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Fear of surgery operation Hypnotherapy review

This testimonial was from a client who came to see me because he feared to have his knee joint replace under local anesthetic and speaks for itself.  It took one session of Hypnotherapy and him listening to a tailor made CD I gave him to take away.


Many thanks for your help and assistance helping Brian to overcome his fear of an operation on his knee, in which he would be awake throughout the procedure.  I asked him to come to you to calm his fears, after some effort from me, he came to see you.

The result going through the operation with no problem, better recovery because he had no anesthetic and he has never looked back.  He had the session with you and then on the way to the hospital we played the CD you gave him and he was totally up for the operation.

When the other knee wants doing, he will have no fear at all.  Thanks, all thanks to you.

Kind regards