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I have just purchased this new singing bowl. The company says that the majority of their bowls are tuned to note B and according to me that is the crown Chakra. However, I am not 100% sure and need confirmation which I am writing to them about.


There are said to be 7 Chakras in the body, which are energy vortex’s.

Root base of the spine


Note C 256 hz

Sacral just below the navel


Note D 288 hz

Solar plexus stomach area


Note E 320 hz

Heart centre of the chest


Note F 341.3 hz

Throat Blue

Note F 384 Hz

Third eye centre eyebrows Indigo

Note G 426.7 hz

Crown Top of the head


Note B 480 hz

It is said that if illness appears in any part of the body it can be due to blockages of energy in any of these chakras. By playing the tones of each chakra energy blockages can be cleared and energy restored.

This video demonstrates the sound I generate with this singing bowl. Play on a regular basis to rebalance the Crown chakra.


Binaural beats

Tibetan singing bowls were the original binaural beats we now create electronically with two different tones in each ear. Binaural beats synchronise both hemispheres of the mind and help you to reach a deeper state of meditation.

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I have had my Tibetan singing bowl for quite some years.  But this is the first time I have tried to record the sound and upload a video to Youtube. The recording isn’t perfect but it does give you an idea of the distinct sounds it makes.

Scroll to the end of the blog for the free 30-minute recording.

To start with I strike the Tibetan singing bowl three times and then a short pause.   The Tibetan singing bowl is then rubbed by the striker to create a circular sound for a period of time.

I think the sound of the bowl can be altered by adding varying amounts of water.  I am not sure of any other methods of altering the sound.  But if you do know of any, give me a shout.

At some stage, I will record a more professional recording and sell this on my Hypnotherapy website.

Strike wave sounds captured on audacity

Tibetan singing bowl strike

Tibetan singing bowl strike

Circular wave sounds captured on audacity

Tibetan singing bowl circular

Tibetan singing bowl circular

30-minute free youtube recording


This recording could be played to change the vibrations in your room every day.

Tibetan singing bowl and striker

Tibetan singing bowl and striker

Tibetan singing bowl and striker

My bowl is only about six inches diameter.  But I have seen bowls big enough for people to stand in, which send out much larger waves of sound.

I hope you have enjoyed this.

All the best



It must be nearly 25 years since I first started listening to Marcey Hamm music, after purchasing Inward harmony.  I purchased the recording from Life tools, who were then based in Manchester, England.  I have since bought 6 other albums of hers.

Near death experience

Marcey Hamm started producing this music after experiencing a near-death experience in a car accident.  She said that when producing Inward harmony she went into such a deep trance, she couldn’t remember making the track.   Marcey has an impressive CV if you look her up on the internet.

Marcey claims all types of positive experiences from listening to her albums.  Whether Marcey’s music has any significant effect on your life or not, they are great as background music to work, relax or sleep to.    Marcey says dependent on the state of her mind when she produces her music, this has differing effects on the listeners and programs their minds for new positive experiences.  The albums also look great in your record collection, as the artwork on them is superb.  You can see all the testimonials on her website and albums covers, they could be purely placebo or coincidences, who knows the truth.

Marcey Hamm Music

Marcey Hamm Music

Inward Harmony

This was the first track I listened to and I found it rather irritating to start with.  Marcey suggests listening to on a low volume in the background, until you feel comfortable with it, in the end you will start to like this track and it starts to sound different.   I am currently listening to it on repeat while I sleep at night.  Many people have claimed to have had great healing’s from this track, somebody with severe burns claims they just disappeared, while another claimed that their damaged hearing was rectified.

Anthem to Soul

Not my favourite album to listen to, but it’s one that may grow on me later.  This track is about achieving goals and helping you move towards them.


I love this one and its great to listen to at night.  All about achieving outcomes through your dreams, breaking through blocks and fears.  Would probably help with Lucid dreaming.

Celestial dance

Celestial dance is all about being more creative and is a great album to have on in the background while being creative.  What starts to unfold in your subconscious mind, then unfolds in your daily reality.   A lady claims to have become very prosperous while listening to this track, after going through a very barren time.

Dream partner

Probably my favourite album, about being comfortable with yourself and attracting love into your life.


Is about happiness and another one I still need to feel comfortable with.


This is the last one I purchase via an internet download and I have only just started listening to this album.

I have downloaded all my Marcey albums onto my mobile phone so they are with me all the time.  I listen to them in the background where ever I am, whether driving a car, doing housework, working, sleeping.  Marcey sells an album sampler, but I achieve this by selecting Shuffle play with all my albums selected.

You can find out more about Marcey Hamm and her music here and purchase her CD’s or you can purchase downloads elsewhere that she is selling on other platforms like Amazon.  I hope I have whetted your appetite to find out more about Marcey Hamm’s music.

All the best





I went through a phase of buying crystals from various new age shops, more for their beauty than anything else.  I am very sceptical about the benefits of crystals and wonder if many of the claims of benefits from them are nothing more than placebo.  The benefits of crystals would be hard to prove in scientific studies.  I have a Pink quartz in my bedroom which is supposed to attract Love.  I have an amethyst quartz on my office table.  I tend to keep my quartz crystal under my bed pillow.

Other than being ornaments I have never used the crystals and am going through an experimental phase.


Years ago when I was suffering from Panic attacks, I decided to try Hypnotherapy to resolve the issue.  I didn’t fully believe in Hypnotherapy, but at the same time, I was also scared of it.   Hypnotherapy did resolve my panic attack issues and years later I used a biofeedback machine to prove the Hypnosis effect.   I am a great believer in scientific evidence, rather than taking something on blind faith.



Quartz crystal

Quartz crystal

It alleged that Crystal quartz amplifies the positive white energy at the higher end of the Chakra points, which you will find around the head region.   To be used in times of meditation to help with healing.


I currently have a couple of circular quartz crystal stones, I can charge one up, while I am using the other one.

I used to have a really beautiful 8-inch law raw crystal quartz, but an ex-partner destroyed this for me.  I had the crystal quartz by the side of my fireplace that I never used.  I was cooking a meal at the time and everything went so quiet I came back into my living room and asked my ex-partner what had happened.  She eventually admitted to just picking up the crystal quartz and it smashing in her hands, at this time she disappeared out of my life.

Charging a Quartz crystal stone

You are supposed to periodically cleanse them and charge up with new energy.  I go to Roche Abbey and cleanse my stone in the stream that runs through there.  I then leave it hidden in the roots of a Yew tree for a week which is believed to have healing effects.   Or you can leave you crystal quartz out under a full moon to charge.

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