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Mainstream media brainwashing

I am going to focus on Brexit throughout this post.  But this can be applied to other political correctness and positive discrimination being forced on us.  By the BBC and mainstream media.  I could quite easily have talked about climate change fraud, which is becoming more evident every day as the world cools.  We are now going into a mini ice age/Maunder minimum period, a natural climate cycle.

British broadcasting corporation (B.B.C.).

I remember throughout my childhood that the BBC was impartial.  However, from the 80’s onwards the BBC has started to promote its own agenda.  I wonder how much of this bias is controlled by the government.  The BBC has probably always been a mass propaganda tool of the government, but never has its agenda been so biased and corrupted.


Brexit was a perfect example of the BBC’s bias.  Throughout the Brexit referendum campaign, the editorial bias of the BBC and their reporters was clear for all to see.  Political discussions seemed to have very left-wing audiences.  Reporters always seemed to be putting a backspin on what they were saying.  It has been suggested that even more people would have voted Brexit.  If it hadn’t been for the propaganda dished out by the BBC and mainstream media.  The idea was to make Brexiteer voters feel they were in the minority.

Mainstream media

You only have to look at the mainstream media and who owns them, the globalists.   The only mainstream papers that were pro Brexit was the Daily express and Sun.  Even the Daily Mail has gone Liberal.


Throughout Brexit the chancellor George Osborne and The Bank of England were coming out with some ludicrous statements.  We were going to have the plague of all plagues following Brexit.  The immediate doom and gloom that was to follow Brexit has never materialised.   The government also unfairly produced a document that was sent to each household, this was a biased document and allowed the remain camp to spend even more money at the taxpayers expense.

International organisations

All the academics and international organisations were coming out with the forecast for the demise of Britain following Brexit, when has the IMF ever been right on anything.  Christine Lagarde isn’t exactly somebody I would take any notice of.    Even the President of America Barak Obama, tried to make us believe we were foolish for wanting to leave the EU.  Even now the BBC are raking up every little negative they can find about Brexit, rather than spinning it in a positive way.  The BBC are still playing with our minds to stop Brexit.

Academics and Universities

It was suggested everywhere that those voting for Brexit were thick people or old.  Those wanting to stay in the EU were the bright and academical person, who knew what they were talking about.  Our young have been brainwashed by the academical establishment to remain in the EU.

1984 George Orwell

Never was George Orwell’s 1984 more evident than in the Brexit referendum with the Hypnotic brainwashing through the mass media.

Jo Cox.

I am sad to see anybody lose their life.  But I believe the death of Jo Cox was used as a political martyr.  Her Family weren’t even allowed to grieve in their own time.  However the headline “Scottish nationalist murders Jo Cox”, wasn’t used, because it didn’t fit the agenda.   Proceedings were halted for a few days, there was a mass outpouring of grief by the left to try and force the outcome of Brexit, I reckon that cost us 5% of the vote.


People who wanted to control immigration were called racists.   Throughout twitter the venom from the left was unbelievable and anywhere else they could use this label they did.   It was covertly suggested at me when I went on Radio Sheffield to give my view on leaving the EU.

The idea was to make people voting leave think they were in a minority and that they weren’t nice people for voting leave.

Sheffield EU referendum count night

Throughout the Brexit campaign, I did what I could to influence people to vote Brexit.  Foremost I believe that democracy should be decided by our government and ultimately the people through direct democracy.  Controlling immigration was also important to me, I don’t want to water down the culture of my country anymore.   I had an 8ft x 4ft poster on the side of my house.  I delivered flyers.  Put up billboards on all the major roads around me.  This was David against Goliath.

At the count night, there were 10 remain observers to 1 leave observer.  We were being bullied and jostled by the Liberals and Labour who have control of the Sheffield city council.  They were so confident they would win.  In the Labour areas of Sheffield people were voting strongly for Leave, the more middle-class areas were voting for remain.  The remain observers got quieter and quieter because they could count the votes as they were going along and we’re starting to see what was going off.

At the Vote, I thought the Remain side had won, but when I heard my side suddenly cheering, I realise that even in Sheffield that Vote Leave had won.   I knew as soon as the vote came through in Sunderland that we would be leaving the EU, but the Sheffield result strengthened this.

The pro Remain vote was clear indication that the BBC and mainstream media are trying to manipulate us using mass hypnosis manipulation.  What other areas are we having our minds manipulated in?  This is the first stage of taking back control of our country.

People on the Brexit side discovered their Dunkirk spirit again.

All the best