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Typical Hypnotherapy session.

Tim begins by gently putting you at your ease and explaining clearly and succinctly how he is going to help. As you relax his voice is reassuring, guiding and comforting you on your journey towards peace and relaxation.

He leads you gently into a room filled with splendid isolation, a timeless place where problems cease to exist.   His soporific voice gently and slowly peels away the layers of concern and slowly but surely you begin to feel your fears and worries slipping away – dissipating into rivers of peace and calm.

As he continues to reassure you, you begin to feel as if you are floating on a sea of tranquillity giving way to a sublime state of consciousness that transcends the care and concerns of everyday life. Gently as you enter the realms of relaxation you begin to gain a new perspective and you come to appreciate what is and what is not of importance in your life.

You are gradually filled with a wonderful feeling of serenity and an overwhelming sense of well-being that has perhaps been missing in your life for such a long time. Now you feel that you can finally begin to take control of your own life once again.