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Low self esteem Hypnotherapy review

I decided to make an appointment to see Tim in September 2008 as I had been suffering from intermittent bouts of anxiety and low self-esteem for years. I the past, I had tried different styles of counselling but always felt as though I just spoke about my problems but my detrimental thought patterns remained the same. I had also been on anti-depressant but the effects of these gradually wore off and just became a crutch for me.

To begin with, I spoke with Tim over the phone for him to gain a clearer picture of me and to decide whether the sessions would be conducted over the telephone or face to face. He immediately put me at ease with his manner. He was very friendly, reassuring and understanding and so when I visited him for my first session I felt at ease. He went through a hypnotic session with me and then this was recorded for me on to a CD so that I could practice this on a daily basis. I found this approach has really helped me as I have continued to set aside 30 minutes every day for this relaxation session. I saw him every two weeks and we would review my progress and then he would incorporate this into that day’s session and recording so that it was dealing with the current and relevant anxious thoughts.

Since I have finished my five sessions with Tim, I have continued to use the CD’s and have felt that I no longer have such anxious thoughts and feel as though the weight of these thoughts has been lifted. I reached a point where I just seemed to notice that they weren’t present in my head so much and that I felt lighter and, most importantly, that I believed in myself. I recognise that it is natural to be anxious due to everyday occurrences but I don’t hold onto these thoughts and let them impact on my day to day life.

I would therefore really recommend Tim as this is the first therapy that has worked for me and I have therefore been motivated to continue to use at home on a daily basis. Additionally, friends and family can see the difference it has made to me.