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110% confidential

I have been working with clients as far back as 2001.  My first success with a customer was for fear of flying.  My service is 110% confidential.  Clients are only asked to give a written recommendation if they feel comfortable going public about it.  I can limit the testimonial to just their name or even less.  I tend to work with clients on a monthly basis.  Once a client has been to see me,  I contact them a week later to make sure they are getting on OK with the recording.

Fear of flying

One client was sent by a local travel agent in Dinnington.  The client came in at the last minute, because they were going on a holiday in a weeks time.  They had cancelled another holiday previously at the last minute due to nerves about flying.  I found out through the travel agent that this had been a success, because the client was now going off on another holiday.  Funnily enough, her husband came to see me about another issue a few years later and this was via a totally different source.  He cancelled one of his appointments because they were going on another holiday abroad.  Same again I struggled to get feedback on his success, but found out through another source that it had been successful

Stopping smoking

The reason I wrote this blog, is because I was at a public meeting the other night in Dinnington and an ex-client came straight out in front of other people about seeing me.  He told me he hadn’t smoked since coming to see me 4 years.   This was the greatest advertisement I could receive because other people then became interested.


Whether you want to see me face to face in Dinnington.  Or want me to do a consultation over the telephone and have me send a tailored made Hypnotherapy session via Mp3 to you.  Give me a call on (0044) 01909282435 for a free 15-minute consultation.  Alternately purchase one of my Hypnotherapy recordings in the Shop area of my web site.

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Dinnington hypnotherapy