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There is a definitive connection between mind and body.  90% of disease originates in the mind.  The problem is our national health service tends to focus on the body rather than the mind.  One day I hope the NHS learns and gets out of the vicious circle.  If you cure the disease from the outside, but not what thoughts cause it in the first place, it will only come back again.


I have heard of people with cancer being cured by coming to terms with past memories that have created the disease in the body in the first place.  Robert Dilts an NLP expert helped cure his mother of advanced bone cancer, through helping her come to terms with childhood memories, years later the cancer had not returned.

Panic attacks

Years ago I suffered from panic attacks for about a year.  A few years later I looked at my personal records and noticed that was the period I sustained 90% of my sick days.   If I hadn’t have used Hypnotherapy and dealt with the memories troubling me, I would have expected my health to deteriorate even further.


Stress has a considerable impact on my health and from 18 to 26 I suffered from bad boils on my nose, that flared up occasionally.  Once I dealt with the memories that caused the panic attacks, my boils disappeared and my drinking reduced to safe levels.

Overeating, Smoking Excessive drinking

How many of the above issues do our population suffer from?  Overeating alone results in 25% of British people being obese and 25% overweight.   If the NHS dealt with the cause of these three issues which I believe in 99% of cases are down to wrong thinking, then the pressure on the NHS would reduce massively.  The problem is the NHS deals with the effects rather than the cause.  Overeating, smoking and excessive drinking result in some many different illnesses.

Many companies make vast amounts of money out of the various drug cures out there, wouldn’t it be nice to see them put out of business because people have control over their own minds and their health.

Brandon Bays Journey workshop

I once went on Brandon’s Journey workshops in London.  Brandon had a tumour on her uterus the same size as a basketball, after dealing with the memories that caused this, the tumour disappeared.   Brandon had no surgery on the tumour.  Her workshops showed people how to deal with past memories and stop physical problems.

Brandon had many stories about people who had benefitted from her work.  One chap on one of her courses who had been negative suddenly started shouting.  She thought she was in for another lecture on how the course didn’t do anything for him.  He realised he had driven to the workshop that day without his glasses and his eyesight was now OK.  It was in the middle of a two-day course.

Another story Brandon talks about is a dour Yorkshire coming to see her about cancer on his lungs.   After doing Brandon’s journey technique, he remembered finding his mother dead in the street during the 2nd world war shot by a German bomber.  He had harboured the anger in his heart since, which had resulted in cancer.  After releasing the trapped childhood memory and coming to terms with it,  the cancer on his lungs disappeared.  He had an X-ray and there was a slight scar left where the cancer had been.  The doctors and NHS wanted to claim credit for the cancer cure, saying it was something they had given him in the past that had suddenly worked, but in his heart, he knew what had cured his cancer.

Emile Coue

I once came across Emile Coue’s work.   Emile who was a French Pharmacist found that when he occasionally gave people sugar pills they came back and thanked him for curing them.  Basically, it was a Placebo effect.  He came up with the formulae “Every day in every way I am getting better and better”.  Emile’s books have 100’s of cases of people he helped through the power of suggestion.

Mantra’s and Positive self-talk

I recommend you seeing your doctor if you have a serious illness.  But why not use the power of suggestion to heal yourself at the same time.  Last thing at night as you go to sleep and first thing in the morning as you awaken suggest a gradually changing positive affirmation to yourself about your health improving.  You can always repeat the suggestion quietly in your mind throughout the day.   Because the suggestions only suggest a small change, the affirmations if repeated daily for many weeks or months, the physical condition improves and the body becomes healthy again.  For many people, they are too lazy and want a pill that takes away any effort on their own part, which means they never learn from the illness and over time get more severe levels of illness.

I suggest using the following formulae.

“Day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment I am growing more and more healthy in every way.”  The “every way” dealing with whatever illness you have.

I would love to hear of positive feedback after using my suggestion.

All the best







If you repeat the following statement “I am a millionaire”.  Your conscious mind is never going to believe that it is true.  It is too much for it to take on board.  However, if you were to repeat a statement that you were gradually becoming a millionaire, this is something that your conscious mind can believe over time.

How should I frame my self-talk?

“Day by day, hour by hour, moment by moment, I am becoming a millionaire more and more.”  The conscious mind can’t dispute this fact over time, as the change is so gradual.  You will eventually change your beliefs and behaviours and become a millionaire.

Alternately you could use the following self-talk.   “Every day in every way I am becoming wealthier and wealthier”.  There is no limit to the ceiling on this affirmation.

How often and long do I need to use self-talk?

You need to keep repeating the statement quietly in your mind throughout the day.  The more often you repeat and the longer you do it, the more certain you will be of becoming a millionaire.  A good time to repeat the statement is last thing at night as you are going to sleep and first thing in the morning as you awaken.  Last thing at night and first thing in a morning, you are in a more hypnotic state of mind and more likely to take on positive suggestions made into the subconscious mind.  Its especially good to repeat the positive statement while going to sleep, because it will be the last thing on your mind as you fall asleep.

Self talk MP3’s.

I have a number of self talk M.P’s in the shop of my Hypnotherapy site.  The self talk Mp3’s will be added to over time.   You can add these to your phone and listen to through headphones.  Sometimes people who are new to personal development, need to hear the positive instructions coming from outside themselves until they are confident enough to say them to themselves.  These Mp3’s can be listened to any time, you can either passively listen to them or repeat the affirmations to yourself quietly at the same time.

All the best







Positive self talk

I first came across the power of self-talk when I first started suffering from panic attacks back in the 1990’s.   In some areas of my life, I was using positive self-talk without even thing about it.  However, in other areas of my life, my self-talk was poor.

I wasn’t particularly good at sport at school, due to my size.  However, I was half decent at cross-country running.  When I left school I started running regularly.  I set myself a goal of completing the Sheffield full marathon.

I would go out running 6 miles most nights, whatever the weather.  Completing a 13 mile run on  most Sunday morning’s.  After completing a number of half marathons, the Nottingham full Marathon.  I finally completed the Sheffield Marathon in 3 hours 10 minutes.  I beat the first lady in and came 138th.

Panic attacks

After working in London I started to suffer from panic attacks.  My panic attacks only got worse after moving back into a desk based job in Sheffield.  After a course of Hypnotherapy treatment, my panic attacks disappeared.  I suffered from a feeling of loneliness that had caused these panic attacks.

Hypnotherapy treatment

After my Hypnotherapy treatment, I started to work on my self-talk.  I purchased a course by a Daniel A Simmons.  The course was called the “Realization system”.  This was based on Emile Coue’s theory.  Emile Coue was most famous for, “Every day in every way I am getting better and better.”

Shad Helmstetter

I then came across self-talk tapes by a Shad Helmstetter.   Shad had created a number of self-talk tapes to play daily.   These self-talk tapes could be listened to while eating your breakfast, having a shower or shaving.   Daily repeated listening to these tapes was a type of Hypnotherapy, without the trance.  Gradually behaviours and beliefs change as you listen to these self-talk tapes while doing other things.

Shad Helmstetter has moved thing on from his first book.  “What you say when you talk to yourself” and his tapes.  He has recently published a number of new books.  Shad now streams his affirmations recordings for a monthly fee.

Self-talk Mp3 downloads.

I do my own version of self-talk recordings and add questions into the mix.

Trish Hatley

A few years ago I came across Trish Hatley who had created an album of positive self-talk songs.  So far I have only found Trish doing good singing affirmations.

Trish is a swing singer in California.  She was going through problems with her voice and used positive affirmations to help her.  She then had an epiphany and decided to create an album of positive self-talk songs.

My belief is that singing, positive affirmations are more powerful and enjoyable than just talking them.   Singing the positive affirmations certainly, creates more feeling and drives these affirmations deep into the subconscious mind.   Just add the album onto your mobile phone.  You can listen where ever you are in the house or on the move.

I think singing positive affirmations could be an important breakthrough for the future.  The melody along with the positive affirmations is going to be more effective than just singing affirmations.  Have you ever had your favourite song going around in your head, long after you listened to it on the radio?  I remember when we used to have Vinyl records and repeating my favourite songs, they used to stick in my head.  The trouble is the words to many of these songs from my youth weren’t that good.  I am now much more careful what songs I listen to.  Remember “Ghost town” by the Specials.

I wouldn’t normally advertise other people’s work on my blog, but Trish Hatley’s work is so good, I am going to recommend her here.

Sing ask and it is given.

I am certainly going to look at singing affirmations as a more productive way to achieve goals.  I had Trish’s album a couple of years before I started to listen to it daily.

Singing versus talking affirmations

My original question was.  Is it better to sing or talk positive affirmations?  For me, it has to be singing positive affirmations or listening to them in that form.  I love ballroom dancing and the swing music really does it for me.  However, other people may not be so keen on affirmations being sung.  What do you think?

All the best


Positive self talk affirmations

Positive self talk affirmations