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I am writing this blog following a recent client from Sheffield coming to see me about reducing migraines.   They weren’t the only one in their family to suffer from migraines.  But I can assure you in the majority of cases it isn’t hereditary and is down to stress and not a physical ailment in your body.


Many years ago I helped my dad come to terms with his migraines and since he has had less than a handful in about 10 years.  They say it isn’t a good thing to work with your family.  But if that is the case, why did I have some much success helping my own father.  I think it depends on your relationship with your parents and mine is good.

Migraine hypnotherapy

Migraine hypnotherapy

My father suffered from migraines from 15 until 62.5.  When my dad retired as a maintenance supervisor.  He thought his migraines would drop as his stress levels reduced, however, they actually increased to 2 or 3 bad attacks a week.

Hypnotherapy treatment

I had been offering my dad help with Hypnotherapy for many years before he would take it up.  He believed that the migraine headaches were caused by a trapped nerve down the side of his head, something he had been born with.  He had seen every specialist the NHS had available and had tried every migraine tablet, with many different side effects.

I was shocked the day my dad turned up for help with his migraines, as I had given up hope of ever being able to help him.  The first session he came, he was having a terrible migraine attack, about 5 minutes before the end of the session he jumped out of the trance because his neck cracked.  However, he had felt a little relief from his migraine and we decided to have another go in a few days.


On the 2nd occasion of putting him into a trance, he said it felt as though his head filled up with air.  After that I provided him with a tailor-made Hypnotherapy session on tape, which he used daily religiously for a month.  I did another follow-up session on CD and he has had less than a handful of migraines over the years.   All through my childhood, I saw my dad suffer from migraines on his day off, as his body said he could now have a migraine without it affecting his job, these migraines would last all day.  Migraine symptoms will vary from individual to individual.

Panic attacks

I remember many years ago when suffering from severe panic attacks, as I was starting to recover I had one migraine.  I have never ever happened to me since, but the feeling was awful.  I couldn’t look at the red lights on the video recorder and I had a sick feeling in my stomach.  At the time I was staying at my parents for a month and it had happened during the night, my dad had come downstairs to see what had disturbed me.

Migraine relief

I did have another customer from Dinnington contact me about migraine relief a number of years ago, but they didn’t give me enough sessions to help them and I wonder if they had religiously used the recording every day for a month.    It is going to take 1 to 5 sessions to help you resolve your migraine problem.  I am a miracle worker with your assistance, but I can’t click my fingers and make it go away without your help.  I recommend a Hypnotherapy session once a month until the migraines disappear.

I am based in Dinnington Sheffield and can see you face to face.

You can purchase a Hypnotherapy MP3 download recording on my website or if you live outside Sheffield I can do a consultation over the telephone and send you a tailor-made Hypnotherapy migraine relief recording by Mp3 download link.  Contact me on 01909 282435.

I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best


These are the government’s current guidelines for alcohol consumption.  2-3 units a day for females and 3-4 units a day for a man.  This works out at a maximum of 14 units a week for a lady and 20 units for a man.  With two days resting period from alcohol.   This would be about 10 pints a week of normal strength beer for a man.   There are all types of calculators out there, to give you advice.

New guidelines

Drink problem Sheffield

Drink problem Sheffield

Suddenly the chief medical advisor wants to reduce the men’s consumption guidelines to the same as a woman.  Is this down to sound medical advice or more nanny state intervention and political correctness?  I suspect the latter.

Binge drinking

One of the issues we have is the number of people drinking double the government’s guidelines or binge drinking.  If you only drink 10 pints of beer a week but do it on one night, that would be considered binge drinking and dangerous for you.  Ladies or men drinking one bottle of wine a night on a regular basis are a high-risk case and need focusing on.

Extreme cases

I wish the government would focus more on the extreme cases, rather than concerning people who are already drinking moderately.   In the past, I used to drink double the government’s recommendations for alcohol back in 1990.  After 10 sessions of Hypnotherapy my drinking moderated and since then my drinking has reduced to zero.


I didn’t go to see a Hypnotherapist about my drink problem, I was suffering from extreme panic attacks.  When I resolved my panic attack issue, I became more relaxed the need to drink excessively went away.

Hypnotherapy isn’t a quick fix solution, I could help you within about 5 sessions.  However, you would need to use a tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording I provide on CD daily between sessions.  With a monthly Hypnotherapy session, in 9 out of 10 cases your drink issue will have gone in about 6 months.

Booking a Hypnotherapy session

Give me a call on 01909 282435 if you have an issue with alcohol that you would like to resolve.  I can work with individuals who live outside Sheffield, by doing a telephone consultation and then providing a tailor made Mp3 recording.

All the best