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A number of years ago a client came to see me, because they were concerned about having a knee operation while under a local anaesthetic.  I did one session of Hypnotherapy.  They listened daily to the tailor-made recording I provided on a CD and successfully had the operation.  The client was having another knee operation in the future.  The CD could be used again in the future for reassurance.

Hypnotherapy is no quick fix solution.   Use the tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording daily for a month to ensure maximum effects from the session.

Fear phobia of needles

When a client contacted me about a fear of needles.  I was more than confident to help with the issue due to the success of the client above.  This was a referral from a different customer.

To start with I find out a little more about you phobia whatever it is.

I then relax you into a deep state of trance.   Guided visualisation and other techniques are used to guide you into a deep state of trance.   Once in a deep state of Hypnosis, positive affirmations are made into your subconscious mind.

Tailor made recording

The Hypnotherapy session is recorded straight onto a CD for you to take away.   It can take anything from 1 to 5 sessions to help you with a goal.   Daily use of the tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording is necessary for you to get maximum effects from Hypnotherapy.  I recommend at least a monthly session until the goal is achieved.


By learning how to relax deeply using Hypnosis.  Negative experiences from your past that caused this phobia is released by your subconscious mind.  You are able to revaluate these negative experiences as an older wiser person and come to terms with them.


Because you are in a deep state of Hypnosis, positive suggestions made into your subconscious mind have a greater effect on you.

Positive affirmations

Can be changed depending on your goal.  Positive statements are made, rather than negative ones that refocus you on the phobia.   If I said to you “Don’t think about pink elephants”  what happens?  Rather than saying you “you aren’t scared of injections”, I would phrase “You are confidently having injections.

Positive statements over time change beliefs and behaviours.

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If you would like a 15-minute free telephone consultation.   Give me a ring on (0044) 01909 282435.   One to one sessions can be arranged in Sheffield.  If you live elsewhere I can do a telephone consultation and then send you a tailor-made Mp3 download.  I have worked with people as far away as Switzerland and the USA.

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Each of my clients is an individual, it makes my life interesting.  No case is the same.   A client came to see me because birds especially pigeons were making them overreact.  If they were out eating outside at a cafe somewhere and a bird came too close.  The bird would make them feel uncomfortable and they would end up screaming.   They were going down to London in a few days and we’re going to visit Trafalgar square which was full of pigeons.

Fear of birds

Fear of birds

I quickly got word back that the session had already started to have some effect on them. They hadn’t overreacted when visiting Trafalgar Sq. in London.  Hypnotherapy isn’t a quick fix solution, it can take 1 to 5 sessions to resolve an issue.  But on top of that, I provide you with a tailor-made Hypnotherapy session on CD to take away.  You need to use the CD daily to get maximum effect out of it.

I have since heard that the client has conquered their fear of birds and has referred more clients on to me.

Fear or Phobia

Whatever your fear or phobia, to start with each session is preceded by a 15-minute chat about the issue.  This enables me to direct your subconscious mind while under Hypnosis.   I then guide you into a deep state of Hypnosis using language and visualisation.


Once in a deep state of Hypnosis, I suggest the positive outcome you are looking for.   Hypnosis is like a light sleep that you may have one lazy afternoon, while on holiday.  I extend this sleep but also use it to your benefit.   All Hypnosis is self-hypnosis, I am the guide and you follow along.

Any negative memories from your past that are contributing to your fear are gradually released by your subconscious mind to reevaluate and store back in a more healthy way.  Positive suggestions implanted while in Hypnosis change behaviours and beliefs.

Group sessions Sheffield and Rotherham

I can do one to one Hypnotherapy sessions in Dinnington or travel further afield to Sheffield or Rotherham to conduct group Hypnotherapy sessions.  If you live further afield I can do telephone consultations.

You can ring me on (0044) 01909 282435.

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An irrational fear would be considered a phobia.  For example being frightened of a normal house spider and being unable to remove one from the house.   I could understand the concern of spiders raising when in a country like Australia where they are more harmful.  But again it should be possible for you to deal with the matter without becoming hysterical.

Often I have to remove spiders from the bath before having a shower in the morning.  I prefer not to kill them if I can help it.  Often I will just get a bit of card and let the spider climb onto it and won’t even put it outside the house unless it is a really large one.

From my life experiences, it seems to be ladies who have phobias about spiders.  It is very rare I hear about a man having a phobia of spiders.  I sometimes wonder if this is down to the Nursery rhyme  Putting stories negative stories like these into children’s heads when they are so young, doesn’t sound wise to me.


I once had a customer come to see me about the fear of balloons bursting.  But I think this also extended to firework bangs.  The strangest phobia I heard of, was a lady who feared hanging out her washing when there were butterflies around.

Like I said previously phobias are irrational, so there may be 1000’s of phobias out there.

Fear of heights. Acrophobia

Having a fear of heights to some degree is good, but if it stops you climbing a ladder to repair the house, then it is more of a phobia.  If you had no fear of heights, you wouldn’t be careful when on high buildings.  I know when I paint the gable end of my house every other year, when I first go up the ladder my stomach may churn or I may shake a little, but once up there these feelings disappear.  People working on great heights often will lose these emotions, but still, need to be careful.

I remember when doing my engineering apprenticeship at British Steel Rotherham, they had us sat on the top of the main melting shop roof on Sheffield road.  The idea was to get us used to the fear of heights.  Some of this building still remains and is now called Magna.

Fear of snakes




I can remember going to a zoo when a child and seeing lots of poisonous snakes.  I have never been comfortable with snakes, probably because I haven’t been in contact with many.  However, I went into a local shop in Dinnington that sold them and I stroked the first one ever.    This snake was not poisonous but is a copy of snakes that can be poisonous.  Like with mushrooms and toadstools you have to be careful what is safe to eat and not safe to eat.  Ensure that you see an expert.




Whatever your irrational fear or phobia a professional Hypnotherapist should be able to help you.  It is so important that after the Hypnotherapy session you are provided with a tailor made recording on CD.  It is important to use this Hypnotherapy recording daily between sessions.  Miracles happen in one session, more deep-rooted Hypnotherapy sessions take up to 5 sessions.

Put simply Hypnotherapy relaxes you into a deep trance, where positive suggestions are made to change your beliefs and behaviours.  Repetition ensures that these positive suggestions go deep into your subconscious mind.   By learning to relax deeply using Hypnosis, memories that have caused these fears long ago are allowed to escape by the subconscious mind and be reevaluated as an older and wiser person.

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If you are based locally in Sheffield, I can work face to face with you to resolve phobias.   Further afield and I can do a consultation over the telephone and send you a tailor made Hypnotherapy recording via Mp3 download link.   Groups can be catered for if you have a common goal.  Stress management courses can be tailored for local Sheffield and Rotherham businesses.  A number of Mp3 downloads exist on my Hypnotherapy website shop.

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Fear or Phobia of the dentist

I smashed my front teeth when coming over the handlebars of my bike when I was 12 years old.  There was no time for me to build up a phobia or fear about dentists.  I spent a lot of time at the dentists and actually found the experience quite calming.  Not everybody feels calm and confident at the dentist, for reasons known to them.  Phobias can seem very large in your own mind.

Tooth extraction

A few years ago I was concerned about having a tooth extracted.  I hadn’t had a tooth extracted for 30 or so years.  Last time I had a tooth extracted it was under general anaesthetic.  This time I used a local anaesthetic.   I couldn’t believe how quick the tooth extraction was and time passed so quickly in my mind.  My memories of tooth extraction as a child were false beliefs.

History of dental Hypnosis

You may be interested to know that hypnosis was used in dentistry.  Long before stable local and general anaesthetic were available.  I have even seen somebody having a tooth extracted while under hypnosis.  Their heart rate never changed.  Not something I would personally recommend.  But it does give you the idea of the power of Hypnotherapy.

You will most likely find your body healing much quicker after work at the dentist.  Especially if you have a tooth extracted.  Under the influence of hypnosis.  James Esdaile used hypnosis to operate on patients in India in the middle of the 18th century.  He found the recovery rate from operations was much quicker under Hypnosis.

I am not sure how long you have had a phobia of going to the dentists?  Or what your specific fear of the dentist is?

Hypnotherapy session

Hypnotherapy could help you to feel more calm, confident and safe at the dentist.  To start with I will find out a little about why you fear the dentist.  Each person’s fears and phobias are personal to you.   Once I know a little more about your dental phobia.  I will then relax you into a deep state of hypnosis.  Once in a deep state of hypnosis.   I will suggest positive outcomes into your subconscious mind, that will start to change your beliefs about the dentist.


After each one to one Hypnotherapy session, I provide you with the tailor-made session on CD.  It is so important to use this tailor-made recording daily.  This will increase the power of the positive suggestions made to your subconscious mind.  Each time you go into Hypnosis.  You will find your self-going deeper down into Hypnosis and the positive suggestions will become more embedded in your subconscious mind.


You may find that you are repressing memories from your childhood, that have given you a phobia of the dentist.  Under Hypnosis you will start to remember these repressed emotions.   You will then re-look at these childhood memories as an adult.  You will look at these childhood memories differently and file them away in a more healthy way.

Positive suggestions

The positive suggestions will start to change your beliefs and behaviours so that you feel more calm and confident at the dentist.  One of the positive benefits of Hypnotherapy is the relaxed state of mind you carry around you during the rest of the day.  While at the dentist you will find negative feelings dropping away, as you stay in a calm relaxed state of mind.

Miracles happen in one session of Hypnotherapy, but more deep-rooted phobias about the dentist could take up to 5 sessions.

I welcome calls from individuals or dentist practices wishing to use my services to help fearful patients.

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You can see me face to face in Sheffield.  I can work with individuals elsewhere doing a telephone consultation.  You are then provided with a tailor-made Mp3 download to listen to daily.

Ring me on 01909282435 for a free 15-minute consultation.

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