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Hypnotherapy isn’t a magic wand for weight loss, it could take from 1 to 5 sessions of Hypnotherapy at monthly intervals.  It is also necessary for you to use the tailor made recording I give you after each session daily between sessions, to help you become more relaxed and for the positive suggestions to go deeper into your subconscious mind.

The more you use the Hypnotherapy recording, the more you will change your behaviours so that you exercise moderately to burn off the excess calories and eat more healthy food.   You will find yourself rearranging your life to support your weight loss goal.

Negative memories from your past that are preventing you from losing weight will be dealt with and you will face these events as an older wiser you.   As you become more relaxed the feelings that made you over eat will start to dissolve and the craving will go away.

I don’t do gimmick Hypnotherapy like:-

Gastric band Hypnotherapy

I do plain old Hypnotherapy that works and have many years experience as a Professional Hypnotherapist, if you are willing to put in the effort and do your home work, you will achieve your goal.  I have had a client come to see me who had a real gastric band fitted and started to put weight back on after a period of time, three sessions with me and they started to gain control of their weight again.

Weight loss Hypnotherapy group Rotherham and Sheffield

If there are a group of ladies or gentlemen who want to lose weight in the South Yorkshire or North Nottinghamshire area, get in contact with me about setting up a weight loss group in your area.  After each Hypnotherapy session you are provided with a tailor made Hypnotherapy recording via a Mp3 download link.

One to one

You may not be confident enough to discuss your issue in a group situation and would prefer to deal with the issue in an a more private and confidential setting.   I am based 6 miles from Worksop and 11 miles from Sheffield if you would like to see me face to face.

Hypnotherapy Mp3 downloads

I have a number of off the shelf Hypnotherapy recordings, if you aren’t based in close proximity to Sheffield.  Download the Hypnotherapy Mp3 recording for weight loss, listen daily and email me for more support.