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Years ago when I booked to see a Hypnotherapist for the first time, I feared hypnotherapy, but at the same time was sceptical of it really working.  I had previously seen a psychoanalyst and the treatment hadn’t fully worked because I was still having panic attacks.  After 10 sessions of Hypnotherapy, my panic attacks suddenly disappeared and I was shocked the first time that the panic attack didn’t hit me.   Eventually, I wasn’t waiting for a panic attack to happen again, the feelings that had caused these had been released by hypnosis.

I remember when seeing the Hypnotherapist, that he had said if only I would let my conscious mind get out of the way my treatment would work quicker.   Some part of me was trying to analyse how the Hypnotherapy was working.   Probably because I had been brought up with a scientific mind.

Since then I have looked at a scientific way of proving that Hypnosis works and came up with a couple of measures.

Arm levitation.

If I sit comfortably in a chair and go into a state of hypnosis.   I can hit the state of hypnosis by just closing my eyes, as I have been there that many times.   I then suggest to myself that my arm is raising gradually, I may imagine that a ballon is tied to my arm.   Eventually, my arm starts to rise just like a rachet, rather than me consciously lifting my arm.   It would be hard for anybody to raise their arm this slowly and the instructions for the arm raising come from the subconscious rather than the conscious mind.

If you could imagine wanting to achieve a particular goal, if you put the suggestions into your subconscious mind, they are eventually achieved over time.   The arm levitation is a quick achievement of a goal, that is visible consciously, other goals may take much longer and it is sometimes difficult for people to see the cause and effect.

Biofeedback machine

The number of times I have heard clients who have come to see me say that they are really relaxed.  But years ago when I used to connect them up to a biofeedback machine, I used to see their heartbeat on a graph gradually drop from 80 bpm to 60 bpm.   Many people just aren’t as relaxed as they would like to think they are.  I thought it was pretty conclusive evidence to show clients, that Hypnotherapy wasn’t all in their minds on a graph.  The only issue was the uncomfortable feeling of the clamps on their fingers.

Contact me.

I can work one to one with clients in Sheffield.  Via telephone with distance clients, I do the consultation on the telephone and send them a tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording via Mp3 download link.

Groups of people can be accommodated in Rotherham or Sheffield.  Find 5 people with the same goal and I will come to you.

Tailor-made stress management courses can be carried out for businesses, which will help reduce sickness and increase productivity and profits at the same time.

Give me a ring on (0044) 01909 282435 for a free 15-minute telephone consultation.

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A number of years ago a client came to see me, because they were concerned about having a knee operation while under a local anaesthetic.  I did one session of Hypnotherapy.  They listened daily to the tailor-made recording I provided on a CD and successfully had the operation.  The client was having another knee operation in the future.  The CD could be used again in the future for reassurance.

Hypnotherapy is no quick fix solution.   Use the tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording daily for a month to ensure maximum effects from the session.

Fear phobia of needles

When a client contacted me about a fear of needles.  I was more than confident to help with the issue due to the success of the client above.  This was a referral from a different customer.

To start with I find out a little more about you phobia whatever it is.

I then relax you into a deep state of trance.   Guided visualisation and other techniques are used to guide you into a deep state of trance.   Once in a deep state of Hypnosis, positive affirmations are made into your subconscious mind.

Tailor made recording

The Hypnotherapy session is recorded straight onto a CD for you to take away.   It can take anything from 1 to 5 sessions to help you with a goal.   Daily use of the tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording is necessary for you to get maximum effects from Hypnotherapy.  I recommend at least a monthly session until the goal is achieved.


By learning how to relax deeply using Hypnosis.  Negative experiences from your past that caused this phobia is released by your subconscious mind.  You are able to revaluate these negative experiences as an older wiser person and come to terms with them.


Because you are in a deep state of Hypnosis, positive suggestions made into your subconscious mind have a greater effect on you.

Positive affirmations

Can be changed depending on your goal.  Positive statements are made, rather than negative ones that refocus you on the phobia.   If I said to you “Don’t think about pink elephants”  what happens?  Rather than saying you “you aren’t scared of injections”, I would phrase “You are confidently having injections.

Positive statements over time change beliefs and behaviours.

Contact me

If you would like a 15-minute free telephone consultation.   Give me a ring on (0044) 01909 282435.   One to one sessions can be arranged in Sheffield.  If you live elsewhere I can do a telephone consultation and then send you a tailor-made Mp3 download.  I have worked with people as far away as Switzerland and the USA.

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Each of my clients is an individual, it makes my life interesting.  No case is the same.   A client came to see me because birds especially pigeons were making them overreact.  If they were out eating outside at a cafe somewhere and a bird came too close.  The bird would make them feel uncomfortable and they would end up screaming.   They were going down to London in a few days and we’re going to visit Trafalgar square which was full of pigeons.

Fear of birds

Fear of birds

I quickly got word back that the session had already started to have some effect on them. They hadn’t overreacted when visiting Trafalgar Sq. in London.  Hypnotherapy isn’t a quick fix solution, it can take 1 to 5 sessions to resolve an issue.  But on top of that, I provide you with a tailor-made Hypnotherapy session on CD to take away.  You need to use the CD daily to get maximum effect out of it.

I have since heard that the client has conquered their fear of birds and has referred more clients on to me.

Fear or Phobia

Whatever your fear or phobia, to start with each session is preceded by a 15-minute chat about the issue.  This enables me to direct your subconscious mind while under Hypnosis.   I then guide you into a deep state of Hypnosis using language and visualisation.


Once in a deep state of Hypnosis, I suggest the positive outcome you are looking for.   Hypnosis is like a light sleep that you may have one lazy afternoon, while on holiday.  I extend this sleep but also use it to your benefit.   All Hypnosis is self-hypnosis, I am the guide and you follow along.

Any negative memories from your past that are contributing to your fear are gradually released by your subconscious mind to reevaluate and store back in a more healthy way.  Positive suggestions implanted while in Hypnosis change behaviours and beliefs.

Group sessions Sheffield and Rotherham

I can do one to one Hypnotherapy sessions in Dinnington or travel further afield to Sheffield or Rotherham to conduct group Hypnotherapy sessions.  If you live further afield I can do telephone consultations.

You can ring me on (0044) 01909 282435.

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I am going to focus on Brexit throughout this post.  But this can be applied to other political correctness and positive discrimination being forced on us.  By the BBC and mainstream media.  I could quite easily have talked about climate change fraud, which is becoming more evident every day as the world cools.  We are now going into a mini ice age/Maunder minimum period, a natural climate cycle.

British broadcasting corporation (B.B.C.).

I remember throughout my childhood that the BBC was impartial.  However, from the 80’s onwards the BBC has started to promote its own agenda.  I wonder how much of this bias is controlled by the government.  The BBC has probably always been a mass propaganda tool of the government, but never has its agenda been so biased and corrupted.


Brexit was a perfect example of the BBC’s bias.  Throughout the Brexit referendum campaign, the editorial bias of the BBC and their reporters was clear for all to see.  Political discussions seemed to have very left-wing audiences.  Reporters always seemed to be putting a backspin on what they were saying.  It has been suggested that even more people would have voted Brexit.  If it hadn’t been for the propaganda dished out by the BBC and mainstream media.  The idea was to make Brexiteer voters feel they were in the minority.

Mainstream media

You only have to look at the mainstream media and who owns them, the globalists.   The only mainstream papers that were pro Brexit was the Daily express and Sun.  Even the Daily Mail has gone Liberal.


Throughout Brexit the chancellor George Osborne and The Bank of England were coming out with some ludicrous statements.  We were going to have the plague of all plagues following Brexit.  The immediate doom and gloom that was to follow Brexit has never materialised.   The government also unfairly produced a document that was sent to each household, this was a biased document and allowed the remain camp to spend even more money at the taxpayers expense.

International organisations

All the academics and international organisations were coming out with the forecast for the demise of Britain following Brexit, when has the IMF ever been right on anything.  Christine Lagarde isn’t exactly somebody I would take any notice of.    Even the President of America Barak Obama, tried to make us believe we were foolish for wanting to leave the EU.  Even now the BBC are raking up every little negative they can find about Brexit, rather than spinning it in a positive way.  The BBC are still playing with our minds to stop Brexit.

Academics and Universities

It was suggested everywhere that those voting for Brexit were thick people or old.  Those wanting to stay in the EU were the bright and academical person, who knew what they were talking about.  Our young have been brainwashed by the academical establishment to remain in the EU.

1984 George Orwell

Never was George Orwell’s 1984 more evident than in the Brexit referendum with the Hypnotic brainwashing through the mass media.

Jo Cox.

I am sad to see anybody lose their life.  But I believe the death of Jo Cox was used as a political martyr.  Her Family weren’t even allowed to grieve in their own time.  However the headline “Scottish nationalist murders Jo Cox”, wasn’t used, because it didn’t fit the agenda.   Proceedings were halted for a few days, there was a mass outpouring of grief by the left to try and force the outcome of Brexit, I reckon that cost us 5% of the vote.


People who wanted to control immigration were called racists.   Throughout twitter the venom from the left was unbelievable and anywhere else they could use this label they did.   It was covertly suggested at me when I went on Radio Sheffield to give my view on leaving the EU.

The idea was to make people voting leave think they were in a minority and that they weren’t nice people for voting leave.

Sheffield EU referendum count night

Throughout the Brexit campaign, I did what I could to influence people to vote Brexit.  Foremost I believe that democracy should be decided by our government and ultimately the people through direct democracy.  Controlling immigration was also important to me, I don’t want to water down the culture of my country anymore.   I had an 8ft x 4ft poster on the side of my house.  I delivered flyers.  Put up billboards on all the major roads around me.  This was David against Goliath.

At the count night, there were 10 remain observers to 1 leave observer.  We were being bullied and jostled by the Liberals and Labour who have control of the Sheffield city council.  They were so confident they would win.  In the Labour areas of Sheffield people were voting strongly for Leave, the more middle-class areas were voting for remain.  The remain observers got quieter and quieter because they could count the votes as they were going along and we’re starting to see what was going off.

At the Vote, I thought the Remain side had won, but when I heard my side suddenly cheering, I realise that even in Sheffield that Vote Leave had won.   I knew as soon as the vote came through in Sunderland that we would be leaving the EU, but the Sheffield result strengthened this.

The pro Remain vote was clear indication that the BBC and mainstream media are trying to manipulate us using mass hypnosis manipulation.  What other areas are we having our minds manipulated in?  This is the first stage of taking back control of our country.

People on the Brexit side discovered their Dunkirk spirit again.

All the best














Hypnotherapy is a naturally occurring state of mind that we all experience on a daily basis.  Primarily just before we go to sleep at night and first thing when we wake up in a morning.   You may also drop into the state of Hypnosis while dozing in the chair on a Sunday afternoon or some other restful time.  It’s a very light sleep where you are half awake and at sleep at the same time.

Driving a car or operating machinery

The only time it is dangerous to use Hypnosis is while driving a car or operating machinery.  I always warn clients about this each time they come to see me and at the start of all my online downloads.  If you were to listen to a recording while driving car, you could suddenly become very relaxed and lose your focus of attention on the road ahead of you.  This could then result in an accident.  The best time to listen to a Hypnotherapy recording.  Is in a quiet comfortable place, where you will be undisturbed for the length of the sessions.

Hitler versus Jesus

Going back to the dangers of Hypnosis.  Both of these people used a form of mass Hypnosis.  One for the good of man kind.  The other for all the wrong reasons.  Like anything in life tools can be used for both positive and negative outcomes.  This is a very extreme dichotomy.


I remember once talking to a local mental health unit in my local Town about working with their clients.  They were really concerned about clients going into a psychosis while under Hypnosis.   I know from my own experiences I had exhausted all that the NHS had to offer me and I didn’t want to use medication.   Even my doctor was very skeptical of me using Hypnotherapy, but said to carry on if I thought it was helping me.   If you feel necessary discuss with your doctor before seeing a Hypnotherapist, but most doctors won’t want to recommend a Hypnotherapist.  Local Health practices seem happy to make money from Hypnotherapists advertising their services on their appointment cards, but that is as far as it goes.


There seem to be two dichotomies when it comes to peoples views on Hypnosis.  Those who think it they can be made to do something with no effort on their own part, because of stage shows.  The others who fear doing something against their will, which isn’t possible.  Hypnotherapy takes time and daily use of a tailor made recording, that professional Hypnotherapists should provide you with after each session.  It’s not a quick fix solution.

There have been quite a few negative films made about Hypnosis.  For instance.  Telly Savalas played an evil Hypnotist in a Bond film. “On Her Majestys secret service”.  No wonder people get the wrong impression of hypnosis.


Hypnosis expands the state of mind you go into last thing at night and first thing in a morning, by a skilled Hypnotherapist guiding you into a deep trance like state using language.  Once in a deep trance like state of mind positive suggestions are made into your subconscious mind.  Unless the session is recorded onto a CD for you to take away you will be coming back to see the Hypnotherapist for years to attain goals.  It is so important to listen to the tailor made session you are given after each Hypnotherapy session on a daily basis.  I see clients monthly and it takes between 1 to 5 sessions to help clients achieve a goal.

The more secure you feel with Hypnosis, the deeper you will go into trance.  There is going to be some apprehension the first time you use Hypnosis, but once you have gotten over this initial hurdle, you will find yourself letting go the more you use Hypnotherapy.  It’s a little bit like abseiling when you go over the cliff edge, but once you feel the security of the rope, you enjoy the experience.

If it was suggested to do something that goes against your belief’s and values, it would immediately bring you out of a trance.

Can I get stuck in Hypnosis?

We all wake up in the morning after sleep.  The same with Hypnosis, you can’t get stuck in it, you would open your eyes when you are ready to.  You would probably get bored of just being in a trance and decide to open your eyes.  I always tell people that they can open their eyes and move anytime they choose at the start of my sessions.  If you ever feel in danger while under trance, you will open your eyes and ensure your safety and survival above anything else.  A loud bang in the room our outside would make you jump out of the Hypnotic state.

Choosing an Hypnotherapist

I always recommend that you choose a Hypnotherapist by recommendation from somebody you know.  Trust that your subconscious mind will direct you to a good Hypnotherapist.

All the best





Ensuring clients achieve goals is as important for me as making money.  It has to be a win-win.  In order to ensure that this is the case, I offer a free 15-minute consultation on the telephone.   I always put the small print up front with clients, to ensure they know what they need to do in order to achieve their outcome.  This is a partnership and I can only help you to succeed if you are willing to do your homework.  The homework is pleasant and should also help you to feel good and refreshed.

I would rather turn a client away from day one, rather than get bad publicity from a client who wasn’t committed to their goal in the first place.  I can usually determine this in the initial free consultation.

How many sessions?

Free Sheffield Hypnotherapy

Free Sheffield Hypnotherapy

It can take anything from 1 to 5 sessions to help clients achieve their goals.  But the most important thing, other than coming to see me, is that you play the tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording daily.  Between sessions.

Tailor-made recording on CD

After each Hypnotherapy session, I provide the 30-minute Hypnotherapy session straight onto a CD for you to take away.  Years ago when I went to see a Hypnotherapist, I saw them every week.  I believe that a monthly session is adequate enough and that keeps the costs down for you.  But it is imperative for you to play the tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording daily between sessions, to achieve sustainable results.

Panic attacks

People may occasionally miss playing the tailor-made recording daily.  However from my own experiences when I was suffering from panic attacks, I was willing to listen to the recording twice a day on a bad day.   If you have a tight schedule, listening to the recording last thing at night before you go to sleep is adequate.

Stopping smoking

I had a client come to see me who wanted to stop smoking.  They listened to it in bed at night and their wife who didn’t see me, also stopped smoking at the same time.  This was 4 years ago.

Contact me

Please give me a ring if you are ready to go ahead with achieving your goal face to face in Sheffield.

Contact me on 01909 282435


If you don’t live close to Sheffield, I can do a telephone consultation and then send you a tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording via Mp3 download link.  I have worked with clients as far away as Switzerland and America.  Alternately purchase a Hypnotherapy Mp3 download in my shop.

I look forward to hearing from you.


If you have a common goal to achieve, I can work with groups of 2 to 10 people.

Stopping smoking and Weight loss

I can either come to your home or find a suitable local venue to use.  Give me a ring on 01909 282435 to discuss further.

To start with we will have a 10/15 minute group talk on the goal you are trying to achieve.  Once we have looked at the beliefs blocking you from achieving your goal.  I will then relax you into a deep trance using Hypnotherapy and Visualisation exercises. Once in a deep state of trance.  Positive suggestions will be made deep into your subconscious mind.

Tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording

After each group Hypnosis session, you will be provided with the tailor-made recording via a Mp3 download link.  It is so important to listen to this tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording daily between sessions.  Repetition is so important with Hypnotherapy, there are no quick fixes and Hypnotist stage shows are tricking people into false beliefs about Hypnotherapy.


Repetition with Hypnotherapy is so important.  The more that you listen to the tailor-made recording, the deeper you will fall into Hypnosis.  The more you fall into Hypnosis the more the positive suggestions will be acted upon by your subconscious mind.  You will gradually change your beliefs and behaviours and will attain your ideal weight or become a non-smoker.

How often

I recommend a monthly Hypnotherapy session, however daily use of the tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording is important to get maximum effects.   It could take anything from 1 to 10 sessions to achieve your goal dependent on the level of your issue.


One of the benefits of group Hypnotherapy to quit smoking or attain your ideal weight is that you can support each other between sessions, especially if friends.

Slimming clubs

These may work for some people losing weight, but it may take years for many people.  The cost can be excessive when added up.   Break the boom-bust cycle for good using Hypnotherapy.

Stopping smoking

All too often people who stop smoking either transfer the behaviour to overeating or dependency on another crutch, such as nicotine replacement products or vaporisers.  These nicotine replacement products cost and can also be addictive to some degree or people stop using them and start smoking again.   Stop smoking for good with Hypnotherapy with no side effects.

One to one

You may not feel confident to deal with issues with other people in attendance and I do cater for people dealing with the goal on their own.  These sessions allow me to tailor make them more to you as an individual and can result in quicker effects.

Contact me

Give me a ring on 01909 282435 if I can assist you further with stopping smoking or weight loss one to one or group sessions.

For those living out of my radius, I can do telephone consultations and then provide a tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording via Mp3 download link.

All the best





I always provide a tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording on CD after each session and a few days later drop the client an email to ensure they know how to get the best results out of the recording.  A few weeks later I will then contact the client to ensure everything is OK.  I don’t pressurise clients to come back, I let them come back to me in their own time.

Quitting smoking

Hypnotherapy Dinnington Sheffield

Hypnotherapy Dinnington Sheffield

A few months ago I bumped into a client who came to see me 4 years ago and they told me that they hadn’t smoked since.  This was in a public venue and they were happy that other people knew about this.  Good for word of mouth.

Yesterday I bumped into the same client, who was out with the wife.  They went even further and said that the wife listened to the same recording in bed, as they were going to sleep.  The wife also stopped smoking at the same time.

Group sessions for weight loss

The customer now wants to come back and see me to reduce their weight and have asked if the wife can come at the same time.  I have no problems working with more than one person working on the same goal.  I have previously worked with a group of five ladies in Worksop looking to lose weight.


I can work with anybody in the world who can speak English, you don’t need to be in Sheffield.  I can do the consultation over the telephone and drop you a tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording via mp3 download link.

Give me a ring on 01909 282435 for a free 15-minute Hypnotherapy consultation.

All the best



I am looking at developing a new set of Mp3 downloads, to compliment my Hypnotherapy and self-talk recordings.   These Mp3 downloads are going to combine the concept of Hypnotherapy and self-talk downloads.

These recordings are to be used during the night.


There will be a 20-minute Hypnotherapy session, to put you into a positive state of mind and carry you over into a sleep state.  If you need to wake up in the night, your safety will be paramount.

Sleep programming.

There will then be positive suggestions made in both “I” and “You.  The Positive affirmation statements will repeat on a loop for the night, until it is time to wake up in the morning.


I am currently testing these recordings on myself and will fine tune to get the right combination of background music and self-talk affirmations.   Your subconscious mind is absorbing information while asleep, so why not spend 8 hours programming yourself with the most positive suggestions possible.

Many people say they are short of time to spend listening to self-talk or Hypnotherapy recordings.  There is no excuse not to listen to these sleep programming recordings while asleep at night.  Add to your mobile phone and play quietly in the background.



Confidence at the dentist

Confidence Flying

Confidence public speaking

Health you

Stopping smoking


Weight Loss

What is the first Sleep programming Mp3 download, would you like to add to the shop on my Hypnotherapy site?

All the best



Recently I saw an article about how a number of people had won a dieting competition, but years later were back up to their original weight.   There were a number of pictures of these individuals when they became slimming champions and how they now look.  Today another so called “expert” reckons that it is better to Yo-yo diet than not at all.  I think that is a very negative attitude and not the right attitude to put in people’s minds.  This inspired me to write this article today.

Diet classes

Too often I have seen people losing weight, but then putting it on again months later.  Diet classes seem to have sprung up all over the place where I live in Anston and Dinnington and may work for some.  Diet classes may help many but also leave many frustrated.  Feeling bad about your body image isn’t a good way to motivate you in the long term.

Diet classes seem to be a good stream of income for those who run them.  £5 a person for 52 weeks a year is £250.   Diet classes may seem cheap at £5 a class versus £60 for an Hypnotherapy session.   But let us say on average it takes 3 sessions of Hypnotherapy to help you at £180.   Diet classes become very expensive in the long run.

Some of these national diet classes are selling expensive weight loss meals to individuals as well, rather than teaching you simple and effective diets to lose weight.

I suspect diet classes are happy for their members not to be too successful at attaining their ideal weight, as it is the loss of an income stream.  Personally, I like people to advance as quickly as possible even though I have lost a revenue stream.

Newtons third law

For every action, there is an equal an opposite reaction.  Forcing yourself to do something in the short time may work, but in the longer term, you will be back where you started.  I am reluctant to stop people smoking in one session, as in most cases they will substitute smoking for another behaviour and add weight instead.  Weight loss of 2lbs a week is the most effective for long-term sustainable weight loss.

Gastric band hypnotherapy

I have always said that this is another fad, that people jump onto hoping for a quick fix solution.  However, a customer once came to see me after having had a real gastric band fitted because they started to put weight on after a time.   They were forcing food down using a blender.   After three sessions of Hypnotherapy, they were able to release the air from their gastric band and eat normally again as they were losing weight naturally.


How would Hypnotherapy work?  You can see me face to face in Sheffield.

Everybody is an individual with me.  So the first part of any one to one Hypnotherapy session is finding out more about your circumstances.

You are then relaxed into a deep state of Hypnosis using language and guided meditations.  Once in a deep state of Hypnosis positive suggestions are made into your subconscious mind.

The 2nd most important thing is to be provided with a tailor made Hypnotherapy session after each session of Hypnotherapy.  It is so important to use this recording daily between sessions.  I recommend a monthly repeat session, it can take from 1 to 5 sessions to be in complete control of your weight.


Learning to relax is a key essential to losing weight.  As you relax daily using the tailor made Hypnotherapy recording, you will start to carry that feeling over into your daily life.

Repressed emotions.

As you learn to relax correctly you will start to find negative feeling about your past being released by your subconscious mind.  As you release negative memories from your past, you will face these as an older wiser person.  You may have failed a number of times in the past to lose weight.  Your childhood programming maybe a reason why you overeat.  Or you may overeat due to feelings of low self-esteem or boredom.   If the negative feelings aren’t inside you, they can’t trigger you to overeat.

Positive suggestions

Positive suggestions made while in a deep state of Hypnosis will have a greater effect on your subconscious mind.    Your beliefs and behaviours will gradually change.  The daily repetition is so important.  Positive suggestions can be made to help you become more motivated to exercise regularly.

Positive suggestions can also be made so that you eat smaller portions and also so that you choose food more wisely.  It isn’t necessary to buy expensive diet replacement meals.  You can eat sensibly and  have decent size portions that fill you with the right nutrients to have more energy.


You may have to change your lifestyle to accommodate your weight loss.  But you will find yourself becoming more assertive and finding balance in your life.  You may have to make an odd drastic change in your life, if that part of your life isn’t supporting you, you will find the confidence to do this if necessary.

Support and group

One good thing about diet classes is the support network.   I can achieve this by seeing groups of 10 ladies in Sheffield, Rotherham and Worksop and doing a tailor made session for the group.   It will work a little like one to one Hypnotherapy, but be a little diluted down.   After the session you will all be provided with a tailor made Hypnotherapy session via a Mp3 download link.   Rather than having to go to diet classes for years on end, 10 group sessions of Hypnotherapy would be an absolute maximum for you.

I can work with groups in the Dinnington area or can even visit you in South Yorkshire or North Nottinghamshire at a suitable venue.

Further afield and international.

If you don’t live close to me, I can do a consultation over the telephone and then send you a tailor made Hypnotherapy recording via Mp3 download link

Mp3 downloads

I do have a number of off the shelf Mp3 downloads on my Hypnotherapy website shop.  You can purchase my weight loss recording, but do set aside daily time for the next month or two if you want sustainable results.

Please give me a ring on 01909 282435 if I can assist you further.  Dinnington Sheffield

Best regards