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Stress Management.

If you are a business give me a call about delivering a practical stress management course for your staff.   Yes, I will go a little into the theory of stress management.  However, this is more about giving individuals the tools to deal with stress in their life’s, at work and home.

If your employees feel more in control of their life’s both at work and home, they are going to be more productive for you, increasing productivity, reducing mistakes and the bottom line increase profitability.  This will result in fewer sickness days within your organisation.

Having worked for HSBC in London and their IT department, I know all about the adverse effects of stress and am talking from my own practical experiences, as well as giving people the tools to reduce stress in their life.

I can tailor make the courses to your organisation or businesses needs.

I can also help local groups of people deal with stress management in their life’s and tailor make to your required scenario.

One to one stress management using Hypnotherapy.

You may not feel comfortable talking in a group situation about your stress.  No problem we can work together face to face in a more confidential situation.  I am based in close proximity of Sheffield city centre and would only be too pleased to help you resolve your stress and anxiety issue.  Having suffered from panic attacks back in the 1990’s while working in London, I have been on the coal face and can talk from my own experience, I am not an academical person lecturing you, on something I know nothing about.

Mp3 downloads for relaxation.

You may not live in travelling distance of me, no problem I consider myself to be an international Hypnotherapist.  I have worked with individuals in Europe and the U.S.A.  I can do a consultation over the telephone and then provide you with a tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording via Mp3 download.  Or you can purchase one of my off the shelf Mp3 downloads.

I look forwarding to hearing from you in the future.