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Anxiety review for Hypnotherapy

I first Met Tim in June 2006. My reason for consulting him was very simple, I was suffering from severe anxiety which was beginning to take over my life. This had probably been affecting me for some time, but had become acute over a 6-12 month period without me realising. I had until this time been a self-confident, well-adjusted person, with a busy management career and a regular family life.

All aspects of my life were being affected by the sudden onset of anxiety. I would wake up in the morning with a feeling of impending dread about having to face the day. I was so anxious by the time I got behind the wheel of the car that I almost froze. On a number of occasions, I actually stopped the car and could not drive again until I had calmed myself down.

I actually consulted my GP, who recommended a few simple relaxation exercises as the cure to my anxiety, but failed to get to the bottom of my problems. I saw him again and he offered me pills, which I refused, so he referred me to a counsellor. She thought that I was having relationship problems with my son, who has a learning disability, so I carried on my life having lost all faith in the medical profession.

I now believe I was on the way to becoming agoraphobic, as I could not step outside the house without becoming dizzy and disoriented, with blurred vision. This I believe was all due to anxiety attacks.

Almost as an act of desperation, I contacted Tim, whose advert I had spotted in a local free journal. Believe me it took some bottle at the time as I was so nervous I could hardly pick up the phone.