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I always tell my clients on the initial contact, how many sessions it can take and what they need to do to achieve results with Hypnotherapy.  It can take from 1 to 5 sessions of Hypnotherapy and daily use of a tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording, between sessions.  I tend to see clients monthly, but more frequent sessions can be booked if desired.

Stopping smoking

How long have you smoked?  People who are desperate to stop smoking, often shift that behaviour to another addiction.   If you stop smoking without dealing with the feelings that made you smoke in the first place, then you are liable to replace that behaviour with overeating.   Overeating can be as damaging to the health as smoking.

Too often people stop smoking with one session of Hypnotherapy, which leads to the change of addiction or smoking again the next time they have a crisis in their life.   If you truly want to stop smoking you need to use the tool of Hypnosis properly, so that you gradually quit smoking.

Tailor made Hypnotherapy recording

By using a tailor-made Hypnotherapy session after seeing a professional Hypnotherapist on a daily basis.  You release the feelings that contribute to the smoking addiction and gradually release them so that you don’t take on another negative behaviour.  By gradually reducing smoking, you learn to control your emotions and other areas of your life.

Weight loss Hypnotherapy

Again I am going to ask you how long you have been overweight?   Setting too high an expectation is going to result in failure.   Have you failed to lose weight in the past by another method?   I wouldn’t recommend losing more than a couple of pounds a week, as you have to trick the mind into believing your new body image.  The subconscious mind doesn’t like a big change and will resist you losing weight.

People go to weight loss classes for years trying to lose weight.  This can be an expensive process, as there is a weekly charge, you are dependent on others and there is also the possibility of replacement type meals being promoted.

Hypnotherapy is going to teach you to release the feelings that crave food.  Negative experiences that have caused you to become overweight will be released by the subconscious mind, so that you can face them as an older wiser person.  You are going to have more focus on saying the right things to yourself, so that you change behaviours.  Eating better food that promotes weight loss.   Exercising so that you burn off excess calories and feel better about yourself.

Beneath all of this, your work life balance will be harmonised.

Stress Management

I was suffering from panic attacks when I first went to see a Hypnotherapist back in the early 1990s.  It probably took me about six months to fully recover, the panic attacks disappearing after a couple of months.  But stress had gradually built up in my life over the last 8 years and a dramatic change when working in London set off the panic attacks.

Contact me

If you are business get me to help reduce stress in your organisation to improve productivity and profits, I can tailor make stress management courses for your organisation’s needs.   If there is a group of you in the Rotherham or Sheffield area, let me come to you to help you work on your goal.  If you are an individual see me on a one to one basis.

If you live elsewhere in the world I can do a telephone consultation and provide you with a tailor-made recording via Mp3 download.  Or you can purchase one of my off the shelf Mp3 downloads on my website shop.

Contact me on (0044) 01909 282435 for a free 15 minute telephone consultation.

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If you are asking negative questions your mind will focus on the negative and take you down into a negative spiral.  Whereas if you ask yourself positive questions your mind will start to find out solutions to your problems.

I decided to search on this topic before I wrote this blog.  To be honest I wasn’t impressed with what others had written on this subject.  I thought the questions were closed and quite negative from where I was standing.  I didn’t feel very enthusiastic after reading these blogs and they didn’t give me the answer I was looking for  There maybe some very good articles out there, but they aren’t being ranked highly by Google, which wouldn’t surprise me.  I hope this article creates more enthusiasm in you to change the questions in your life.

Questions versus affirmations

I will go into this in more detail in a future blog.  Let’s stay focused on the questions for the moment.

New discoveries

Many of these happen by chance.  But more often than not a great scientist will focus on a single question in their mind until they find a solution to the problem.


You maybe saying to yourself.  

Why can’t I make ends meet?

Why am I not being paid enough?

Why can’t I pay my bills?

Why are they being paid more than me?

While ever you ask these questions in your mind, your mind is going to search out this information and provide the evidence to you.  You will just drop deeper down into the above problems.  You have most likely learnt these questions from those around you as you grew up.

Better questions to ask yourself about your finances are.

How do I live more comfortably?

How do I earn XXXXX amount a year?

How do I become a millionaire?

How do I earn enough money from my business to live comfortably?

How do I live debt free?

How can I afford my ideal house?

How can I afford to go on a dream holiday every year?

Find an appropriate question to ask yourself about your finances and just keep asking it quietly in your mind every day until you have the evidence right there in front of you.   Big questions aren’t going to be answered over night, persistence is the key.  Try and find one short positive question that will remove all your financial concerns.


I believe that most disease starts in the mind.  I would say 95% of disease is psychosomatic.  What you tend to focus on in your mind will tend to appear in your body.

Asking the following questions aren’t going to help you.

Why am I ill?

Why am I overweight?

Why am I depressed?

Why do I feel so bad?

Why am I so unhappy?

What negative questions are you currently asking yourself about your health?

Change the questions you ask yourself about your health and let your unconscious mind come up with new solutions.

How do I become completely healthy?

How do I attain my ideal weight?

How do I feel good?

How do I become a happy person?

Ask these questions until you are blue in the face.  As well as seeking out health care professionals if you have a serious issue.


You maybe asking yourself the following questions.

Why am I so lonely?

Why have I no friends?

Why don’t people like me?

Why can’t I meet a member of the opposite sex to have a long term relationship with?

Why do I always go for the wrong man or woman?

Change to some more positive questions.

How do I meet my soul mate?

How do I make new friends?

How do I have more charisma?

How do I become more assertive with other people?

It’s best to find as few questions to ask yourself as possible and stay focused on these questions.

What other areas of your life aren’t working for you?

I reckon if most people answered the above three questions they would go onto live life’s that they loved.  There may be a specific question that doesn’t fit into the above areas.  Just write down the questions you are asking in that part of your life and change to positive outcomes.

How do I ask questions?

I don’t believe you have to ask the questions out loud.  Just keep repeating them silently in your mind throughout the day.  Be persistent and ask the question until you have the solution.

Write the questions down

As above.  Try and find as few questions as possible that will cause the greatest improvement in your life.  Write them down on a piece of paper.  Read them morning, midday and evening.  Say the questions to your self all day long.   Nobody knows what is going on in your head other than your self.

If I can help you in any way on a specific area of your life give me a shout.

All the best






Past life regression

It’s impossible either way to prove that people have more than one life or not.  I have heard of people recounting past life’s.  But I believe they are tapping into the subconscious mind, where a record of anything that has ever happened is stored.

Neuro Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.)

While I was doing my N.L.P. training.  I did an exercise with a girl and her whole face changed.  She claimed to go back into the past hundreds of years, where she had her hands chopped off.

Akashic records

The Akashic records are supposed to be a store of all the life’s ever lived, which can be tapped through your unconscious mind.  I once went to a Spiritual church and the same night dreamed of this library, it was a Lucid dream and reminded me of a being in a “Doctor Who” type film.

Many people would like to believe that the issues in this life are being caused by a past life, that they have to resolve.  However, I believe that if you have an issue.  Forget past life’s you are repressing something so deep in your subconscious mind, that you are unaware of it.

Hypnotherapy will help you get to the root of this repression and release the prisoners that are causing unhappiness in your life.  There are no guarantees that you will have a 2nd life.  Make sure you live this life to the best of your abilities.  If you do have a 2nd life in the future, then it’s a bonus.


I don’t believe that counselling can get to the heart of a repression.  You have to be relaxed into such a deep trance, to allow you to release repressed memories from your subconscious mind.  Talking about issues isn’t enough to release deeply rooted prisoners of the subconscious mind.   Hypnotherapy was used during the 1st world war, to help sufferers of shell shock, release the troubled events they suffered.


Hypnotherapy is a naturally occurring state of mind.  We access this state of minds many times throughout the day.  Last thing at night before you go to sleep or first thing in a morning before you wake up.  When people see ghosts or UFO’s it’s most likely they are in this dreamy state of mind first thing in a morning or last thing at night.

Have you ever driven down a road and not realised it.  It was as though you were hypnotised to carry out this action, without any conscious effort on your own part.

Ultradian Rhythm

Your body and mind go through a natural cycle every 90 and 120 minutes, called the Ultradian rhythm.  If you try and ignore this natural rhythm in the long term, it is going to result in stress.   Those doing a desk-bound job, will notice this state of mind more, as they drop into a more trance-like state of mind.  This state of mind is dreamy and very like hypnosis.   Accept this natural rhythm every 90 to 120 minutes.  You will find yourself recharging naturally and achieving more work in the long term, with fewer mistakes.

Hypnotherapy extends this natural state of mind, to allow you to relax and release any repressed emotions from your subconscious mind so that your mind and body can heal and become whole again.   Positive suggestions made into your subconscious mind, while in a deep state of Hypnosis, will help you to change beliefs and behaviours over time.  It may take anything from 1 to 5 sessions of Hypnotherapy to help with an issue.  Daily use of a tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording on CD between sessions is necessary.  A professional Sheffield Hypnotherapist will provide you with a tailor-made recording, each time you see them.

Contact me

If I can help you come to terms with repressed emotions that are causing stress, poor sleeping, anxiety using Hypnotherapy, give me a ring on 01909 282435 for a free 15-minute consultation.

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In the 1990’s I started suffering from panic attacks, these came on after working in central London.  Things went drastically wrong when working at the flagship Midland Bank branch at Poultry and Princes st in London.   I had set off at 5:30 am in the morning by car to London from Sheffield and due to a serious issue with the Telecommunications equipment in the branch.   I didn’t go back to my hotel until 12 am the next morning.  While walking past the Tower of London, I started having this strange feeling, which I later found out to be panic attacks.

Midland bank/HSBC

I spent a further year on the road around Britain refitting Midland branches with the latest Telecommunications technology before I could tell my management that I couldn’t cope with the job.   The stress associated with working in London spread to working elsewhere in the country, as the expectations on me were far too great.  I will give you an example, I set off at 5:30 am to Bristol, was diverted to Poole in Dorset and then arrived at my hotel in Bangor at about 11 pm that night.   Luckily the Welsh lady whose bed and breakfast hotel I stayed at, was good enough to cook me Scampi and chips, as I hadn’t eaten all day.

National Health Service

I expected my stress to disappear once I took up an office based job in Sheffield, but my stress and panic attacks just got worse.  At this point, I was taking quite a few sick days and seeing my doctor on a regular basis.   Thankfully I was living at Beighton at the time and received a good service from my doctor.


I was given a relaxation tape to listen to by my doctor, but it didn’t help me relax.  I was then sent off to see a Counsellor but only attended the first session, as I believed that the process was a complete waste of time.  At this point, I decided to pay privately to see a Psychoanalyst based at Killamarsh.

After about 7 sessions, the issue that was causing my panic attacks started to surface, but I couldn’t face up to the issue.  I left a cheque in the reception of the clinic I was attending, saying I was now OK, even though I wasn’t.   All the psychoanalyst used to do was relax me into Hypnosis, using music and a spinning circle.  For the next 30 minutes, she then asked me what I was thinking next, it was pretty intrusive and made me feel uncomfortable.  The trouble is if you are really suffering from panic attacks, you will do whatever you need to do to resolve them.


3 months later my panic attacks hadn’t got any better, so I went to see another Hypnotherapist at Killamarsh.  The experience was much more gentle and enjoyable.  To start with we used to have a 15 meeting talk about my issue, I was then relaxed into a deep state of Hypnosis and positive suggestions were made into my subconscious mind.  I received a tape of the Hypnotherapy session each time I went to see the Hypnotherapist, which I played daily between sessions.  I saw the Hypnotherapist weekly for 10 weeks.  This time the issue that was causing my panic attacks surfaced again, I was able to talk to the Hypnotherapist about it and eventually my own dad.  At first these repressed memories made me feel very uncomfortable and sick in the stomach, but eventually, this feeling went away, along with my panic attacks.

Throughout my time seeing the Hypnotherapist, I talked to my GP about it, who didn’t seem too enthusiastic towards Hypnotherapy.  One of my sisters who was a sister in a hospital said that it was stupid to see a Hypnotherapist.   But as far as I am concerned, I believed counselling to be a waste of time and wasn’t willing to live the rest of my life on medication, I refused medication full stop.

At the end of seeing my Hypnotherapist, I had the confidence to tell my doctor I couldn’t cope and he gave me a month off work.  During this time I recovered fully from my panic attacks and by the time the doctor sent me off to see a psychologist due to my time off work, they were satisfied that I had dealt with my mental health issues.

Rony Robinson Radio Sheffield

When I left HSBC Sheffield 8 years later, I went on the Rony Robinson show talking about my panic attacks.  I had really forgotten what it was like to have an actual panic attack, so it wasn’t until I sat in the car after the interview and remembered exactly what they were like, but from a safe distance.  Panic attacks are different for different people.  I suffered from sleeping badly at night, waking up in the middle of the night with cold and warm sweats.   When the panic attack feeling hit me, I dreaded the pumping of cortisol in my arms, the fight-flight response.

The solution for Panic attacks.

If I was helping you to come to terms with panic attacks.  For the first 10/20 minutes, I would find out more about your issue.  I would then relax you into a deep state of Hypnosis, using a number of visualisation techniques and then plant positive suggestions into your subconscious mind.  You would then be given a tailor-made Hypnotherapy session to take away on CD and I can also send you a Mp3 file to install on your phone.

The most important thing to do between sessions is to listen to the tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording on CD on a daily basis.  It can take from 1 to 5 session to help you find a solution, which can be scheduled monthly.

As you listen to the tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording, you will start to release the prisoners from your subconscious mind, that is causing you to have panic attacks.  Positive suggestions made into your subconscious mind while in a trance will change your beliefs and behaviours so you are better able to deal with your daily life.   The relaxed feeling you feel while under Hypnosis, will be carried over into your daily life, so that you feel more in control of your life and achieve more, life will start to flow smoothly again.

Contact me

Please give me a ring on 01909 282435 for a free 15-minute telephone consultation, to see if Hypnotherapy, is a viable solution for you.  If you don’t live close to me I can do a telephone consultation and then send you a tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording via mp3 link.  Alternately purchase an off the shelf recording on my Hypnotherapy shop.

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Hypnobirthing and Gastric band hypnosis

Recently a new technique has come out called Hypnobirthing.   I don’t believe that Hypnobirthing will be any more effective than Hypnotherapy for pregnancy and birthing.   From time to time people come out with these Fad techniques, another one being Gastric band Hypnotherapy.  They are just different Hypnotherapy scripts, in my opinion, it’s nothing more than the reinvention of the wheel and trying to sell under a different disguise.  I see it more as a marketing ploy.  There are no quick fixes.

Professional Hypnotherapist

If you want to better deal with the duration of your pregnancy and the actual birth event.  Find a good professional Hypnotherapist, who has good word of mouth. A good Hypnotherapist will be able to tailor make your Hypnotherapy session to your outcome, whatever that is.  Hypnotherapy works plain and simple, whatever the outcome if used correctly.

Tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording

Any professional Hypnotherapist will provide you with a tailor-made Hypnotherapy session to take away each time they see you.   I provide a new tailor-made Hypnotherapy session each time the client sees me on CD.  A Mp3 copy of the recording can be provided via email to download straight to their phone if they require it.  As well as seeing the Hypnotherapist on a regular basis you need to use the tailor-made recording daily between sessions to get maximum effects out of Hypnotherapy.


Hypnotherapy put very simply, is about relaxation, repetition, positive affirmation.

If I was using Hypnotherapy to help a lady during pregnancy and birthing, I would find out her concerns to start with.  I would then relax her into a very deep state of trance using a number of visualisation techniques and then suggest a number of positive outcomes into her subconscious mind.


After daily use of the tailor-made Hypnotherapy session, the lady would find herself carrying that relaxed feeling over into her daily life, this will much better help her deal with her pregnancy.   Positive suggestions about pregnancy will be engrained in her subconscious mind so that she changes her beliefs and behaviours about the event in the future and it is in the best state of mind possible to deal with the birth.

Being in a healthy state of mind will also help the lady better deal with the events of the pregnancy and avoid depression after the birth.

Diaphragm breathing

I show you how to correctly breathe from the diaphragm, which is so important when giving birth to ensure that you don’t panic and the birth flows as smoothly as possible.   Thinking positively throughout the birth is so important and positive affirmations will have been driven deep into your subconscious mind, by the time of the birth.

It’s being suggested that a mother playing soothing music while the baby is in the womb will help the baby, even better is a mother who is relaxed and positive about herself throughout the pregnancy and the birth.

Contact me

Give me a ring on 01909 282435 if I can assist you further with your pregnancy in Sheffield.  Alternately I can do a consultation over the telephone and send you a tailor-made recording via Mp3 download link.   I am also open to working with groups of people in the South Yorkshire, North Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire area with a common goal.

All the best





I am registered with the UK Guild of Hypnotist examiners.

I came across the UK Guild of Hypnotist examiners a number of years ago.  They asked me to present to them at their annual conference in Scarborough.  My area of expertise was Mind machines and my talk went down very well on the day.



I liked the way that the UK guild of hypnotist examiners was set up, and Leslie Hubbard the chairman’s approach.  I decided to join the Guild a number of years ago.  The chairperson is now Lisa Morgan.

The UK guild was set up back in the 1980’s, which makes it quite an old Hypnotherapy organisation

The UK guild of Hypnotherapist examiners originally started around the Scarborough area, but is more nationwide now and holds their annual conference in London.  There are various training days via conference call every year.

If you would like to find out more about the UK guild of Hypnotist examiners, please click on this link.

All the best Tim


Panic attacks

The first client I worked with from Worksop back in 2001 came to me about panic attacks.  He paid for 10 sessions of Hypnotherapy in advance.  After a number of sessions, he asked if his partner could come in his place for the next session, because they were going on holiday and she was scared of flying.    He didn’t want it to ruin his holiday or hers.

Fly confidently

Fly confidently

Tailor-made recording on CD

In those days I produced cassettes rather than CD recordings.  The lady used the tailor-made recording I gave her after the session daily for a week.  She also took a portable tape recorder with her on holiday to play the tape daily so that on her return flight she would have extra confidence.   This was a complete success.

My mother wasn’t a great flyer so I produced her a tailor-made fear of flying recording.  This helped her tremendously and she has since made many journeys to the United Arab Emirates to visit my sister and her husband.

Travel agents

A local travel agent in Dinnington sent a customer to see me, they didn’t give me much time to help her.  This lady was surprised how much tension had disappeared around her shoulder area when I relaxed here, which she wasn’t expecting.  I had difficulty contacting this client after, but I was assured the lady had travelled by plane many times after this.  Previously she had feared to go on holiday and had lost a lot of money on a holiday she had cancelled at the last minute due to fear.

Group Hypnotherapy for fear of flying.

I would be willing to work with any local airport: East Midlands, Doncaster, Leeds Bradford to help with groups of people who fear flying.  Or you are maybe a group of friends who would like more confidence when going on holiday to reduce apprehension that you may have before flying.    The enjoyment of a holiday can be reduced because you are also concerned with the return journey.

After the session, I will provide you all with a tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording via Mp3 download link.  You can download the Mp3 recording to your phone to use daily before your holiday, but also during your vacation to make the return journey even better.   You will find that for future holidays you will no longer require to use a Hypnotherapy recording.

I had a nice call from a gentleman from the S25 area of Sheffield who had come to me about the fear of flying.  He told me that he came back in a storm from Lapland and it had hardly bothered him.  On previous occasions, a normal flight by a plane had been very difficult and claustrophobic for him.

Contact me now

If you would like to see me one to one to boost your confidence when flying, give me a call on 01909 282435.   I am based at Dinnington in Sheffield.


To start with I will find a little more about why you fear flying, the chat will last 10/15 minutes.


For the next 30 minutes, I will take you into deep Hypnosis.  I will teach you how to remove tension from your mind and body, guide you through a number of visualisation exercises and then plant positive suggestions into your subconscious mind, about your positive experience of flying in the future.

I would recommend coming to me a month before your holiday and then listening daily to the tailor made recording I give you on CD to take away until your holiday for best results.


You will find that because you know how to relax in stressful situations, that when you are flying that the feelings of fear will just drop off.   Any negative experiences you have built up from the past about flying, you will face these as an older wiser person and put to bed.   You will then go away and enjoy your holiday more than you have before, as it will flow much more smoothly before the event and even during the holiday when apprehension may have built up in the past about the return journey.

Positive suggestions

Positive suggestions made into your subconscious mind while in a trance will echo in your mind when flying.  You will no longer need Dutch courage to fly.

Mp3 download for confident flying

You can purchase this on the Mp3 downloads part of my website, use daily for a month and I can offer support via email if you contact me asking for any further advice.   If you would prefer a more tailor-made recording, I can do a telephone consultation and send you a tailor-made recording via Mp3 download link.

I walk my talk and wouldn’t expect somebody to do something I wasn’t capable of.

Many years ago I flew across to Sedona myself in Arizona in the USA, this was a two-hop flight through Chicago.  This meant going up and down twice on the same day.   On the way there everything flowed smoothly, but on the way back I hit a lightning storm coming down into Chicago and had to stay 24 hours in the city due to the most extreme wet weather conditions and delays to flights.  I can’t imagine a worse scenario than this and I sailed through it.  This was a couple of years after the September 11th terrorist attack on New York.  I had to laugh because on the way back I was sat next to a nice Afghanistan lad who said he wasn’t frightened of flying, but secretly downed a bottle of spirits to get Dutch courage.

All the best