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Recently I saw an article about how a number of people had won a dieting competition, but years later were back up to their original weight.   There were a number of pictures of these individuals when they became slimming champions and how they now look.  Today another so called “expert” reckons that it is better to Yo-yo diet than not at all.  I think that is a very negative attitude and not the right attitude to put in people’s minds.  This inspired me to write this article today.

Diet classes

Too often I have seen people losing weight, but then putting it on again months later.  Diet classes seem to have sprung up all over the place where I live in Anston and Dinnington and may work for some.  Diet classes may help many but also leave many frustrated.  Feeling bad about your body image isn’t a good way to motivate you in the long term.

Diet classes seem to be a good stream of income for those who run them.  £5 a person for 52 weeks a year is £250.   Diet classes may seem cheap at £5 a class versus £60 for an Hypnotherapy session.   But let us say on average it takes 3 sessions of Hypnotherapy to help you at £180.   Diet classes become very expensive in the long run.

Some of these national diet classes are selling expensive weight loss meals to individuals as well, rather than teaching you simple and effective diets to lose weight.

I suspect diet classes are happy for their members not to be too successful at attaining their ideal weight, as it is the loss of an income stream.  Personally, I like people to advance as quickly as possible even though I have lost a revenue stream.

Newtons third law

For every action, there is an equal an opposite reaction.  Forcing yourself to do something in the short time may work, but in the longer term, you will be back where you started.  I am reluctant to stop people smoking in one session, as in most cases they will substitute smoking for another behaviour and add weight instead.  Weight loss of 2lbs a week is the most effective for long-term sustainable weight loss.

Gastric band hypnotherapy

I have always said that this is another fad, that people jump onto hoping for a quick fix solution.  However, a customer once came to see me after having had a real gastric band fitted because they started to put weight on after a time.   They were forcing food down using a blender.   After three sessions of Hypnotherapy, they were able to release the air from their gastric band and eat normally again as they were losing weight naturally.


How would Hypnotherapy work?  You can see me face to face in Sheffield.

Everybody is an individual with me.  So the first part of any one to one Hypnotherapy session is finding out more about your circumstances.

You are then relaxed into a deep state of Hypnosis using language and guided meditations.  Once in a deep state of Hypnosis positive suggestions are made into your subconscious mind.

The 2nd most important thing is to be provided with a tailor made Hypnotherapy session after each session of Hypnotherapy.  It is so important to use this recording daily between sessions.  I recommend a monthly repeat session, it can take from 1 to 5 sessions to be in complete control of your weight.


Learning to relax is a key essential to losing weight.  As you relax daily using the tailor made Hypnotherapy recording, you will start to carry that feeling over into your daily life.

Repressed emotions.

As you learn to relax correctly you will start to find negative feeling about your past being released by your subconscious mind.  As you release negative memories from your past, you will face these as an older wiser person.  You may have failed a number of times in the past to lose weight.  Your childhood programming maybe a reason why you overeat.  Or you may overeat due to feelings of low self-esteem or boredom.   If the negative feelings aren’t inside you, they can’t trigger you to overeat.

Positive suggestions

Positive suggestions made while in a deep state of Hypnosis will have a greater effect on your subconscious mind.    Your beliefs and behaviours will gradually change.  The daily repetition is so important.  Positive suggestions can be made to help you become more motivated to exercise regularly.

Positive suggestions can also be made so that you eat smaller portions and also so that you choose food more wisely.  It isn’t necessary to buy expensive diet replacement meals.  You can eat sensibly and  have decent size portions that fill you with the right nutrients to have more energy.


You may have to change your lifestyle to accommodate your weight loss.  But you will find yourself becoming more assertive and finding balance in your life.  You may have to make an odd drastic change in your life, if that part of your life isn’t supporting you, you will find the confidence to do this if necessary.

Support and group

One good thing about diet classes is the support network.   I can achieve this by seeing groups of 10 ladies in Sheffield, Rotherham and Worksop and doing a tailor made session for the group.   It will work a little like one to one Hypnotherapy, but be a little diluted down.   After the session you will all be provided with a tailor made Hypnotherapy session via a Mp3 download link.   Rather than having to go to diet classes for years on end, 10 group sessions of Hypnotherapy would be an absolute maximum for you.

I can work with groups in the Dinnington area or can even visit you in South Yorkshire or North Nottinghamshire at a suitable venue.

Further afield and international.

If you don’t live close to me, I can do a consultation over the telephone and then send you a tailor made Hypnotherapy recording via Mp3 download link

Mp3 downloads

I do have a number of off the shelf Mp3 downloads on my Hypnotherapy website shop.  You can purchase my weight loss recording, but do set aside daily time for the next month or two if you want sustainable results.

Please give me a ring on 01909 282435 if I can assist you further.  Dinnington Sheffield

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