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Hypnobirthing and Gastric band hypnosis

Recently a new technique has come out called Hypnobirthing.   I don’t believe that Hypnobirthing will be any more effective than Hypnotherapy for pregnancy and birthing.   From time to time people come out with these Fad techniques, another one being Gastric band Hypnotherapy.  They are just different Hypnotherapy scripts, in my opinion, it’s nothing more than the reinvention of the wheel and trying to sell under a different disguise.  I see it more as a marketing ploy.  There are no quick fixes.

Professional Hypnotherapist

If you want to better deal with the duration of your pregnancy and the actual birth event.  Find a good professional Hypnotherapist, who has good word of mouth. A good Hypnotherapist will be able to tailor make your Hypnotherapy session to your outcome, whatever that is.  Hypnotherapy works plain and simple, whatever the outcome if used correctly.

Tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording

Any professional Hypnotherapist will provide you with a tailor-made Hypnotherapy session to take away each time they see you.   I provide a new tailor-made Hypnotherapy session each time the client sees me on CD.  A Mp3 copy of the recording can be provided via email to download straight to their phone if they require it.  As well as seeing the Hypnotherapist on a regular basis you need to use the tailor-made recording daily between sessions to get maximum effects out of Hypnotherapy.


Hypnotherapy put very simply, is about relaxation, repetition, positive affirmation.

If I was using Hypnotherapy to help a lady during pregnancy and birthing, I would find out her concerns to start with.  I would then relax her into a very deep state of trance using a number of visualisation techniques and then suggest a number of positive outcomes into her subconscious mind.


After daily use of the tailor-made Hypnotherapy session, the lady would find herself carrying that relaxed feeling over into her daily life, this will much better help her deal with her pregnancy.   Positive suggestions about pregnancy will be engrained in her subconscious mind so that she changes her beliefs and behaviours about the event in the future and it is in the best state of mind possible to deal with the birth.

Being in a healthy state of mind will also help the lady better deal with the events of the pregnancy and avoid depression after the birth.

Diaphragm breathing

I show you how to correctly breathe from the diaphragm, which is so important when giving birth to ensure that you don’t panic and the birth flows as smoothly as possible.   Thinking positively throughout the birth is so important and positive affirmations will have been driven deep into your subconscious mind, by the time of the birth.

It’s being suggested that a mother playing soothing music while the baby is in the womb will help the baby, even better is a mother who is relaxed and positive about herself throughout the pregnancy and the birth.

Contact me

Give me a ring on 01909 282435 if I can assist you further with your pregnancy in Sheffield.  Alternately I can do a consultation over the telephone and send you a tailor-made recording via Mp3 download link.   I am also open to working with groups of people in the South Yorkshire, North Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire area with a common goal.

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Paypal SSL security

The shopping cart on my Hypnotherapy website has now been updated. It’s now a much better and easier shopping cart.  All card details are captured by Paypal rather than my website.  SSL has been added to my website for extra security.

Hypnotherapy Mp3 downloads

I have been working with individuals and groups in the Sheffield area since 2001.   Hypnotherapy Mp3 downloads help me to work with people further afield, especially countries outside the UK.   However the Mp3 downloads option, also makes it more affordable to certain groups of people, who can’t afford my one to one charges.   My Hypnotherapy Mp3 downloads, retail at £15 a recording.

Download these recordings to your phone and listen to them daily for a month or two.  You will get good results out of these recordings if you are patient.

Tailor made recordings

Tailor made recordings can be produced for individuals, by consultation over the telephone and then producing a tailor made Hypnotherapy recording for you via Mp3 download link.  Contact me for more details.

To purchase a Hypnotherapy Mp3 download for:

Stress management, Weight management, Stopping smoking etc.

Click on this link.

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Panic attacks

The first client I worked with from Worksop back in 2001 came to me about panic attacks.  He paid for 10 sessions of Hypnotherapy in advance.  After a number of sessions, he asked if his partner could come in his place for the next session, because they were going on holiday and she was scared of flying.    He didn’t want it to ruin his holiday or hers.

Fly confidently

Fly confidently

Tailor-made recording on CD

In those days I produced cassettes rather than CD recordings.  The lady used the tailor-made recording I gave her after the session daily for a week.  She also took a portable tape recorder with her on holiday to play the tape daily so that on her return flight she would have extra confidence.   This was a complete success.

My mother wasn’t a great flyer so I produced her a tailor-made fear of flying recording.  This helped her tremendously and she has since made many journeys to the United Arab Emirates to visit my sister and her husband.

Travel agents

A local travel agent in Dinnington sent a customer to see me, they didn’t give me much time to help her.  This lady was surprised how much tension had disappeared around her shoulder area when I relaxed here, which she wasn’t expecting.  I had difficulty contacting this client after, but I was assured the lady had travelled by plane many times after this.  Previously she had feared to go on holiday and had lost a lot of money on a holiday she had cancelled at the last minute due to fear.

Group Hypnotherapy for fear of flying.

I would be willing to work with any local airport: East Midlands, Doncaster, Leeds Bradford to help with groups of people who fear flying.  Or you are maybe a group of friends who would like more confidence when going on holiday to reduce apprehension that you may have before flying.    The enjoyment of a holiday can be reduced because you are also concerned with the return journey.

After the session, I will provide you all with a tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording via Mp3 download link.  You can download the Mp3 recording to your phone to use daily before your holiday, but also during your vacation to make the return journey even better.   You will find that for future holidays you will no longer require to use a Hypnotherapy recording.

I had a nice call from a gentleman from the S25 area of Sheffield who had come to me about the fear of flying.  He told me that he came back in a storm from Lapland and it had hardly bothered him.  On previous occasions, a normal flight by a plane had been very difficult and claustrophobic for him.

Contact me now

If you would like to see me one to one to boost your confidence when flying, give me a call on 01909 282435.   I am based at Dinnington in Sheffield.


To start with I will find a little more about why you fear flying, the chat will last 10/15 minutes.


For the next 30 minutes, I will take you into deep Hypnosis.  I will teach you how to remove tension from your mind and body, guide you through a number of visualisation exercises and then plant positive suggestions into your subconscious mind, about your positive experience of flying in the future.

I would recommend coming to me a month before your holiday and then listening daily to the tailor made recording I give you on CD to take away until your holiday for best results.


You will find that because you know how to relax in stressful situations, that when you are flying that the feelings of fear will just drop off.   Any negative experiences you have built up from the past about flying, you will face these as an older wiser person and put to bed.   You will then go away and enjoy your holiday more than you have before, as it will flow much more smoothly before the event and even during the holiday when apprehension may have built up in the past about the return journey.

Positive suggestions

Positive suggestions made into your subconscious mind while in a trance will echo in your mind when flying.  You will no longer need Dutch courage to fly.

Mp3 download for confident flying

You can purchase this on the Mp3 downloads part of my website, use daily for a month and I can offer support via email if you contact me asking for any further advice.   If you would prefer a more tailor-made recording, I can do a telephone consultation and send you a tailor-made recording via Mp3 download link.

I walk my talk and wouldn’t expect somebody to do something I wasn’t capable of.

Many years ago I flew across to Sedona myself in Arizona in the USA, this was a two-hop flight through Chicago.  This meant going up and down twice on the same day.   On the way there everything flowed smoothly, but on the way back I hit a lightning storm coming down into Chicago and had to stay 24 hours in the city due to the most extreme wet weather conditions and delays to flights.  I can’t imagine a worse scenario than this and I sailed through it.  This was a couple of years after the September 11th terrorist attack on New York.  I had to laugh because on the way back I was sat next to a nice Afghanistan lad who said he wasn’t frightened of flying, but secretly downed a bottle of spirits to get Dutch courage.

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Hypnotherapy weight loss

Forget gastric band Hypnotherapy for weight loss.  From my life experiences, it is just another gimmick.  What you do require is plain old Hypnotherapy, with an experienced professional Hypnotherapist.   There are no quick fixes out there.  No matter how many times people try to sell things in a different way, it all comes back to plain old Hypnotherapy.  Even N.L.P. was a re-branding of Hypnotherapy by the Americans.

I have been working with clients in Sheffield since 2001 and on many different outcomes over that time.  Whatever your outcome, if realistic and ethical I can help you.

Gastric band Hypnotherapy

I have been banging on for years about Gastric band hypnotherapy being a gimmick.  A customer then turns up who has had a real gastric band fitted and after a period of time started to increase their weight again.   After three sessions of Hypnotherapy with me, this client had air released out of their gastric band.  They can now eat normally again, as they started to lose weight naturally.

Quick fix solutions

Hypnotherapy is no quick fix solution.  It could take from 1 to 5 sessions of Hypnotherapy.  Daily use of a tailor-made recording on CD is required between sessions.  I would recommend a follow-up Hypnotherapy session every month until the outcome is reached.   If you are promised weight loss in one session of gastric band hypnotherapy.  Without any effort on your own part and no tailor-made session on CD to take away with you.  Walk away from the Hypnotherapist as they will not help you to achieve your goal.  Only you can achieve your goal with the help of an Hypnotherapist.

15-minute chat

To start with I would talk to you 10 to 20 minutes about your weight loss issue.  Each person is an individual and for best results, tailor-made Hypnotherapy gives the best results.

Hypnosis session

First, you are relaxed into a deep state of Hypnosis for about 30 minutes.  Positive suggestions are planted into your subconscious mind.   You are given a tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording on CD to take away with you, after each session.  Daily use of the tailor-made Hypnotherapy session will result in you becoming more relaxed.

Repressed emotions

As you become more relaxed you will release anything from your subconscious mind that is preventing you from achieving your ideal weight.  Issues from your past that caused you to gain weight, will be reanalysed by you the adult, rather than the younger you affected by these issues.

Positive suggestions

Positive suggestions made into your subconscious mind.  Will gradually start to change your behaviours and beliefs.  Feelings that used to cause you to overeat will start to drop away.

Beliefs and behaviours

You will start to exercise moderately.  Changed your diet and made modifications in your lifestyle to support you goal.

Book a session

Contact me on 01909 282435 for a free 15-minute telephone consultation.  You can see me face to face in Sheffield.  Alternately I can do a telephone consultation and then provide you with a tailor-made Hypnotherapy session via Mp3 download link.

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I am writing this blog following a recent client from Sheffield coming to see me about reducing migraines.   They weren’t the only one in their family to suffer from migraines.  But I can assure you in the majority of cases it isn’t hereditary and is down to stress and not a physical ailment in your body.


Many years ago I helped my dad come to terms with his migraines and since he has had less than a handful in about 10 years.  They say it isn’t a good thing to work with your family.  But if that is the case, why did I have some much success helping my own father.  I think it depends on your relationship with your parents and mine is good.

Migraine hypnotherapy

Migraine hypnotherapy

My father suffered from migraines from 15 until 62.5.  When my dad retired as a maintenance supervisor.  He thought his migraines would drop as his stress levels reduced, however, they actually increased to 2 or 3 bad attacks a week.

Hypnotherapy treatment

I had been offering my dad help with Hypnotherapy for many years before he would take it up.  He believed that the migraine headaches were caused by a trapped nerve down the side of his head, something he had been born with.  He had seen every specialist the NHS had available and had tried every migraine tablet, with many different side effects.

I was shocked the day my dad turned up for help with his migraines, as I had given up hope of ever being able to help him.  The first session he came, he was having a terrible migraine attack, about 5 minutes before the end of the session he jumped out of the trance because his neck cracked.  However, he had felt a little relief from his migraine and we decided to have another go in a few days.


On the 2nd occasion of putting him into a trance, he said it felt as though his head filled up with air.  After that I provided him with a tailor-made Hypnotherapy session on tape, which he used daily religiously for a month.  I did another follow-up session on CD and he has had less than a handful of migraines over the years.   All through my childhood, I saw my dad suffer from migraines on his day off, as his body said he could now have a migraine without it affecting his job, these migraines would last all day.  Migraine symptoms will vary from individual to individual.

Panic attacks

I remember many years ago when suffering from severe panic attacks, as I was starting to recover I had one migraine.  I have never ever happened to me since, but the feeling was awful.  I couldn’t look at the red lights on the video recorder and I had a sick feeling in my stomach.  At the time I was staying at my parents for a month and it had happened during the night, my dad had come downstairs to see what had disturbed me.

Migraine relief

I did have another customer from Dinnington contact me about migraine relief a number of years ago, but they didn’t give me enough sessions to help them and I wonder if they had religiously used the recording every day for a month.    It is going to take 1 to 5 sessions to help you resolve your migraine problem.  I am a miracle worker with your assistance, but I can’t click my fingers and make it go away without your help.  I recommend a Hypnotherapy session once a month until the migraines disappear.

I am based in Dinnington Sheffield and can see you face to face.

You can purchase a Hypnotherapy MP3 download recording on my website or if you live outside Sheffield I can do a consultation over the telephone and send you a tailor-made Hypnotherapy migraine relief recording by Mp3 download link.  Contact me on 01909 282435.

I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best