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Confidence review for Hypnotherapy

I first met Tim during May 2012 whilst going through a time where I had let things get on top of me. I had recently broken up with my girlfriend, was feeling like my career aspirations had stagnated and also had allowed the fact my dad being poorly affected me as opposed to being there for him. I have always been a curious person and have never been an advocate of traditional counselling nor being prescribed anti-depressants, which seems to be the most common approach people take. I wanted to explore hypnotherapy which I felt would allow me to both explore my thoughts and feelings and instead of suppressing them notice them and deal with them in a more effective positive manner.

I came across Tim through a simple google search “hypnotherapists in Sheffield” and I was drawn to his particular page. I gave Tim a ring and spent upwards to an hour on the phone just chatting away about this, that and everything. I was impressed by the way Tim came across as well as coming away from that phone call feeling immediately more at ease and I was intrigued to meet him. I booked an appointment on a Saturday morning and have not looked back since. The hypnotherapy session focused on the key factors affecting me (Girlfriend, career and being there for my dad) and I was staggered by the impact the session had as well as the weeks following whereby I listened to the session twice a day for a month as recommended.

I have since had another session a month later to reinforce and go over new things that came to mind. However, as a fall out of that particular session, I am approaching my life in a whole new manner and treating problems as exciting and something to overcome instead of an obstacle to success. Since the appointment my relationship with both my dad and mum has improved dramatically which has been further reinforced by getting a puppy recently, I have moved on from my ex-girlfriend and am enjoying dating again which I haven’t done for years and I recently enrolled in the NLP practitioner course with view to becoming a life coach working with athletes and sports teams. I am truly excited about my future plans and feel I have a lot to thank Tim for in making me aware of what I want and giving me the confidence to go out and get it.