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Severe panic attacks Hypnotherapy review

Name and Address with held for reasons of confidentiality

June 2005

To whom it may concern:

After experiencing severe panic attacks, my doctor advised these were brought on by depression, following several years of looking after my elderly mother and her subsequent death. That was five years and many repeat prescriptions ago.

Looking back, I feel that any depression was due to the onset of the panic attacks, which I could not deal with. In the main they tended to come on at night, waking me with fear and trembling and feeling nauseous.

Recently I made the decision to come off the pills, taking the view that if I was still having panic attacks, it was pointless taking the medication. I was already reducing the dosage before I saw the doctor who suggested an alternative treatment, NLP, which I had never heard of. He had the name and telephone number of two practitioners one of whom was Tim Wells.

I rang Tim and we met a few days later. At our initial meeting, we discussed what the treatment entailed, and Tim fully answered all my questions. I told him when the attacks started, etc., and he listened, without taking notes. In fact, during our subsequent meetings he has never written anything down and yet remembers our previous conversations. I was concerned about confidentiality, but Tim has never even asked for my address. This was a first for me, someone who was able to listen and understand, so I decided to go ahead with the treatment, and the first session took place following our discussion.

A session consists of a general chat, talking over what has happen since the last appointment and discussing anything you may have had problems dealing with. Then all you are required to do is sit in the chair with your eyes closed – not too difficult. During this time, Tim talks to you, helping you to relax and putting positive suggestions to you. All of this is recorded to CD, which you take home and listen to as many times as possible in the time between appointments. It is important to listen to the CD on a daily basis if possible.

I have now had five appointments with Tim. During that time, I have had only one major panic attack, which I dealt with without any trauma. I can’t tell you what a major achievement that was; I am no longer scared now I have the strength to deal with them.

I wish I had known about Tim earlier. I am very grateful to him and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who needs help to get “their life back”. Thank you Tim, the day I became your client I began to get control of my life again.