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If you have a common goal to achieve, I can work with groups of 2 to 10 people.

Stopping smoking and Weight loss

I can either come to your home or find a suitable local venue to use.  Give me a ring on 01909 282435 to discuss further.

To start with we will have a 10/15 minute group talk on the goal you are trying to achieve.  Once we have looked at the beliefs blocking you from achieving your goal.  I will then relax you into a deep trance using Hypnotherapy and Visualisation exercises. Once in a deep state of trance.  Positive suggestions will be made deep into your subconscious mind.

Tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording

After each group Hypnosis session, you will be provided with the tailor-made recording via a Mp3 download link.  It is so important to listen to this tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording daily between sessions.  Repetition is so important with Hypnotherapy, there are no quick fixes and Hypnotist stage shows are tricking people into false beliefs about Hypnotherapy.


Repetition with Hypnotherapy is so important.  The more that you listen to the tailor-made recording, the deeper you will fall into Hypnosis.  The more you fall into Hypnosis the more the positive suggestions will be acted upon by your subconscious mind.  You will gradually change your beliefs and behaviours and will attain your ideal weight or become a non-smoker.

How often

I recommend a monthly Hypnotherapy session, however daily use of the tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording is important to get maximum effects.   It could take anything from 1 to 10 sessions to achieve your goal dependent on the level of your issue.


One of the benefits of group Hypnotherapy to quit smoking or attain your ideal weight is that you can support each other between sessions, especially if friends.

Slimming clubs

These may work for some people losing weight, but it may take years for many people.  The cost can be excessive when added up.   Break the boom-bust cycle for good using Hypnotherapy.

Stopping smoking

All too often people who stop smoking either transfer the behaviour to overeating or dependency on another crutch, such as nicotine replacement products or vaporisers.  These nicotine replacement products cost and can also be addictive to some degree or people stop using them and start smoking again.   Stop smoking for good with Hypnotherapy with no side effects.

One to one

You may not feel confident to deal with issues with other people in attendance and I do cater for people dealing with the goal on their own.  These sessions allow me to tailor make them more to you as an individual and can result in quicker effects.

Contact me

Give me a ring on 01909 282435 if I can assist you further with stopping smoking or weight loss one to one or group sessions.

For those living out of my radius, I can do telephone consultations and then provide a tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording via Mp3 download link.

All the best





I always provide a tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording on CD after each session and a few days later drop the client an email to ensure they know how to get the best results out of the recording.  A few weeks later I will then contact the client to ensure everything is OK.  I don’t pressurise clients to come back, I let them come back to me in their own time.

Quitting smoking

Hypnotherapy Dinnington Sheffield

Hypnotherapy Dinnington Sheffield

A few months ago I bumped into a client who came to see me 4 years ago and they told me that they hadn’t smoked since.  This was in a public venue and they were happy that other people knew about this.  Good for word of mouth.

Yesterday I bumped into the same client, who was out with the wife.  They went even further and said that the wife listened to the same recording in bed, as they were going to sleep.  The wife also stopped smoking at the same time.

Group sessions for weight loss

The customer now wants to come back and see me to reduce their weight and have asked if the wife can come at the same time.  I have no problems working with more than one person working on the same goal.  I have previously worked with a group of five ladies in Worksop looking to lose weight.


I can work with anybody in the world who can speak English, you don’t need to be in Sheffield.  I can do the consultation over the telephone and drop you a tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording via mp3 download link.

Give me a ring on 01909 282435 for a free 15-minute Hypnotherapy consultation.

All the best



It doesn’t cost any money or much time to keep fit on a daily basis.  Before I get in the car I always ask myself if I can walk or cycle before I do that.  Whenever I am walking around Dinnington and Anston, I can’t believe the number of people driving around in cars, I suspect 50% of those journeys could be made on foot or by cycle.  A brisk 20/30 minute walk is good for the heart and helps to burn off excess calories and can be relaxing.


When I was working at HSBC in Sheffield, I used to like the 1.5 mile walk every morning from the train station to Griffin house and back every day.  It also allowed me to collect my thoughts on the way into work and back out every day.  It’s possible to meditate while walking and calm the mind.  Walking also reduces stress.


There was a period when I was working around the country when I was younger and it used to disrupt my going to the gymnasium.  I have since found a much better and regular way to exercise every day.  This can be done at home or in any hotel room.  Three times a day I do situps and press ups.    I do 3 x 20 situps and press ups before breakfast, before my lunch and then before my evening meal.


This routine of sit ups and press ups takes me very little time and keeps my stomach and chest trim.  I would recommend a gradual build up if you aren’t used to exercising.  For the first week do 10 sit ups and press ups three times a day, the next week 20 situps and 20 press ups three times a day, increase in increments of 10 every week.  Eventually, you will be doing 3 x 20 sit ups and press ups three times a day.

I put my feet under a heavy object like a chair or you can purchase a device to put under the door to help you to do situps, which is very cheap.


People make excuses why they don’t have the time to exercise.  But the average person watches TV for 4 hours every day or a similar amount of time on social media.


Exercising, should be fun and not a chore.  You could run, swim, play football or whatever makes you tick.  Buy an exercise video or even join a class.


Find a daily exercise routine you enjoy to do and it will improve your wellbeing, reduce stress and burn off excess calories.

Contact me

If you are struggling to motivate yourself to exercise give me a ring on 01909 282435 for a free 15-minute consultation.  I can help you using Hypnotherapy to get into the right state of mind.  After each Hypnotherapy session in Sheffield, I always provide clients with a tailor-made Hypnotherapy session to take away on CD.  It’s so important to use the Hypnotherapy recording daily to re-program the mind and reduce the stress that gets in the way of life.

If you live away from Sheffield.  I can do a telephone consultation.  A tailor-made Hypnotherapy CD can be produced and sent to you via Mp3 download link.  Alternately try one of my off the Sheffield Mp3 downloads on my shop.


All the best


Hypnotherapy for fitness

Hypnotherapy for fitness


I would recommend writing the affirmations two ways.   Write as though you have achieved them, but also as though they are gradually coming towards you.   The gradually towards yourself will more easily fool your mind into achieving your goal.  This was a famous affirmation by Emile Coue.  Every day in every way I am getting better and better.

It is also necessary for the affirmations to be said as ‘I’ and ‘You’.  I believe the ‘You’ talks more to the younger you, that is more resistant to change.

Keep the statements positive.  If I say to you “Don’t think about Pink elephants”  what happens.  Rather than “I don’t want to be overweight” say “I am my ideal body weight”.

Choose between 10/20 affirmations.

This is an example of a self-talk script to attain your ideal weight.

  •  Day by day, hour by hour moment by moment, I am attaining my ideal weight more and more.
  •  I eat the right amounts of food to attain my ideal weight.
  •  I eat healthy foods that my body can digest well and will give me all the energy I need.
  •  I exercise daily in a way that I enjoy and helps me to burn off excess amounts of body weight.
  •  I have a trim stomach.
  •  I am feeling more and more confident I can attain my ideal weight.
  •  I am patient with myself
  •  Day by day, hour by hour moment by moment, You are attaining your ideal weight more and more.
  •  You eat the right amounts of food to attain your ideal weight.
  •  You eat healthy foods that your body can digest well and will give you all the energy you need.
  •  You exercise daily in a way that you enjoy and helps you to burn off excess amounts of body weight.
  •  You have a trim stomach.
  •  You are feeling more and more confident you can attain your ideal weight.
  •  You are patient with yourself.

The next step is to set time aside daily to say these affirmations to yourself.  To reprogram your subconscious mind to change your beliefs and behaviours.

I would recommend saying the affirmations 5 minutes 4 times a day.  Say them slowly and confidently.  If you can say them aloud brilliant, the next best thing is saying them quietly in your own mind.   Carry out this action for one to two months, you have probably had issues with this goal for years, so it would be unwise to expect instant results.

Self-talk Mp3 downloads

You may prefer to start to listen to self-talk Mp3 downloads on your mobile phone, using headphones, especially if you have little time and are travelling to work.   If you prefer to hear somebody else external to yourself saying these affirmations until your own internal self-talk improves.  I have a number of self-talk MP3 downloads you can purchase, I also include positive questions to ask yourself, to guide you towards your goal.

Click on the following link to go to my Mp3 downloads.

Hypnotherapy Mp3 downloads

If you are really feeling resistant to achieving the goal I recommend trying a Hypnotherapy recording.  Same again if you have had issues for years, you are going to have to listen to the hypnotherapy recordings daily for a month or two to get substantial results.

Click on this link to go to my Hypnotherapy Mp3 downloads.

Hypnotherapy Mp3’s

Please contact me on 01909 282435 for a free 15 minute consultation.

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Previously the government guidelines for alcohol consumption was about 21 units a week for men and 14 units a week for ladies.  It was also recommended that these units were spread out across a week and that you should have two rest days a week.   Suddenly the government guidelines have dropped for alcoholic consumption for men to 14 units a week.  I would be interested to know what evidence and scientific studies they have based this on or is this more political correctness and scaremongering?

There has been a recent news article saying that more than 10% of people are drinking more than the weekly recommended alcoholic consumption in a day.  It doesn’t surprise me and I wonder if a lot more people out there aren’t being honest about their true consumption of alcohol.

Binge drinking

I think we should be more concerned with the binge drinking going on out there than whether 21 units a week or 14 units a week is a safe limit to drink.   Scaremongering isn’t going to reduce drinking, a more practical approach needs to be taken and the excessive limits at the top need to be reduced.

One to one Hypnotherapy for moderating drinking

Back in the 1990’s, I was drinking double the government guidelines for alcohol consumption.  I have been there and had that tee shirt and it was much more when on holiday abroad.   After seeing a Hypnotherapist in Killamarsh about my panic attacks, what I found is that my drinking reduced to safe levels within a three months period.  My goals weren’t even working on reducing my alcohol consumption.   Back then I was spending £100 a month going to see a Hypnotherapist, which was a considerable sum of money.  In today’s money, I was spending in excess of £200 a month on therapy.

My drinking has reduced that much in 20 plus years, that I am now tea total.     If I was drinking double the government guidelines, I reckon I would be spending about £50 a week on alcohol.  Compare this against £60 for a Hypnotherapy session, this is good value for money, especially when I only see my clients on a monthly basis.

Tailor-made sessions

The main reason I have good results with my customers is that I provide a tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording for them to take away with them after each session.   I believe I can put myself in my customer’s shoes.  After suffering so badly myself with stress and panic attacks myself.   Daily use of a tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording I provide after each session is so important for the treatment to be effective.  Miracles happen in one session of Hypnotherapy, more deep-rooted issues could take five sessions.


When you come to see me face to face.  The first session is 15 minutes longer than any subsequent sessions.  For the first 15/20 minutes, we will discuss your issue and your current lifestyle.


I will then show you how to remove tension from your mind & body and how to breathe correctly.  Then guide you into deep Hypnosis, where I will plant some positive outcomes into your subconscious mind.

Relax and unwind

As you start to listen to the tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording daily between sessions.  You will start to relax and unwind.  You will find the craving for alcohol disappearing as your life starts to flow more smoothly and you gradually change your lifestyle.

Repressed emotions

Negative memories from your past that have contributed to your over-reliance on alcohol will start to surface.  You will face these negative memories as an older wiser person and file them back in your subconscious mind.

Contact me

Give me a ring on 01909 282435 for a free 15-minute telephone consultation.  To ensure I am the best Hypnotherapist for you in Sheffield.  If you live elsewhere in the country or world, I can do a telephone consultation and send you a tailor-made Hypnotherapy session by Mp3 download link.

Group Hypnotherapy

If there is a group of you in the Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire area concerned about your alcohol consumption.  Give me a ring to discuss how I can help.  I can come to your house or find a suitable local venue for the group.  After each session, I will provide the group with a tailor-made Mp3 recording via download link.  The group session will work very much like the one to one Hypnotherapy.  The session won’t be quite as tailored for each individual but should be just as effective over time.

Hypnotherapy Mp3 download

You can purchase one for moderating alcohol consumption on my website.  Use daily for the next month or two and get in touch by email if you require additional support.

It is better to take one step at a time in gradually reducing your alcoholic craving.  Rather than being scared of taking no action by unrealistic goals set by others.

All the best


Hypnotherapy weight loss

Forget gastric band Hypnotherapy for weight loss.  From my life experiences, it is just another gimmick.  What you do require is plain old Hypnotherapy, with an experienced professional Hypnotherapist.   There are no quick fixes out there.  No matter how many times people try to sell things in a different way, it all comes back to plain old Hypnotherapy.  Even N.L.P. was a re-branding of Hypnotherapy by the Americans.

I have been working with clients in Sheffield since 2001 and on many different outcomes over that time.  Whatever your outcome, if realistic and ethical I can help you.

Gastric band Hypnotherapy

I have been banging on for years about Gastric band hypnotherapy being a gimmick.  A customer then turns up who has had a real gastric band fitted and after a period of time started to increase their weight again.   After three sessions of Hypnotherapy with me, this client had air released out of their gastric band.  They can now eat normally again, as they started to lose weight naturally.

Quick fix solutions

Hypnotherapy is no quick fix solution.  It could take from 1 to 5 sessions of Hypnotherapy.  Daily use of a tailor-made recording on CD is required between sessions.  I would recommend a follow-up Hypnotherapy session every month until the outcome is reached.   If you are promised weight loss in one session of gastric band hypnotherapy.  Without any effort on your own part and no tailor-made session on CD to take away with you.  Walk away from the Hypnotherapist as they will not help you to achieve your goal.  Only you can achieve your goal with the help of an Hypnotherapist.

15-minute chat

To start with I would talk to you 10 to 20 minutes about your weight loss issue.  Each person is an individual and for best results, tailor-made Hypnotherapy gives the best results.

Hypnosis session

First, you are relaxed into a deep state of Hypnosis for about 30 minutes.  Positive suggestions are planted into your subconscious mind.   You are given a tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording on CD to take away with you, after each session.  Daily use of the tailor-made Hypnotherapy session will result in you becoming more relaxed.

Repressed emotions

As you become more relaxed you will release anything from your subconscious mind that is preventing you from achieving your ideal weight.  Issues from your past that caused you to gain weight, will be reanalysed by you the adult, rather than the younger you affected by these issues.

Positive suggestions

Positive suggestions made into your subconscious mind.  Will gradually start to change your behaviours and beliefs.  Feelings that used to cause you to overeat will start to drop away.

Beliefs and behaviours

You will start to exercise moderately.  Changed your diet and made modifications in your lifestyle to support you goal.

Book a session

Contact me on 01909 282435 for a free 15-minute telephone consultation.  You can see me face to face in Sheffield.  Alternately I can do a telephone consultation and then provide you with a tailor-made Hypnotherapy session via Mp3 download link.

All the best



I am writing this blog following a recent client from Sheffield coming to see me about reducing migraines.   They weren’t the only one in their family to suffer from migraines.  But I can assure you in the majority of cases it isn’t hereditary and is down to stress and not a physical ailment in your body.


Many years ago I helped my dad come to terms with his migraines and since he has had less than a handful in about 10 years.  They say it isn’t a good thing to work with your family.  But if that is the case, why did I have some much success helping my own father.  I think it depends on your relationship with your parents and mine is good.

Migraine hypnotherapy

Migraine hypnotherapy

My father suffered from migraines from 15 until 62.5.  When my dad retired as a maintenance supervisor.  He thought his migraines would drop as his stress levels reduced, however, they actually increased to 2 or 3 bad attacks a week.

Hypnotherapy treatment

I had been offering my dad help with Hypnotherapy for many years before he would take it up.  He believed that the migraine headaches were caused by a trapped nerve down the side of his head, something he had been born with.  He had seen every specialist the NHS had available and had tried every migraine tablet, with many different side effects.

I was shocked the day my dad turned up for help with his migraines, as I had given up hope of ever being able to help him.  The first session he came, he was having a terrible migraine attack, about 5 minutes before the end of the session he jumped out of the trance because his neck cracked.  However, he had felt a little relief from his migraine and we decided to have another go in a few days.


On the 2nd occasion of putting him into a trance, he said it felt as though his head filled up with air.  After that I provided him with a tailor-made Hypnotherapy session on tape, which he used daily religiously for a month.  I did another follow-up session on CD and he has had less than a handful of migraines over the years.   All through my childhood, I saw my dad suffer from migraines on his day off, as his body said he could now have a migraine without it affecting his job, these migraines would last all day.  Migraine symptoms will vary from individual to individual.

Panic attacks

I remember many years ago when suffering from severe panic attacks, as I was starting to recover I had one migraine.  I have never ever happened to me since, but the feeling was awful.  I couldn’t look at the red lights on the video recorder and I had a sick feeling in my stomach.  At the time I was staying at my parents for a month and it had happened during the night, my dad had come downstairs to see what had disturbed me.

Migraine relief

I did have another customer from Dinnington contact me about migraine relief a number of years ago, but they didn’t give me enough sessions to help them and I wonder if they had religiously used the recording every day for a month.    It is going to take 1 to 5 sessions to help you resolve your migraine problem.  I am a miracle worker with your assistance, but I can’t click my fingers and make it go away without your help.  I recommend a Hypnotherapy session once a month until the migraines disappear.

I am based in Dinnington Sheffield and can see you face to face.

You can purchase a Hypnotherapy MP3 download recording on my website or if you live outside Sheffield I can do a consultation over the telephone and send you a tailor-made Hypnotherapy migraine relief recording by Mp3 download link.  Contact me on 01909 282435.

I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best