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Rotherham Hypnotherapist

Tim Wells can be contacted on 01909 282435  

He has been helping clients and businesses in the Rotherham area since 2001.

One to one Hypnotherapy

Sessions normally last an hour.  15 minute chat about your current life circumstances and your goal.   30-minute Hypnotherapy session recorded onto a CD to take away with you.   1 to 5 sessions required to help you achieve your goal.  Sessions can be scheduled as frequently as required, but he recommends a monthly session.  It is so important to use the tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording on CD daily between sessions.   Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool, but without a little effort on your own part, it won’t work.

Group sessions.

Tim can work with groups of like-minded people in the Rotherham area.   Groups of 5 to 10 people wanting to: Stop smoking, Lose weight, Stress management.  He can come to you and deliver a tailor made Hypnotherapy session.   After the session the group are provided with a tailor made Hypnotherapy mp3 download.   It’s so important to use the tailor-made Mp3 download session daily to achieve sustainable results.

Stress management for businesses in Rotherham.

Why not increase the productivity and profitability of your Anston business, at the same time as reducing illness in your company.  Tim can deliver a tailor-made Stress management course for your business, either on your premises or at a suitable local venue.  The courses can be two hours or day duration, dependent on your needs.


Tim trained as a Neuro Linguistic Master (N.L.P) practitioner between 1998 and 2000.  With Optimum performance in Manchester and Hexagon training in Sheffield.  He specialised on on the Hypnotherapy side of his training, N.L.P. covers a much wider area than just Hypnotherapy.  He also has a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis with Logos training and is registered with the UKGuild of Hypnotist examiners.

Tim has also carried out a great deal of other training with: The Sedona Method,  Lucid dreaming, Brandon Bays and Coaching with the performance partnership.  He has also explored Mind Machine technology, Emile Coue, Bio Feedback, Binaural beats etc.

What can Hypnotherapy help with?

Hypnotherapy may help with a number of issues, this is a short list.



Fears and Phobias




Public speaking

Sexual problems

Stopping smoking

Stress management

Weight management

Contact Tim Wells on 01909 282435 for a free 15-minute consultation, to discuss he can help you as an individual or your Rotherham business to achieve your goal.

I have been working with individuals and organisations since 2001 to better deal with stress, enabling them to become healthier and more efficient.  I know the worst case scenario of working for a large multi-national organisation, when I suffered a nervous breakdown when working in London.


Once I developed panic attacks, even an office based job back in Sheffield didn’t make a difference.  Only after seeing a Hypnotherapist and Psycho-analyst, was I able to deal with the panic attacks.

Many large organisations talk about caring for staff, but the reality on the shop floor or in the office environment it is not the case.  On the other hand, many people bring their issues to work, such as relationship issues or burdening themselves with too much debt.

Rotherham learning network.

I have delivered 4 different stress management courses for Rotherham learning network.  Dealing with different groups of people.  These courses lasted for 2 hours and were practical in nature and not overburdening people with facts.

  • Mental and physically disabled people.
  • Working woman
  • Carers
  • Older citizens

I was so shocked to hear how bad the sleep patterns were for the working ladies.  Most of them weren’t even getting 6 hours sleep a night.

Pringle computer training.

I also delivered a number of 6/7 hour courses for Pringle computer training at Darnall/Attercliffe.  They had received a request from organisations who they normally delivered technical courses to, to deliver Stress management courses.   I went into the theory of stress management but also gave people solutions.  The 2nd group who came to see me were really looking forward to the session after hearing from the first group.

One of the things that came out of this course, was that those on the shop floor were subject to as much stress as those in office environments.   Most companies seem more bothered about their executive workers than those who do the physical work in the company.

Stress management courses.

Let me develop a tailor made Stress management course for your organisation.  I prefer not to burden people with lists of things that they should or shouldn’t do.  I also like to get people to discuss their own life and where they believe the most stress to be.  We also come up with some solutions for stress people are being subjected to daily.

It would also be nice to feedback confidentially into the company, so that points of stress that can be removed.

There is nothing worse than going on a stress management course, where you feel more stressed after it, with irrelevant facts.  I hope to give people practical techniques to reduce stress in their life.  Delegates are shown how to go into trance for power breaks or to reduce stress on a daily basis.  I am not an academic lecturing people, I know what I am talking about.

I can also produce a tailor made mp3 for people to take away with them and use daily to reduce stress in their life’s and ultimately in your organisation.

By individuals in your organisation being more relaxed.  They stay more focused and produce more efficiently.  Illness days will also reduce as people feel less bored, more motivated and have fewer colds.

One to one

I can also do one to one stress management sessions.  This will include a 15-minute chat to determine the outcome required.  You will then be put into a trance for 30 minutes and the outcome made.   This 30-minute Hypnotherapy session is recorded onto a CD for you to take away and use daily.

Mp3 download

Or you can purchase my sleep and relaxation Mp3 download on my Hypnotherapy web site shop.

Contact me.

For a free 15 minute consultation give me a ring on 01909 282435.  I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best










A recent study by scientists of major Western cultures has suggested that many British workers are deprived of sleep.  Lack of sleep will result in lower productivity.   America and Japan has a worse issue than the UK.  This study was pretty comprehensive, but with any study, I would take with a pinch of salt.  You can search on this if you are looking for specifics of the research.

Rotherham learning network Stress management courses

I ran stress management courses for Rotherham Learning network a number of years ago.   One particular course was for 10 working ladies.   Most of the ladies told me how poor their sleep was every night in the group discussion.  On average it was lower than six hours a night.   7 to 8 hours sleep is required for maximum efficiency during the day.

Reduced sleep patterns could result in a lower life expectancy if carried on over long periods of time.

HSBC bank Sheffield

While working at HSBC bank in Sheffield, I came across colleagues who had sleep issues.  Many were defeated before the day began and this lowered their productivity.  Many people talk about stress being due to the job, but if they were totally honest, many would have to admit they bring their baggage to work with them as well.  Over stretching them financially or a stressful relationship at home.

I know from my own experiences when working for HSBC and suffering from panic attacks and poor sleep patterns.  Once I dealt with issues from my own child hood, especially around loneliness.  Sleep patterns improved and stress dissolved.

Poor sleep patterns can be due to over work.  However, it is most likely people have unhealed issues in their subconscious mind.  Once these unresolved issues are dealt with, sleep patterns get back to normal.  Not being assertive enough, is one of the reasons why people extend themselves too much in the first place.

Sheffield businesses stress management courses

I did run a number of Stress management courses for Pringle training in Sheffield.  I really enjoyed running these courses.  Staff who had heard about my methods on previous training courses.  Looked forward to coming on my courses.

Not enough Sheffield businesses value their staff and invest in them.  Teaching your staff to relax and focus better on tasks, increases productivity.  Some times you have to speculate, to accumulate.  Too many businesses see staff as cannon fodder.  Too many businesses prefer to have their staff on edge, using fear as a motivation technique, but this only back fires in the long run.

I can certainly come into your Sheffield or Rotherham business and teach your staff how to relax and increase productivity.   Contact me on 01909 282435 if you want to talk further on the matter.  If you are a training company who would like to add Stress management to your portfolio, I would be happy to deliver stress management courses for you.  I have my own way of working with people, I don’t stress people out with facts on stress management.

One to one Hypnotherapy Sheffield

If you are an individual in Sheffield with sleep issues I can see you on a one to one.  The best method I have found for improving sleep problems is Hypnotherapy.  Once you learn to relax properly,  repressed emotions can be released by your subconscious mind.  You can then go to sleep better and to feel more in control of your daily life.  It can take from 1 to 5 sessions to resolve issues.  You will also be provided with a tailor made Hypnotherapy recording on CD.  It is so important to use the tailor-made Hypnotherapy session daily between recordings.

Mp3 downloads

I do a number of Hypnotherapy Mp3 downloads and you can purchase a sleep and relaxation recording on my Hypnotherapy shop.  These recordings are good value for money but do require daily use for a month or two to get maximum results.

All the best




In the 1990’s I started suffering from panic attacks, these came on after working in central London.  Things went drastically wrong when working at the flagship Midland Bank branch at Poultry and Princes st in London.   I had set off at 5:30 am in the morning by car to London from Sheffield and due to a serious issue with the Telecommunications equipment in the branch.   I didn’t go back to my hotel until 12 am the next morning.  While walking past the Tower of London, I started having this strange feeling, which I later found out to be panic attacks.

Midland bank/HSBC

I spent a further year on the road around Britain refitting Midland branches with the latest Telecommunications technology before I could tell my management that I couldn’t cope with the job.   The stress associated with working in London spread to working elsewhere in the country, as the expectations on me were far too great.  I will give you an example, I set off at 5:30 am to Bristol, was diverted to Poole in Dorset and then arrived at my hotel in Bangor at about 11 pm that night.   Luckily the Welsh lady whose bed and breakfast hotel I stayed at, was good enough to cook me Scampi and chips, as I hadn’t eaten all day.

National Health Service

I expected my stress to disappear once I took up an office based job in Sheffield, but my stress and panic attacks just got worse.  At this point, I was taking quite a few sick days and seeing my doctor on a regular basis.   Thankfully I was living at Beighton at the time and received a good service from my doctor.


I was given a relaxation tape to listen to by my doctor, but it didn’t help me relax.  I was then sent off to see a Counsellor but only attended the first session, as I believed that the process was a complete waste of time.  At this point, I decided to pay privately to see a Psychoanalyst based at Killamarsh.

After about 7 sessions, the issue that was causing my panic attacks started to surface, but I couldn’t face up to the issue.  I left a cheque in the reception of the clinic I was attending, saying I was now OK, even though I wasn’t.   All the psychoanalyst used to do was relax me into Hypnosis, using music and a spinning circle.  For the next 30 minutes, she then asked me what I was thinking next, it was pretty intrusive and made me feel uncomfortable.  The trouble is if you are really suffering from panic attacks, you will do whatever you need to do to resolve them.


3 months later my panic attacks hadn’t got any better, so I went to see another Hypnotherapist at Killamarsh.  The experience was much more gentle and enjoyable.  To start with we used to have a 15 meeting talk about my issue, I was then relaxed into a deep state of Hypnosis and positive suggestions were made into my subconscious mind.  I received a tape of the Hypnotherapy session each time I went to see the Hypnotherapist, which I played daily between sessions.  I saw the Hypnotherapist weekly for 10 weeks.  This time the issue that was causing my panic attacks surfaced again, I was able to talk to the Hypnotherapist about it and eventually my own dad.  At first these repressed memories made me feel very uncomfortable and sick in the stomach, but eventually, this feeling went away, along with my panic attacks.

Throughout my time seeing the Hypnotherapist, I talked to my GP about it, who didn’t seem too enthusiastic towards Hypnotherapy.  One of my sisters who was a sister in a hospital said that it was stupid to see a Hypnotherapist.   But as far as I am concerned, I believed counselling to be a waste of time and wasn’t willing to live the rest of my life on medication, I refused medication full stop.

At the end of seeing my Hypnotherapist, I had the confidence to tell my doctor I couldn’t cope and he gave me a month off work.  During this time I recovered fully from my panic attacks and by the time the doctor sent me off to see a psychologist due to my time off work, they were satisfied that I had dealt with my mental health issues.

Rony Robinson Radio Sheffield

When I left HSBC Sheffield 8 years later, I went on the Rony Robinson show talking about my panic attacks.  I had really forgotten what it was like to have an actual panic attack, so it wasn’t until I sat in the car after the interview and remembered exactly what they were like, but from a safe distance.  Panic attacks are different for different people.  I suffered from sleeping badly at night, waking up in the middle of the night with cold and warm sweats.   When the panic attack feeling hit me, I dreaded the pumping of cortisol in my arms, the fight-flight response.

The solution for Panic attacks.

If I was helping you to come to terms with panic attacks.  For the first 10/20 minutes, I would find out more about your issue.  I would then relax you into a deep state of Hypnosis, using a number of visualisation techniques and then plant positive suggestions into your subconscious mind.  You would then be given a tailor-made Hypnotherapy session to take away on CD and I can also send you a Mp3 file to install on your phone.

The most important thing to do between sessions is to listen to the tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording on CD on a daily basis.  It can take from 1 to 5 session to help you find a solution, which can be scheduled monthly.

As you listen to the tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording, you will start to release the prisoners from your subconscious mind, that is causing you to have panic attacks.  Positive suggestions made into your subconscious mind while in a trance will change your beliefs and behaviours so you are better able to deal with your daily life.   The relaxed feeling you feel while under Hypnosis, will be carried over into your daily life, so that you feel more in control of your life and achieve more, life will start to flow smoothly again.

Contact me

Please give me a ring on 01909 282435 for a free 15-minute telephone consultation, to see if Hypnotherapy, is a viable solution for you.  If you don’t live close to me I can do a telephone consultation and then send you a tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording via mp3 link.  Alternately purchase an off the shelf recording on my Hypnotherapy shop.

All the best