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Insomnia Hypnotherapy review

I am a 43 yr old single mother of 3 plus I have 2 young God Sons that I have pretty much raised since their birth. When I first started talking to Tim Wells I wasn’t sleeping for days at a time. I was severely depressed, I had several problems going on that was from my past.

My Mom died back in 2004, and that’s really when my problems started with me not sleeping. That was like the straw that broke the camels back. I have seen many Dr’s. here in the USA for my problems, but all they kept doing was giving me pills and sending me to psychiatrists to talk to me. None of this worked and as time progressed things got much worse.

So I was going through things in my mind trying to remember what helped me sleep in the past, if I had a bad night and couldn’t go to sleep. I remembered when I was younger that classical music used to make me fall asleep pretty quickly. So I went online to find some classical music or meditation type music and that’s when I found Tim Wells sample of what he does. So I listened to that for a couple of times that night and the second time I was out like a light. I slept so well that I didn’t even remember falling asleep. I did what he told me to do on his sample recording, and it actually worked, I was just so thrilled to finally get one good nights rest that I contacted him the very next day.

Although I only stayed asleep for 4 hours it really felt good just to get some really restful sleep, and to get that from only a 10 minute sample I was just so excited.I contacted Tim the very next day by e-mail and told him about my problems. I asked him for help, anything that he could do I would greatly appreciate. He agreed to send me a CD of his work, he told me to listen to it every single day for a month and see if that would help me sleep. As soon as I got it in the mail I listened to it that very night. I followed everything that he was telling me to do in the recording, I still only got 4 hours of sleep. So that night after 4 hours of sleep, I couldn’t go back to sleep for several hours so I turned the CD back on and went right back to sleep. Well at the end of my 1st week I noticed that I was sleeping a little longer maybe 4 and a half hours, but still having problems going back to sleep when I would wake up for no reason.

So he told me to listen to it twice a day and when I was feeling stressed out during the day go to a quiet room, let everyone know not to disturb me. So I did that and I still listened to it at night, I still was only getting the same amount of sleep. So he said just be patient give it a month and if this don’t work we will try something else. He would check in with me daily through e-mails and finally after about a month and a half I started getting more sleep, and although I still was waking up in the middle of the night I started being able to go right back to sleep. So there was a big improvement in my sleep patterns, than when I started out a month earlier.

I had even seen an improvement in the way I felt about myself, my stress level and just my overall well being. I was a much happier person to be around. I wasn’t always tired from the lack of sleep, I didn’t feel so depressed I could really see and feel a huge improvement. I have to say that Tim has really saved my life, without his help I would hate to see where I would be right now. I never really believed in the whole hypnosis thing, but now I am very much a true believer at what Tim does. Thank You so very much Tim for everything you have done for me. Thank You for giving me my life back!!



God Bless you !!