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Free Silent subliminal Mp3 download

I have a free recording you can try.  I have purchased software to create silent subliminal recordings and want to check their effectiveness first.  Please give me feedback on the effectiveness of this recording.

These are the affirmations.

  • I am a Millionaire.
  • You are a Millionaire.
  • Every day in every way I am growing more and more healthy, wealthy and relaxed.
  • Every day in every way you are growing more and more healthy, wealthy and relaxed.
  • I am perfectly healthy.
  • You are perfectly healthy.

These affirmations are moved out of the normal hearing range to 16.5K Hz.  According to Bud Lowery these messages reach the subconscious mind and are acted on.

This is the free 10-minute silent subliminal recording.

As a precaution don’t use while driving or operating machinery.

This recording will need to be used daily for the next month or two during the night to get maximum results.  Put the recording on repeat.  Or use while working on your computer.