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Youtube recording Hypnotherapy review

Exquisitely done! I’m from the United States and because your pronunciation of words is slightly different from mine, the refocusing of my listening skills really helped take me immediately away from the stresses of my very busy day into your suggestions. Hearing your pronunciations seemed to concretely reinforce the fact that I was, really, in another location and on “holiday”! The combination of the ocean and your voice helped transport me to a longed-for location, and the reward was a wonderful feeling being given permission to relax enough to be calm, confident, and to have the right to slow down a bit and take my time to enjoy the wonderful things around me during the day, which changed my sense of awareness on several levels. Your giving me “permission” to listen to your words over and over again also helped reinforce your suggestions that it was all right to “go on holiday” over and over. Thank you so very much! (I know I’ll sleep soundly tonight, too!)

xxxxxx, M.A