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It doesn’t cost any money or much time to keep fit on a daily basis.  Before I get in the car I always ask myself if I can walk or cycle before I do that.  Whenever I am walking around Dinnington and Anston, I can’t believe the number of people driving around in cars, I suspect 50% of those journeys could be made on foot or by cycle.  A brisk 20/30 minute walk is good for the heart and helps to burn off excess calories and can be relaxing.


When I was working at HSBC in Sheffield, I used to like the 1.5 mile walk every morning from the train station to Griffin house and back every day.  It also allowed me to collect my thoughts on the way into work and back out every day.  It’s possible to meditate while walking and calm the mind.  Walking also reduces stress.


There was a period when I was working around the country when I was younger and it used to disrupt my going to the gymnasium.  I have since found a much better and regular way to exercise every day.  This can be done at home or in any hotel room.  Three times a day I do situps and press ups.    I do 3 x 20 situps and press ups before breakfast, before my lunch and then before my evening meal.


This routine of sit ups and press ups takes me very little time and keeps my stomach and chest trim.  I would recommend a gradual build up if you aren’t used to exercising.  For the first week do 10 sit ups and press ups three times a day, the next week 20 situps and 20 press ups three times a day, increase in increments of 10 every week.  Eventually, you will be doing 3 x 20 sit ups and press ups three times a day.

I put my feet under a heavy object like a chair or you can purchase a device to put under the door to help you to do situps, which is very cheap.


People make excuses why they don’t have the time to exercise.  But the average person watches TV for 4 hours every day or a similar amount of time on social media.


Exercising, should be fun and not a chore.  You could run, swim, play football or whatever makes you tick.  Buy an exercise video or even join a class.


Find a daily exercise routine you enjoy to do and it will improve your wellbeing, reduce stress and burn off excess calories.

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If you are struggling to motivate yourself to exercise give me a ring on 01909 282435 for a free 15-minute consultation.  I can help you using Hypnotherapy to get into the right state of mind.  After each Hypnotherapy session in Sheffield, I always provide clients with a tailor-made Hypnotherapy session to take away on CD.  It’s so important to use the Hypnotherapy recording daily to re-program the mind and reduce the stress that gets in the way of life.

If you live away from Sheffield.  I can do a telephone consultation.  A tailor-made Hypnotherapy CD can be produced and sent to you via Mp3 download link.  Alternately try one of my off the Sheffield Mp3 downloads on my shop.


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Hypnotherapy for fitness

Hypnotherapy for fitness


When I worked at HSBC in Sheffield I used to take in a salad every day, rather than purchase overpriced cardboard sandwiches.  It used to take me about 5/10 minutes to prepare the night before.  I would then put in a plastic box and empty onto a plate at work.  It used to get a few raised eyebrows at work, but that is par for the course when you do something a little different in the banking world.  I would spend less time preparing a salad each evening, than going to purchase sandwiches at lunchtime in Sheffield city centre.

Meditation and a healthy diet

Greek salad

Greek salad

If you want to reduce stress eating a salad at lunchtime will help that and also reduce your intake of bread, bread isn’t good in such large quantities.  You need to also supplement a healthy diet with meditation if you want to really get in control of daily stress.  Weight loss can be helped along by eating more of things that grow in the ground or on trees, rather than eating animal products.

Greek salad.

I prepared myself a Greek salad this week.  All that it was missing was a few olives.  It’s so easy to prepare and cheap.


Ingredients and preparation

Little gem lettuce Washed and chopped up as small as possible 80p
Tomatoes Washed and chopped up as small as possible 80p
Cucumber Washed and sliced 50p
Feta cheese Diced up 110p
Black pepper To taste
Virgin olive oil Few splashes
Red pepper Washed and diced 50p


All I did was put all the ingredients onto a plate, mixed around a little.  Then put a few splashes of Olive oil on and ground black pepper onto it.  You can add any additional ingredients of your choice and experiment.  You may also like to add a little garlic chopped up.

I only used one of the little gem lettuces, one tomato, a small amount of cucumber, less than half the Feta cheese and half a red pepper.  There is no excuse not to eat healthily and enjoy your food more, with a little effort on your own part.  Eating healthy can be cheap.

Sheffield Hypnotherapist

I maybe a good Sheffield Hypnotherapist, but even I can’t help you lose weight, without a gradual improvement in your diet over time.  Change one item a week.  Eat more Soya and non-meat products.

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Rotherham Hypnotherapist

Tim Wells can be contacted on 01909 282435  

He has been helping clients and businesses in the Rotherham area since 2001.

One to one Hypnotherapy

Sessions normally last an hour.  15 minute chat about your current life circumstances and your goal.   30-minute Hypnotherapy session recorded onto a CD to take away with you.   1 to 5 sessions required to help you achieve your goal.  Sessions can be scheduled as frequently as required, but he recommends a monthly session.  It is so important to use the tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording on CD daily between sessions.   Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool, but without a little effort on your own part, it won’t work.

Group sessions.

Tim can work with groups of like-minded people in the Rotherham area.   Groups of 5 to 10 people wanting to: Stop smoking, Lose weight, Stress management.  He can come to you and deliver a tailor made Hypnotherapy session.   After the session the group are provided with a tailor made Hypnotherapy mp3 download.   It’s so important to use the tailor-made Mp3 download session daily to achieve sustainable results.

Stress management for businesses in Rotherham.

Why not increase the productivity and profitability of your Anston business, at the same time as reducing illness in your company.  Tim can deliver a tailor-made Stress management course for your business, either on your premises or at a suitable local venue.  The courses can be two hours or day duration, dependent on your needs.


Tim trained as a Neuro Linguistic Master (N.L.P) practitioner between 1998 and 2000.  With Optimum performance in Manchester and Hexagon training in Sheffield.  He specialised on on the Hypnotherapy side of his training, N.L.P. covers a much wider area than just Hypnotherapy.  He also has a Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis with Logos training and is registered with the UKGuild of Hypnotist examiners.

Tim has also carried out a great deal of other training with: The Sedona Method,  Lucid dreaming, Brandon Bays and Coaching with the performance partnership.  He has also explored Mind Machine technology, Emile Coue, Bio Feedback, Binaural beats etc.

What can Hypnotherapy help with?

Hypnotherapy may help with a number of issues, this is a short list.



Fears and Phobias




Public speaking

Sexual problems

Stopping smoking

Stress management

Weight management

Contact Tim Wells on 01909 282435 for a free 15-minute consultation, to discuss he can help you as an individual or your Rotherham business to achieve your goal.

I have just come across another survey suggesting that 80% of those between 40 and 60 are overweight, drink too much alcohol or don’t exercise enough.  There is no talk of smoking in the headlines either.   Yes take surveys with a pinch of salt, but walk along any High St and you see the picture for yourself.

People say they don’t have enough time to eat healthily or exercise, but the average Brit spends 4 hours a day watching TV and how many hours a day playing around on social media.


Why not walk a mile or cycle to the shop rather than getting the car out.   I used to prepare a salad the night before when I worked at HSBC in Sheffield, it took me no more than 10 minutes and saved me a fortune in purchasing sandwiches.   You don’t need to go to a gym to keep fit.  Whether at home or staying away in hotels while working.   Three lots of situps and press ups every day keeps you trim.  Build up slowly, though.

Find a moderate, exercise route you enjoy.   Running, Walking, Swimming, Football, Dancing etc.


Being overweight,  not exercising enough or drinking too much will result in heart disease and diabetes 2 in the long term and many other diseases.   I just wish the NHS would tackle the cause of many illnesses rather than dealing with the effect after.  In the long term our tax money would be more efficiently used.


Other surveys have said that 25% of British people are overweight and 25% are obese.  Not great that 50% of the population have a weight issue.

Most of the above are about choices people make, rather than something they have to live with.


If you are willing to accept responsibility for your own life, then Hypnotherapy could be the way forward for you.

The most important thing to do every day, is to learn to relax properly.  Hypnotherapy will certainly help with this, this will reduce your heart rate.  You will also find more clarity in your mind.  You will make better decisions.

While in a Hypnotic trance, suggestions made to you have a greater effect on you.   Suggestions can be made to control your weight, exercise more, improve your lifestyle etc.

I remember back in 1990 working on the road and in London and drinking double the government’s guidelines of about 20 units a week.  Following Hypnotherapy treatment, my drinking reduced 50% to safe levels.  Since that time my drinking has petered out.  I can have a couple of drinks, then not drink again for months.   I have saved a fortune in money, but also improved my health at the same time.

It can take 1 to 5 sessions of Hypnotherapy to help you achieve a goal.  However, you need to use the tailor-made Hypnotherapy recording I provide you on CD after each session daily.  If you aren’t willing to spend 30 minutes a day on your self-improvement, then Hypnotherapy isn’t for you.

Individual or business

If I can help you or any business to deal with issues, please give me a ring on 01909 282435 for a free 15-minute consultation.  I can conduct stress management courses to help Sheffield businesses become more efficient and reduce illness days.  If you are local I can see you face to face, if elsewhere in the UK or the world I can do a telephone consultation and provide a tailor made Hypnotherapy recording via a Mp3 download link.

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