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Migraine Hypnotherapy review

I had been suffering from migraines since I was 15 years old, I cannot remember exactly what triggered them. As I got older the migraines seemed to get worse in intensity.  Sometimes the migraines would come on first thing in the morning and be with me for a few days at a time.

My migraines seemed to be worse at weekends or after a prolonged period of work and while on a long holiday. However, some days while working the migraine attack would be that bad, that I would have no option but to leave work ill.

From 15 to 62 I have seen a considerable number of different doctors who have provided different medications.  Many times I have been told that this medication is the latest wonder pill. However, the pills either had no effect or caused other side effects. I have also tried a number of different alternate medicines and coping mechanisms to help to no avail.

Different doctors have provided me with their theory why I experience a migraine.

When I retired at 62 I expected my migraines to ease.  I was no longer working long hours or continental shifts and would, therefore, be under less stress.  My migraines became much more severe and regular. Sometimes two or three times a week.

Eventually, I got to the point of giving Tim a chance to help me. During the first session, before Tim brought me back to normal waking consciousness, my neck cracked and I woke with a jolt.  The migraine, I had been suffering had eased considerably. All Tim did was relax me very deeply through hypnosis and suggest a positive outcome into my subconscious mind.

Tim suggested I came around another time when I wasn’t experiencing a migraine.  The next time half way through the session it felt as though my head opened up and filled with air. Tim provided me with a tape that I was to use every day for a further month. It is important to find time on a daily basis to use the tape.

Later I went back to see Tim and he provided me with a tailor made CD, which I then played daily for the next month.

I get the odd bad headache like anybody, but my symptoms are reduced drastically.