heavy rain on youtube here.

Purchase recording of heavy rain

Click on the following link to purchase the Mp3 download.


Sound of wind

It was very windy this week.  I was concerned it would disturb a customer who came to see me.  The customer said that the wind actually helped them to relax.  It has given me an idea to produce a recording of the sound of wind.  I had never thought of wind as a relaxing sound.

Hypnotherapy mp3 downloads

I have various off the shelf MP3 downloads.  If I don’t include a Mp3 download you require, please get in contact and if I believe it will benefit other people I will add.  Alternately I do telephone consultations and produce tailor made recordings, which I send to you via Mp3 download links.

All the best



An irrational fear would be considered a phobia.  For example being frightened of a normal house spider and being unable to remove one from the house.   I could understand the concern of spiders raising when in a country like Australia where they are more harmful.  But again it should be possible for you to deal with the matter without becoming hysterical.

Often I have to remove spiders from the bath before having a shower in the morning.  I prefer not to kill them if I can help it.  Often I will just get a bit of card and let the spider climb onto it and won’t even put it outside the house unless it is a really large one.

From my life experiences, it seems to be ladies who have phobias about spiders.  It is very rare I hear about a man having a phobia of spiders.  I sometimes wonder if this is down to the Nursery rhyme https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Miss_Muffet  Putting stories negative stories like these into children’s heads when they are so young, doesn’t sound wise to me.


I once had a customer come to see me about the fear of balloons bursting.  But I think this also extended to firework bangs.  The strangest phobia I heard of, was a lady who feared hanging out her washing when there were butterflies around.

Like I said previously phobias are irrational, so there maybe 1000’s of phobias out there.

Fear of heights. Acrophobia

Having a fear of heights to some degree is good, but if it stops you climbing a ladder to repair the house, then it is more of a phobia.  If you had no fear of heights, you wouldn’t be careful when on high buildings.  I know when I paint the gable end of my house every other year, when I first go up the ladder my stomach may churn or I may shake a little, but once up there these feelings disappear.  People working on great heights often will lose these emotions, but still, need to be careful.

I remember when doing my engineering apprenticeship at British Steel Rotherham, they had us sat on the top of the main melting shop roof on Sheffield road.  The idea was to get us used to the fear of heights.  Some of this building still remains and is now called Magna.

Fear of snakes




I can remember going to a zoo when a child and seeing lots of poisonous snakes.  I have never been comfortable with snakes, probably because I haven’t been in contact with many.  However, I went into a local shop in Dinnington that sold them and I stroked the first one ever.    This snake was not poisonous but is a copy of snakes that can be poisonous.  Like with mushrooms and toodstools you have to be careful what is safe to eat and not safe to eat.  Ensure that you see an expert.




Whatever your irrational fear or phobia a professional Sheffield Hypnotherapist should be able to help you.  It is so important that after the Hypnotherapy session you are provided with a tailor made recording on CD.  It is important to use this Hypnotherapy recording daily between sessions.  Miracles happen in one session, more deep-rooted Hypnotherapy sessions take up to 5 sessions.

Put simply Hypnotherapy relaxes you into a deep trance, where positive suggestions are made to change your beliefs and behaviours.  Repetition ensures that these positive suggestions go deep into your subconscious mind.   By learning to relax deeply using Hypnosis, memories that have caused these fears long ago are allowed to escape by the subconscious mind and be reevaluated as an older and wiser person.


If you are based locally I can work face to face with you to resolve phobias.   Further afield and I can do a consultation over the telephone and send you a tailor made Hypnotherapy recording via Mp3 download link.   Groups can be catered for if you have a common goal.  Stress management courses can be tailored for local Sheffield and Rotherham businesses.  A number of Mp3 downloads exist on my Hypnotherapy website shop.

All the best





I have had my Tibetan singing bowl for quite some years.  But this is the first time I have tried to record the sound and upload a video to Youtube. The recording isn’t perfect but it does give you an idea of the distinct sounds it makes.

Scroll to the end of the blog for the free 30-minute recording.

To start with I strike the Tibetan singing bowl three times and then a short pause.   The Tibetan singing bowl is then rubbed by the striker to create a circular sound for a period of time.

I think the sound of the bowl can be altered by adding varying amounts of water.  I am not sure of any other methods of altering the sound.  But if you do know of any, give me a shout.

At some stage, I will record a more professional recording and sell this on my Hypnotherapy website.

Strike wave sounds captured on audacity

Tibetan singing bowl strike

Tibetan singing bowl strike

Circular wave sounds captured on audacity

Tibetan singing bowl circular

Tibetan singing bowl circular

30-minute free youtube recording


This recording could be played to change the vibrations in your room every day.

Tibetan singing bowl and striker

Tibetan singing bowl and striker

Tibetan singing bowl and striker

My bowl is only about six inches diameter.  But I have seen bowls big enough for people to stand in, which send out much larger waves of sound.

I hope you have enjoyed this.

All the best



I have just added another download on the nature section of my Hypnotherapy shop.  This is a 30-minute recording of the sound of a waterfall.  This recording can be used for background music in the room or while sleeping at night.

Previously I have added the sound of rain and a stream so far to the nature section of my Hypnotherapy shop and will be adding further sounds over time.

Free youtube sample

You can listen to a 5-minute segment on youtube.


You can purchase the full 30-minute download of the waterfall here, for only £5.


All the best


Ensuring clients achieve goals is as important for me as making money.  It has to be a win-win.  In order to ensure that this is the case, I offer a free 15-minute consultation on the telephone.   I always put the small print up front with clients, to ensure they know what they need to do in order to achieve their outcome.  This is a partnership and I can only help you to succeed if you are willing to do your homework.  The homework is pleasant and should also help you to feel good and refreshed.

I would rather turn a client away from day one, rather than get bad publicity from a client who wasn’t committed to their goal in the first place.  I can usually determine this in the initial free consultation.

How many sessions?

Free Sheffield Hypnotherapy

Free Sheffield Hypnotherapy

It can take anything from 1 to 5 sessions to help clients achieve their goals.  But the most important thing, other than coming to see me, is that you play the tailor made Hypnotherapy recording daily.  Between sessions.

Tailor made recording on CD

After each Hypnotherapy session, I provide the 30-minute Hypnotherapy session straight onto a CD for you to take away.  Years ago when I went to see a Sheffield Hypnotherapist, I saw them every week.  I believe that a monthly session is adequate enough and that keeps the costs down for you.  But it is imperative for you to play the tailor made Hypnotherapy recording daily between sessions, to achieve sustainable results.

Panic attacks

People may occasionally miss playing the tailor made recording daily.  However from my own experiences when I was suffering from panic attacks, I was willing to listen to the recording twice a day on a bad day.   If you have a tight schedule, listening to the recording last thing at night before you go to sleep is adequate.

Stopping smoking

I had a client come to see me who wanted to stop smoking.  They listened to it in bed at night and their wife who didn’t see me, also stopped smoking at the same time.  This was 4 years ago.

Sheffield Hypnotherapy

Please give me a ring if you are ready to go ahead with achieving your goal using Sheffield Hypnotherapy.

Contact me on 01909 282435


If you don’t live close to Sheffield, I can do a telephone consultation and then send you a tailor made Hypnotherapy recording via Mp3 download link.  I have worked with clients as far away as Switzerland and America.

I look forward to hearing from you.


If you have a common goal to achieve, I can work with groups of 2 to 10 people.

Stopping smoking and Weight loss

Group Hypnotherapy

Group Hypnotherapy

I can either come to your home or find a suitable local venue to use.  Give me a ring on 01909 282435 to discuss further.

To start with we will have a 10/15 minute group talk on the goal you are trying to achieve.  Once we have looked at the beliefs blocking you from achieving your goal.  I will then relax you into a deep trance using Hypnotherapy and Visualisation exercises. Once in a deep state of trance.  Positive suggestions will be made deep into your subconscious mind.

Tailor made Hypnotherapy recording

After each group Hypnosis session, you will be provided with the tailor made recording via a Mp3 download link.  It is so important to listen to this tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording daily between sessions.  Repetition is so important with Hypnotherapy, there are no quick fix’s and Hypnotist stage shows are tricking people into false beliefs about Hypnotherapy.


Repetition with Hypnotherapy is so important.  The more that you listen to the tailor made recording, the deeper you will fall into Hypnosis.  The more you fall into Hypnosis the more the positive suggestions will be acted upon by your subconscious mind.  You will gradually change your beliefs and behaviours and will attain your ideal weight or become a non-smoker.

How often

I recommend a monthly Hypnotherapy session, however daily use of the tailor made Hypnotherapy recording is important to get maximum effects.   It could take anything from 1 to 10 sessions to achieve your goal dependent on the level of your issue.


One of the benefits of group Hypnotherapy to quit smoking or attain your ideal weight is that you can support each other between sessions, especially if friends.

Slimming clubs

These may work for some people losing weight, but it may take years for many people.  The cost can be excessive when added up.   Break the boom-bust cycle for good using Hypnotherapy.

Stopping smoking

All too often people who stop smoking either transfer the behaviour to overeating or dependency on another crutch, such as nicotine replacement products or vaporisers.  These nicotine replacement products cost and can also be addictive to some degree or people stop using them and start smoking again.   Stop smoking for good with Hypnotherapy with no side effects.

One to one

You may not feel confident to deal with issues with other people in attendance and I do cater for people dealing with the goal on their own.  These sessions allow me to tailor make them more to you as an individual and can result in quicker effects.

Give me a ring on 01909 282435 if I can assist you further with stopping smoking or weight loss one to one or group sessions in

Sheffield Rotherham and North Nottinghamshire

All the best





I always provide a tailor made Hypnotherapy recording on CD after each session and a few days later drop the client an email to ensure they know how to get the best results out of the recording.  A few weeks later I will then contact the client to ensure everything is OK.  I don’t pressurise clients to come back, I let them come back to me in their own time.

Quitting smoking

Hypnotherapy Dinnington Sheffield

Hypnotherapy Dinnington Sheffield

A few months ago I bumped into a client who came to see me 4 years ago and they told me that they hadn’t smoked since.  This was in a public venue and they were happy that other people knew about this.  Good for word of mouth.

Yesterday I bumped into the same client, who was out with the wife.  They went even further and said that the wife listened to the same recording in bed, as they were going to sleep.  The wife also stopped smoking at the same time.

Group sessions for weight loss

The customer now wants to come back and see me to reduce their weight and have asked if the wife can come at the same time.  I have no problems working with more than one person working on the same goal.  I have previously worked with a group of five ladies in Worksop looking to lose weight.


I can work with anybody in the world who can speak English, you don’t need to be in Sheffield.  I can do the consultation over the telephone and drop you a tailor made Hypnotherapy recording via mp3 download link.

Give me a ring on 01909 282435 for a free 15 minute Hypnotherapy consultation.

All the best

Tim from Sheffield


I will be producing sleep programming recordings in the future.  This is a free one I have produced that I have added to Youtube, for you to try.   I will probably add a 20-minute Hypnotherapy portion to the start of my chargeable recordings and then repeat the affirmations for the duration of the night.


Immediately before we go to sleep we go into a trance state of mind.  If you listen to my recording on Youtube on repeat and say the affirmations quietly in your own mind, you will be programming these suggestions into your mind while in Hypnosis.


Prior to waking up in a morning, you are in another natural Hypnotic state.  Which means that the affirmations on the recording will be heard by your subconscious mind and programmed into it.  When you first awake in the morning keep repeating the positive affirmations quietly in your own mind.

Subconscious mind

Your subconscious mind never sleeps.  Therefore it will be soaking up the positive suggestions on the recording as you sleep throughout the night.


Rather than using subliminal recordings, listen to affirmations while you go to sleep or are asleep.  You are guaranteeing that the subconscious mind is hearing them and absorbing them.  For more effective than silent Subliminals by Bud Lowery.

Sleep programming affirmations

  • Day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment, I am growing more and more healthy, wealthy, harmonious and happy in every way
  • I am whole, perfect, rich, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy
  • I am sleeping better and better every night

Emile Coue

I have written one of the affirmations along the line of Emile Coue’s formulae, “Every day in every way, I am getting better and better”. The mind may not believe that you are healthy, but the gradual improvement in health will eventually be believed by it.


If you repeat something enough you will eventually believe it.

Try this recording nightly for at least the next 30 days for maximum effect.  Ensure that the affirmations are just loud enough so you can hear and repeat along.


All the best



Previously I created a Mp3 download for health, which I think is the most important goal anybody should focus on.  Once your health is OK I believe the next most important goal is your financial success.  What self-talk recording would you like me to produce next?

You can purchase my latest Mp3 download for financial success here.


Your financial success isn’t going to change overnight.  You will need to listen to this self-talk recording daily for the next one to two months.  The results of the recording can be accelerated, by listening to it on repeat throughout the night.

“I” and “You”

I do statements in both the “I” and “You”.  I recommend repeating the “I” statements and allowing the “You” statements to sink into your subconscious mind.  Or you can choose to listen passively throughout the whole process.

Mobile phone Mp3 player

Add this Mp3 download to your mobile phone or Mp3 player, so you have it with you at all times.  You can listen while doing other things and while travelling to work on public transport.

You can listen to a shortened version of my self-talk recording on Youtube.

All the best





I am now updating the self-talk recordings on my Hypnotherapy shop.  The most important recording that anybody should start with is their health, unless that is already perfect.  This will be followed up with a self-talk recording for financial success.

You can purchase this self-talk Mp3 download here.


Self talk Mp3 downloads

These self-talk recordings need to be used daily to get maximum effect from them.  If you choose you can repeat quietly overnight.  You can choose to be totally passive throughout listening to the recording or you can repeat the “I” statements after you have heard them.

“I” and “You”

Both “I” and “You” statements are used for maximum effect.  New age music is also played in the background to smooth the flow of these affirmations into your subconscious mind.

The more you listen to these recordings, the greater effect they will have on your subconscious mind.  After a month or two of continuous use, you should find these statements being burnt deep into your subconscious mind.  Your beliefs and behaviours will gradually change.

Mobile phone or Mp3 device

You can add to your portable Mp3 device, so that you always have the recording with you.


You can also try a shortened version of my self-talk recording for health on Youtube.







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