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I was contacted by Michelle Peterson who wished to write an article for alcohol awareness month on my blog.  Find the well thought out and written article following the brief introduction about Michelle.

Bio of Michelle Peterson and a link to her website recoverypride.org

Michelle Peterson wishes to eliminate the stigma surrounding people who struggle with addiction. Her mission is aligned with that of Recovery Pride, which is to celebrate sobriety and those that achieve it.


Photo Credit: Pixabay

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Photo Credit: Pixabay

How to Create and Stick to New Habits in Addiction Recovery

A key part of any successful addiction recovery plan requires understanding how to tackle bad habits. So how does habit forming work? What triggers your return to an old habit? And how can we create new habits instead?

According to author Charles Duhigg’s “Habit Loop” in The Power of Habit, habit forming works like this. First, there is the reminder or the trigger. Perhaps it’s driving by your old favourite bar or seeing an old friend who you used to drink with regularly. Second is the routine, the actual habit portion of your addiction that occurs after you are triggered. And finally, there’s the reward—the benefit you get. For example, if you’re using, perhaps you’re in a temporary feel-good state and are forgetting about your financial worries or relationship troubles.

Just like bad habits, though, you have the ability to create new, good habits. These habits can actually be a positive part of your lifestyle by rewarding you in new and unique ways. And they can be just as easy to incorporate into your life if you simply consider the three R’s mentioned above (reminder, routine, and reward).

First, start by finding something you love, say woodworking. Now, set up a reminder to do it. You can do this by scheduling a woodworking class or setting aside a certain time each day to study your new craft at home. Second, enjoy the routine activity by finding ideas and building unique things. Finally, sit back and marvel at your beautiful reward, whether it’s a bookcase, a chest, or a new headboard.

According to a study published in the Yale Journal of Medicine and Biology, redefining fun is one of the critical components of a successful recovery. And forming new habits provides plenty of opportunities to do just that

Here are some fun new habits you can consider.

Enjoy the great outdoors: Spending communal time with nature helps to get to the root of health issues that may be standing in the way of a successful addiction recovery. For example:

  • Sleep deprivation is a significant factor in addiction and relapse, and research suggests that spending time outside improves your sleep habits by regulating your biological clock for better rhythm between sleep and wake cycles.

  • Getting some sun increases the levels of serotonin in your body, and this has a direct link to improving anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

  • HIking, biking, kayaking, and other outdoor cardiovascular activities work to reduce obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Gratitude journaling: Writing is known to have many healing effects, especially when you’re overcoming addiction. By reflecting on your life, finding meaningful ways to process the past and your present, and by focusing on ways to be thankful for the things you do have, you can move forward more effectively in your healing process. Making journaling a regular habit can help with problem-solving skills and positive thinking.

Take up a hobby – Hobbies are the perfect way for you to help find your flow. According to psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who published Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, flow is being totally involved in an activity. So much so, that your “ego falls away,” “time flies,” and “every action, movement and thought follows inevitably from the previous one, like playing jazz.” You’re using your skills and your whole self to be totally absorbed in that activity.

Flow activities release endorphins, such as norepinephrine and dopamine, all of the chemicals that help us stay focused, energized, and feeling good. So finding a hobby will help you refocus and refrain from some of your former bad habits. A hobby will also provide plenty of rewards, both in a tangible form of work accomplished and in an intangible form of feeling great.

Always be on the lookout for new healthy habits. If you hear of an organization in need, volunteer. If you have a special skill in math or reading, tutor. Find ways to start forming new healthy habits, which will make old triggers easy to avoid.

I am going to focus on Brexit throughout this post.  But this can be applied to other political correctness and positive discrimination being forced on us.  By the BBC and mainstream media.  I could quite easily have talked about climate change fraud, which is becoming more evident every day as the world cools.  We are now going into a mini ice age/Maunder minimum period, a natural climate cycle.

British broadcasting corporation (B.B.C.).

I remember throughout my childhood that the BBC was impartial.  However, from the 80’s onwards the BBC has started to promote its own agenda.  I wonder how much of this bias is controlled by the government.  The BBC has probably always been a mass propaganda tool of the government, but never has its agenda been so biased and corrupted.


Brexit was a perfect example of the BBC’s bias.  Throughout the Brexit referendum campaign, the editorial bias of the BBC and their reporters was clear for all to see.  Political discussions seemed to have very left-wing audiences.  Reporters always seemed to be putting a backspin on what they were saying.  It has been suggested that even more people would have voted Brexit.  If it hadn’t been for the propaganda dished out by the BBC and mainstream media.  The idea was to make Brexiteer voters feel they were in the minority.

Mainstream media

You only have to look at the mainstream media and who owns them, the globalists.   The only mainstream papers that were pro Brexit was the Daily express and Sun.  Even the Daily Mail has gone Liberal.


Throughout Brexit the chancellor George Osborne and The Bank of England were coming out with some ludicrous statements.  We were going to have the plague of all plagues following Brexit.  The immediate doom and gloom that was to follow Brexit has never materialised.   The government also unfairly produced a document that was sent to each household, this was a biased document and allowed the remain camp to spend even more money at the taxpayers expense.

International organisations

All the academics and international organisations were coming out with the forecast for the demise of Britain following Brexit, when has the IMF ever been right on anything.  Christine Lagarde isn’t exactly somebody I would take any notice of.    Even the President of America Barak Obama, tried to make us believe we were foolish for wanting to leave the EU.  Even now the BBC are raking up every little negative they can find about Brexit, rather than spinning it in a positive way.  The BBC are still playing with our minds to stop Brexit.

Academics and Universities

It was suggested everywhere that those voting for Brexit were thick people or old.  Those wanting to stay in the EU were the bright and academical person, who knew what they were talking about.  Our young have been brainwashed by the academical establishment to remain in the EU.

1984 George Orwell

Never was George Orwell’s 1984 more evident than in the Brexit referendum with the Hypnotic brainwashing through the mass media.

Jo Cox.

I am sad to see anybody lose their life.  But I believe the death of Jo Cox was used as a political martyr.  Her Family weren’t even allowed to grieve in their own time.  However the headline “Scottish nationalist murders Jo Cox”, wasn’t used, because it didn’t fit the agenda.   Proceedings were halted for a few days, there was a mass outpouring of grief by the left to try and force the outcome of Brexit, I reckon that cost us 5% of the vote.


People who wanted to control immigration were called racists.   Throughout twitter the venom from the left was unbelievable and anywhere else they could use this label they did.   It was covertly suggested at me when I went on Radio Sheffield to give my view on leaving the EU.

The idea was to make people voting leave think they were in a minority and that they weren’t nice people for voting leave.

Sheffield EU referendum count night

Throughout the Brexit campaign, I did what I could to influence people to vote Brexit.  Foremost I believe that democracy should be decided by our government and ultimately the people through direct democracy.  Controlling immigration was also important to me, I don’t want to water down the culture of my country anymore.   I had an 8ft x 4ft poster on the side of my house.  I delivered flyers.  Put up billboards on all the major roads around me.  This was David against Goliath.

At the count night, there were 10 remain observers to 1 leave observer.  We were being bullied and jostled by the Liberals and Labour who have control of the Sheffield city council.  They were so confident they would win.  In the Labour areas of Sheffield people were voting strongly for Leave, the more middle-class areas were voting for remain.  The remain observers got quieter and quieter because they could count the votes as they were going along and we’re starting to see what was going off.

At the Vote, I thought the Remain side had won, but when I heard my side suddenly cheering, I realise that even in Sheffield that Vote Leave had won.   I knew as soon as the vote came through in Sunderland that we would be leaving the EU, but the Sheffield result strengthened this.

The pro Remain vote was clear indication that the BBC and mainstream media are trying to manipulate us using mass hypnosis manipulation.  What other areas are we having our minds manipulated in?  This is the first stage of taking back control of our country.

People on the Brexit side discovered their Dunkirk spirit again.

All the best














There is a definitive connection between mind and body.  90% of disease originates in the mind.  The problem is our national health service tends to focus on the body rather than the mind.  One day I hope the NHS learns and gets out of the vicious circle.  If you cure the disease from the outside, but not what thoughts cause it in the first place, it will only come back again.


I have heard of people with cancer being cured by coming to terms with past memories that have created the disease in the body in the first place.  Robert Dilts an NLP expert helped cure his mother of advanced bone cancer, through helping her come to terms with childhood memories, years later the cancer had not returned.

Panic attacks

Years ago I suffered from panic attacks for about a year.  A few years later I looked at my personal records and noticed that was the period I sustained 90% of my sick days.   If I hadn’t have used Hypnotherapy and dealt with the memories troubling me, I would have expected my health to deteriorate even further.


Stress has a considerable impact on my health and from 18 to 26 I suffered from bad boils on my nose, that flared up occasionally.  Once I dealt with the memories that caused the panic attacks, my boils disappeared and my drinking reduced to safe levels.

Overeating, Smoking Excessive drinking

How many of the above issues do our population suffer from?  Overeating alone results in 25% of British people being obese and 25% overweight.   If the NHS dealt with the cause of these three issues which I believe in 99% of cases are down to wrong thinking, then the pressure on the NHS would reduce massively.  The problem is the NHS deals with the effects rather than the cause.  Overeating, smoking and excessive drinking result in some many different illnesses.

Many companies make vast amounts of money out of the various drug cures out there, wouldn’t it be nice to see them put out of business because people have control over their own minds and their health.

Brandon Bays Journey workshop

I once went on Brandon’s Journey workshops in London.  Brandon had a tumour on her uterus the same size as a basketball, after dealing with the memories that caused this, the tumour disappeared.   Brandon had no surgery on the tumour.  Her workshops showed people how to deal with past memories and stop physical problems.

Brandon had many stories about people who had benefitted from her work.  One chap on one of her courses who had been negative suddenly started shouting.  She thought she was in for another lecture on how the course didn’t do anything for him.  He realised he had driven to the workshop that day without his glasses and his eyesight was now OK.  It was in the middle of a two-day course.

Another story Brandon talks about is a dour Yorkshire coming to see her about cancer on his lungs.   After doing Brandon’s journey technique, he remembered finding his mother dead in the street during the 2nd world war shot by a German bomber.  He had harboured the anger in his heart since, which had resulted in cancer.  After releasing the trapped childhood memory and coming to terms with it,  the cancer on his lungs disappeared.  He had an X-ray and there was a slight scar left where the cancer had been.  The doctors and NHS wanted to claim credit for the cancer cure, saying it was something they had given him in the past that had suddenly worked, but in his heart, he knew what had cured his cancer.

Emile Coue

I once came across Emile Coue’s work.   Emile who was a French Pharmacist found that when he occasionally gave people sugar pills they came back and thanked him for curing them.  Basically, it was a Placebo effect.  He came up with the formulae “Every day in every way I am getting better and better”.  Emile’s books have 100’s of cases of people he helped through the power of suggestion.

Mantra’s and Positive self-talk

I recommend you seeing your doctor if you have a serious illness.  But why not use the power of suggestion to heal yourself at the same time.  Last thing at night as you go to sleep and first thing in the morning as you awaken suggest a gradually changing positive affirmation to yourself about your health improving.  You can always repeat the suggestion quietly in your mind throughout the day.   Because the suggestions only suggest a small change, the affirmations if repeated daily for many weeks or months, the physical condition improves and the body becomes healthy again.  For many people, they are too lazy and want a pill that takes away any effort on their own part, which means they never learn from the illness and over time get more severe levels of illness.

I suggest using the following formulae.

“Day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment I am growing more and more healthy in every way.”  The “every way” dealing with whatever illness you have.

I would love to hear of positive feedback after using my suggestion.

All the best







If you repeat the following statement “I am a millionaire”.  Your conscious mind is never going to believe that it is true.  It is too much for it to take on board.  However, if you were to repeat a statement that you were gradually becoming a millionaire, this is something that your conscious mind can believe over time.

How should I frame my self-talk?

“Day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment, I am becoming a millionaire more and more.”  The conscious mind can’t dispute this fact over time, as the change is so gradual.  You will eventually change your beliefs and behaviours and become a millionaire.

Alternately you could use the following self-talk.   “Every day in every way I am becoming wealthier and wealthier”.  There is no limit to the ceiling on this affirmation.

How often and long do I need to use self-talk?

You need to keep repeating the statement quietly in your mind throughout the day.  The more often you repeat and the longer you do it, the more certain you will be of becoming a millionaire.  A good time to repeat the statement is last thing at night as you are going to sleep and first thing in the morning as you awaken.  Last thing at night and first thing in a morning, you are in a more hypnotic state of mind and more likely to take on positive suggestions made into the subconscious mind.  Its especially good to repeat the positive statement while going to sleep, because it will be the last thing on your mind as you fall asleep.

Self talk MP3’s.

I have a number of self talk M.P’s in the shop of my Hypnotherapy site.  The self talk Mp3’s will be added to over time.   You can add these to your phone and listen to through headphones.  Sometimes people who are new to personal development, need to hear the positive instructions coming from outside themselves until they are confident enough to say them to themselves.  These Mp3’s can be listened to any time, you can either passively listen to them or repeat the affirmations to yourself quietly at the same time.

All the best







I first came across T.M. (Transcendental Meditation) when suffering from panic attacks back in the early 1990’s.  I was paying privately for Hypnotherapy treatment, because I didn’t believe ithe National Health Service (N.H.S.) had the answers.  The only thing that the NHS did that really helped me was to send me off to a group T.M. session.   We sat around in a circle and were told how to do it and then we talked about our experiences.  I can’t remember going for more than a few sessions and I don’t believe I hit the T.M. state.  (I was also given a poor quality relaxation tape by the doctor, which did nothing for me.)

Group T.M.

You may need to find a group of people that are studying T.M..  But stay clear of organisations quoting £1500 to learn T.M..  At the same time with a bit of patience, you may be able to find the state of T.M. using my instructions.


This can be any word that you just continually repeat to yourself.  The organisations that charge a lot of money, say that it needs to be a special word, that only they can give you.   Other people state that the word has to be something that means nothing to you, however, I am going to suggest some words below that I think will work well for you.  I am combing with auto-suggestion which I believe will work well with this.  Using a gradual word like Calmer, Healthier, Relaxing and Wealthier is going to supercharge this method.

I recommend you start off with one of the Relaxation words.  Move onto health and money in the future.


Calm, Centering, Calmer, Peace, Peaceful, Relaxed, Relaxing.


If you have a particular health problem you may wish to use the following words.

Healthy, Healthier


For those who are relaxed and healthy and would like to focus more on money

Rich, Richer, Millionaire, Wealthier

How do you T.M. Meditate?

Make sure that you wait at least an hour after eating a meal.  You won’t be able to relax if your body is digesting food.

First thing is to find a quiet comfortable room where you will be undisturbed.  Switch off any phones, put a “Do not disturb” sign on the door.

I reckon that sitting up in a chair is best.  Or put a couple of cushions on the floor and have your back straight against a wall with your legs crossed.

Repeat your chosen mantra above quietly in your mind.  If any thought comes up in your mind ignore and repeat the mantra.  At the same time breathe slowly in through the nose and out through the mouth.

Carry on doing this for 10, 20, 30 minutes.  With time and perseverance, you will hit the state of T.M..  Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Do daily for the next month to get any noticeable results.

Benefits to T.M.










I would be interested to hear how you are going on with my simple technique?


All the best





My previous blog focused on questions, this time I am going to expand and talk about combining them with affirmations.


Questions can be asked in two ways.  If you looking at improving your financial situation.

How can I earn £20,000 a year?

Why am I earning £20,000 a year

You can set the annual earnings to whatever level you choose.

The more you focus on one question rather than jumping from one question to another, the more your mind will focus on the answer and draw it to you.

Affirmations and Questions

At this point, I would recommend you get a piece of paper, rather than trying to do it in your head.

Questions are going to be the tabletop and affirmations will become the table legs.

It’s probably easier to use the question “Why am I earning £20,000 a year?” to illustrate the point.

Why am I earning £20,000 a year?

List out positive affirmations that you believe will help you achieve this goal.  Some suggestions will suggest you already have the outcome.  Others will be about gradually getting to your outcome.

  • I earn 20,000 a year
  • I am successful in business
  • I make money easily
  • I am increasing my income more and more every day
  • Money flows to me easily
  • I am a money magnet
  • I have zero debt
  • I am expanding my wealth more and more every day

Each day in the morning and last thing at night.  Sit down with your piece of paper.  Ask yourself the question quietly in your mind.  Then repeat each of the affirmations you previously wrote on the piece of paper, do this for 5 or 10 minutes.  Either do quietly in your mind or out loud.  Then see if you can add any more affirmations to this list.

Going back to the questions, you can ask the questions “How can I earn £20,000 a year? and “Why do I earn £20,000 a year?” throughout your day quietly in your mind.  Alternate between both questions.

I am not sure what the outcome you are looking for?  But I would recommend sticking to one goal until you have achieved your objective.

I will demonstrate one more outcome

Questions and affirmations for perfect health

How can I be perfectly healthy?

Why am I perfectly healthy?

Affirmations for perfect health

  • I am perfectly healthy
  • I am my ideal weight
  • I exercise moderately every day
  • I eat healthily
  • I meditate for 30 minutes a day
  • I am in tune with myself and the Universe
  • Every day in every way I am getting better and better
  • My health improves every day

If I can be of service to you are your business please give me a shout.

All the best








I came across this hair loss remedy on Youtube.  I was actually looking at a way of reducing the grey hairs I have.  Hair loss is caused by DHT and the caffeine in tea is supposed to stop DHT in the hair follicles.  Alpecin hair loss shampoo uses caffeine, so there must be some truth in the remedy.

DHT Dihydrotestosterone


Reducing grey hairs

My main reason for using the black tea remedy.  I have already seen some improvement in a week or so.  Not sure how black tea reduces grey hairs and will update you on this.

How to make

Boil a kettle of water.  Pour onto three tea bags (PG tips will do or some people prefer to use Green tea) in a small jug.  Leave for an hour or more.   Pour into a squeezy bottle for spraying plants (purchase for a £1 from Wilkinsons).  Some people prefer to use an applicator bottle.


Store in a fridge


Wash your hair.  Once you have dried your hair, spray all over the scalp and massage in.  Groom hair as normal.

I will let you know my results, but this type of remedy takes months.  But there are some convincing videos on Youtube.

All the best




To start with I am going to explain how silent subliminals work and at the end of this blog, you will find a free silent subliminal recording you can listen to yourself.  You can judge for yourself whether silent subliminals are effective or not.

Masking affirmations with music.

Up until 20 years ago.  Subliminals were made by hiding affirmation tracks behind the sound of waves or music.  It was just a case of lowering the sound of the affirmations so they could barely be heard.

Silent Subliminals

Around 2000 Bud Lowery an American came out with silent subliminal.  All he did with sophisticated software was move an affirmations track outside the normal hearing range.  He is reported to have tested this on deaf people who couldn’t hear.  This technology was supposed to have been used in the Iraq war, silent subliminals were broadcast over the enemy communications lines telling them to surrender.

These silent subliminal affirmations are supposed to go directly into the subconscious mind, with no resistance from the conscious mind.

To start with I write down the affirmations I am going to put on a silent subliminal recording.  I then record them normally.  I then put them through the subliminal recorder and shift them to 16.5K.  You won’t be able to hear the affirmations consciously anymore, but you can see them on the following displays.  If you play the track through Audacity, you see the affirmation waveforms but you can’t hear them.




In the Oscilloscope, you see the normal sound waveform, even though you can no longer hear it.  If you were to play the silent subliminal through Audacity you will see a similar sound wave.




In the spectrogram, you can see the waveform lifted to 16.5K.




In the spectrum same again you see the sound wave at 16.5K.

I have created my own silent subliminal recording for health, wealth and lucid dreaming.  I noticed last night I was having rather a lot of dreams that I was remembering.  I am going to be playing my recording daily to confirm the results.

You can now listen to my free silent subliminal recording for being a Millionaire.

Free Silent subliminal Millionaire, Health and Wealth

I don’t recommend using while driving the car or using machinery.  Play daily for an hour or more.  Many people listen to them while sleeping at night.  Ensure your speakers allow frequencies of 16.5K up to about 20K.

The affirmations on the silent subliminal recording are as follows:-

  • I am a Millionaire.
  • You are a Millionaire.
  • Every day in every way I am growing more and more healthy, wealthy and relaxed.
  • Every day in every way you are growing more and more healthy, wealthy and relaxed.
  • I am perfectly healthy.
  • You are perfectly healthy.

The future

If I find silent subliminals to be effective on myself I will be selling these recordings as downloads in the future.

Let me know how you go on.

All the best


If you are asking negative questions your mind will focus on the negative and take you down into a negative spiral.  Whereas if you ask yourself positive questions your mind will start to find out solutions to your problems.

I decided to search on this topic before I wrote this blog.  To be honest I wasn’t impressed with what others had written on this subject.  I thought the questions were closed and quite negative from where I was standing.  I didn’t feel very enthusiastic after reading these blogs and they didn’t give me the answer I was looking for  There maybe some very good articles out there, but they aren’t being ranked highly by Google, which wouldn’t surprise me.  I hope this article creates more enthusiasm in you to change the questions in your life.

Questions versus affirmations

I will go into this in more detail in a future blog.  Let’s stay focused on the questions for the moment.

New discoveries

Many of these happen by chance.  But more often than not a great scientist will focus on a single question in their mind until they find a solution to the problem.


You maybe saying to yourself.  

Why can’t I make ends meet?

Why am I not being paid enough?

Why can’t I pay my bills?

Why are they being paid more than me?

While ever you ask these questions in your mind, your mind is going to search out this information and provide the evidence to you.  You will just drop deeper down into the above problems.  You have most likely learnt these questions from those around you as you grew up.

Better questions to ask yourself about your finances are.

How do I live more comfortably?

How do I earn XXXXX amount a year?

How do I become a millionaire?

How do I earn enough money from my business to live comfortably?

How do I live debt free?

How can I afford my ideal house?

How can I afford to go on a dream holiday every year?

Find an appropriate question to ask yourself about your finances and just keep asking it quietly in your mind every day until you have the evidence right there in front of you.   Big questions aren’t going to be answered over night, persistence is the key.  Try and find one short positive question that will remove all your financial concerns.


I believe that most disease starts in the mind.  I would say 95% of disease is psychosomatic.  What you tend to focus on in your mind will tend to appear in your body.

Asking the following questions aren’t going to help you.

Why am I ill?

Why am I overweight?

Why am I depressed?

Why do I feel so bad?

Why am I so unhappy?

What negative questions are you currently asking yourself about your health?

Change the questions you ask yourself about your health and let your unconscious mind come up with new solutions.

How do I become completely healthy?

How do I attain my ideal weight?

How do I feel good?

How do I become a happy person?

Ask these questions until you are blue in the face.  As well as seeking out health care professionals if you have a serious issue.


You maybe asking yourself the following questions.

Why am I so lonely?

Why have I no friends?

Why don’t people like me?

Why can’t I meet a member of the opposite sex to have a long term relationship with?

Why do I always go for the wrong man or woman?

Change to some more positive questions.

How do I meet my soul mate?

How do I make new friends?

How do I have more charisma?

How do I become more assertive with other people?

It’s best to find as few questions to ask yourself as possible and stay focused on these questions.

What other areas of your life aren’t working for you?

I reckon if most people answered the above three questions they would go onto live life’s that they loved.  There may be a specific question that doesn’t fit into the above areas.  Just write down the questions you are asking in that part of your life and change to positive outcomes.

How do I ask questions?

I don’t believe you have to ask the questions out loud.  Just keep repeating them silently in your mind throughout the day.  Be persistent and ask the question until you have the solution.

Write the questions down

As above.  Try and find as few questions as possible that will cause the greatest improvement in your life.  Write them down on a piece of paper.  Read them morning, midday and evening.  Say the questions to your self all day long.   Nobody knows what is going on in your head other than your self.

If I can help you in any way on a specific area of your life give me a shout.

All the best






This is a free silent subliminal recording on Youtube you can try until I decide to start selling them for money.  I am currently experimenting to see how effective they are.  Use at your own risk and preferably when not using machinery or driving a car.

Bud Lowery silent subliminal

This recording is created as per Bud Lowery’s patent and I understand it was used for military purposes in the Iraq war.  I record the affirmations normally and then move them to a frequency outside the normal hearing range at about 16.5K.  There is supposed to be no conscious resistance to the affirmations.

Subliminal recorder

I have had teething problems with the software called Subliminal recorder, but I seemed to have ironed the issues out.  The software works great when you understand how to use it properly.


I place health highly in my life, the reason for the additional affirmations around health.

The affirmations are as follows:-

  • I am a Millionaire.
  • You are a Millionaire.
  • Every day in every way I am growing more and more healthy, wealthy and relaxed.
  • Every day in every way you are growing more and more healthy, wealthy and relaxed.
  • I am perfectly healthy.
  • You are perfectly healthy.

How often should you listen?

Typically every day for one to two months.  Listen for an hour or more on repeat or even while asleep at night.  I am playing it on my PC while I work.

Youtube video

Free Mp3 download

This is a pure version of the file that hasn’t been uploaded to Youtube.

Please contact me via my email so that I can send you the pure file, I have concerns that Youtube may be damaging the subliminal part of the recording.

Click on this link to email

Ensure your speakers can allow you to hear the affirmations set at 16.5K.

Please provide positive feedback or negative.

All the best




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