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I have been working with individuals and organisations since 2001 to better deal with stress, enabling them to become healthier and more efficient.  I know the worst case scenario of working for a large multi-national organisation, when I suffered a nervous breakdown when working in London.


Once I developed panic attacks, even an office based job back in Sheffield didn’t make a difference.  Only after seeing a Hypnotherapist and Psycho-analyst, was I able to deal with the panic attacks.

Many large organisations talk about caring for staff, but the reality on the shop floor or in the office environment it is not the case.  On the other hand, many people bring their issues to work, such as relationship issues or burdening themselves with too much debt.

Rotherham learning network.

I have delivered 4 different stress management courses for Rotherham learning network.  Dealing with different groups of people.  These courses lasted for 2 hours and were practical in nature and not overburdening people with facts.

  • Mental and physically disabled people.
  • Working woman
  • Carers
  • Older citizens

I was so shocked to hear how bad the sleep patterns were for the working ladies.  Most of them weren’t even getting 6 hours sleep a night.

Pringle computer training.

I also delivered a number of 6/7 hour courses for Pringle computer training at Darnall/Attercliffe.  They had received a request from organisations who they normally delivered technical courses to, to deliver Stress management courses.   I went into the theory of stress management but also gave people solutions.  The 2nd group who came to see me were really looking forward to the session after hearing from the first group.

One of the things that came out of this course, was that those on the shop floor were subject to as much stress as those in office environments.   Most companies seem more bothered about their executive workers than those who do the physical work in the company.

Stress management courses.

Let me develop a tailor made Stress management course for your organisation.  I prefer not to burden people with lists of things that they should or shouldn’t do.  I also like to get people to discuss their own life and where they believe the most stress to be.  We also come up with some solutions for stress people are being subjected to daily.

It would also be nice to feedback confidentially into the company, so that points of stress that can be removed.

There is nothing worse than going on a stress management course, where you feel more stressed after it, with irrelevant facts.  I hope to give people practical techniques to reduce stress in their life.  Delegates are shown how to go into trance for power breaks or to reduce stress on a daily basis.  I am not an academic lecturing people, I know what I am talking about.

I can also produce a tailor made mp3 for people to take away with them and use daily to reduce stress in their life’s and ultimately in your organisation.

By individuals in your organisation being more relaxed.  They stay more focused and produce more efficiently.  Illness days will also reduce as people feel less bored, more motivated and have fewer colds.

One to one

I can also do one to one stress management sessions.  This will include a 15-minute chat to determine the outcome required.  You will then be put into a trance for 30 minutes and the outcome made.   This 30-minute Hypnotherapy session is recorded onto a CD for you to take away and use daily.

Mp3 download

Or you can purchase my sleep and relaxation Mp3 download on my Hypnotherapy web site shop.

Contact me.

For a free 15 minute consultation give me a ring on 01909 282435.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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Tim Wells can deliver stress management courses to your Sheffield business. Let him tailor make a course to your business needs. Contact him on 01909282435 to discuss further.