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I have just purchased this new singing bowl. The company says that the majority of their bowls are tuned to note B and according to me that is the crown Chakra. However, I am not 100% sure and need confirmation which I am writing to them about.


There are said to be 7 Chakras in the body, which are energy vortex’s.

Root base of the spine


Note C 256 hz

Sacral just below the navel


Note D 288 hz

Solar plexus stomach area


Note E 320 hz

Heart centre of the chest


Note F 341.3 hz

Throat Blue

Note F 384 Hz

Third eye centre eyebrows Indigo

Note G 426.7 hz

Crown Top of the head


Note B 480 hz

It is said that if illness appears in any part of the body it can be due to blockages of energy in any of these chakras. By playing the tones of each chakra energy blockages can be cleared and energy restored.

This video demonstrates the sound I generate with this singing bowl. Play on a regular basis to rebalance the Crown chakra.


Binaural beats

Tibetan singing bowls were the original binaural beats we now create electronically with two different tones in each ear. Binaural beats synchronise both hemispheres of the mind and help you to reach a deeper state of meditation.

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I have had my Tibetan singing bowl for quite some years.  But this is the first time I have tried to record the sound and upload a video to Youtube. The recording isn’t perfect but it does give you an idea of the distinct sounds it makes.

Scroll to the end of the blog for the free 30-minute recording.

To start with I strike the Tibetan singing bowl three times and then a short pause.   The Tibetan singing bowl is then rubbed by the striker to create a circular sound for a period of time.

I think the sound of the bowl can be altered by adding varying amounts of water.  I am not sure of any other methods of altering the sound.  But if you do know of any, give me a shout.

At some stage, I will record a more professional recording and sell this on my Hypnotherapy website.

Strike wave sounds captured on audacity

Tibetan singing bowl strike

Tibetan singing bowl strike

Circular wave sounds captured on audacity

Tibetan singing bowl circular

Tibetan singing bowl circular

30-minute free youtube recording


This recording could be played to change the vibrations in your room every day.

Tibetan singing bowl and striker

Tibetan singing bowl and striker

Tibetan singing bowl and striker

My bowl is only about six inches diameter.  But I have seen bowls big enough for people to stand in, which send out much larger waves of sound.

I hope you have enjoyed this.

All the best