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Panic attacks Hypnotherapy review

Before September 06 I was suffering extreme panic attacks due to family Loss’s and the hard reality of withdrawal symptoms from the anti depressant Seroxat. The Results were constant panic attacks and a fear of leaving my house and being alone. My Dr’s solution was more medication, but over the last 5 years medication had only numbed my feelings and the underlining problems. I was at my wit’s end and at an all time low.

I decided to try an alternative treatment, hypnotherapy was suggested and after considering all the options I contacted Tim. To be quite honest from the moment I met Tim, my nerves slowly faded away. Tim has a very understanding nature which is present from the initial telephone call. Tim made an immediate impression and after the first session I felt an improvement.

After each session I was presented with a copy of the relaxation CD, with the Positive messages included to listen to at home. This is a massive boost because after every session with the Cd, then seeing Tim for a session once a week, my confidence and the initial panic attacks slowly disappeared. After every session I was beginning to be more positive and confident. It’s now March 07 and I haven’t had a panic attack in months, I am more confident and my life is moving forward. Looking back I wish I could have seen Tim years earlier for the benefits are amazing.

I would fully recommend Tim for Hypnotherapy treatment to anyone the results are truly amazing.