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It is suggested that if you place three Chinese coins tied together in your wallet they will improve your finances.  They certainly aren’t going to do you any harm, but I would also suggest altering your thoughts for a more prosperous life.  I believe this is based on Placebo.


Emile Coue found that if he gave people sugar pills instead of real medicine to patients, they often came back and told him they had been cured.  He then developed the formulae,  “Every day in every way I am getting better and better”.  Often in testing new medicines, they will have a group of people with using a version with a placebo.  A double bind.

You could suggest the following to yourself “Every day in every way I am becoming more and more prosperous”.  The more you say this formula the more you will believe, as it only suggests gradual change and fools the conscious mind.

Chinese coins

It is suggested you tie three together and place in your wallet or in corners of your house to attract more wealth.  If it helps people then I see no harm in it and it is a nice gift.

I bought a number of these Chinese coins from Ebay and tied together with red silk.  They do look nice and are quite a nice gift to give people.  I also placed one that had gone missing in my Money Toad.

It is also suggested you put a lucky coin under your doormat.   Hong Kong is a very prosperous City and Chinese coins are everywhere in their culture.  The circle depicts heaven and the square earth.

All the luck, health and prosperity for the New year.