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What is Hypnotherapy?

There are various times of day when you are in a state of Hypnosis, without actually realising it.  Hypnotherapy uses and extends this  natural effect to help you achieve outcomes.

People are more suggestible first thing in the morning and last thing at night, due to being in a light state of Hypnosis.


Is the state of mind when you are starting to drift off into sleep last thing at night.  You may start to see vivid imagery and feel very pleasant as you drift in and out of sleep before going into deep sleep.


Is the state of mind when you are starting to wake up from sleep in a morning, more noticeable when you aren’t woken up by an alarm on a sleepy Sunday morning.  Very similar to the state of Hypnagogia, you will be aware of pleasant dreams but not quite remember them.

During the state of Hypnagogia and Hypnopompic is when people feel as though they are paralyzed and can’t move, see ghosts and I believe are when many people believe they have been abducted by Aliens.

Ultradian Rhythms

Occur at intervals of 90-120 minutes throughout the whole day, you will feel very alert and then go into a wakeful trance, where you will feel less alert than normal.


You are in a state of Hypnosis while watching TV, reading a good book or driving a car.  Have you ever driven some where and wondered how you got there.

A skilled Hypnotherapist, will be able to use language to help you access the above states at will and while in these powerful states of mind suggest positive outcomes into your subconscious mind, that are more easily absorbed.

Some people wonder if Hypnosis is all placebo, however in the past I have connected my clients onto a bio feedback machine and can see how their heart rates drop from 70/80 beats down to 60 beats as they access the Hypnotic state.

While dreaming you go into states of Rapid eye movement, when I hypnotise clients I can observe their eyes flickering.   The clients are usually fully aware of things around them, but not actually asleep, after they recount their experiences once awake.

I know from my own experiences using my own Hypnotherapy recordings and have had others tell me, when I count them up they come straight back into a normal conscious awareness, which means they weren’t actually asleep but in an altered state of mind.

If for any reason you was in a state of Hypnosis and in danger, you would automatically come back to a normal state of awareness and ensure your safety and survival above anything else.

Hypnotherapy isn’t quick fix, in the past before modern technology you were reliant on seeing a Hypnotherapist every week, results were slow and costly.  Now a Hypnotherapy session can be recorded onto a medium so you can listen daily, getting much quicker and cheaper results without the Hypnotherapist being there.

I hope that this explanation of Hypnotherapy helps dismiss fears and prompts you to find a good Hypnotherapist to help you achieve outcomes you are stuck with.