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Increased confidence Hypnotherapy review

When I first approached Tim he asked me how he could help me and what I wanted to achieve. I mentioned areas such as more self-confidence and more self-belief.  In our early sessions, Tim tried to get me to identify exactly what I was looking for and what I wanted to improve, but I found it increasingly difficult to say with any great conviction what I was really striving for.

I’ll even admit thinking at one stage that it was all a waste of time (and money). This was not because Tim was doing anything wrong, in fact, I found him more effective and very open about the techniques he used than a previous experience I had some years previously with another practitioner. I just felt that everything that Tim was suggesting I was already doing.

There was no profound effect, no feeling of being ‘put under’ but rather a very peaceful feeling resulting in a very relaxed state.

As the weeks went on I realised that I did not have, and really never did have, a problem with being able to relax and remove any stress.

I found myself thinking much more deeply about what I wanted out of life, both at work and at home. I identified what was important to me and started to dismiss any anger or bad feelings I had towards the attitudes or behaviour of other people, or of situations, I could do nothing about.

I started to feel happier with my lot, and with it came much more self-belief in what I was doing.

Some months now after completing my sessions with Tim I find myself planning much more for the future, I am still doing the same work and people I know will not really have seen any changes in me. I do, however, feel much more at ease and some of my plans and hopes for the future are quite ambitious, but ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’.

All people are different and I can see that Tim’s relaxation techniques will be very effective on those who need it. I realised that I was one of the fortunate ones who could relax at will. My experience with Tim, therefore, was more one of him being a counsellor, someone to talk with, in fact, I requested that on a couple of occasions that we did just that.

Tim is very knowledgeable in relaxation and NLP techniques, but my own recommendation is that he is someone who helped me to think very deeply about myself.

His flexibility and adaptability give him the scope to help all kinds of people and circumstances.